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MuraCon 2012 - Creating a Mura CMS plugin with FW/1
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MuraCon 2012 - Creating a Mura CMS plugin with FW/1



My presentation about building Plugins in Mura CMS using FW/1. ...

My presentation about building Plugins in Mura CMS using FW/1.

Includes updates to base Mura FW/1 plugin, including support for Auto Deploying plugins (Very handy!!)

Presented August 2011 in Sacramento at MuraCon 2011. Any questions please find me @JasPanesar.



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MuraCon 2012 - Creating a Mura CMS plugin with FW/1 MuraCon 2012 - Creating a Mura CMS plugin with FW/1 Presentation Transcript

  • Creating a Mura CMS Plugin with FW/1 @JasPanesar jas@damaag.com blog: panesar.net MuraCon 2012 - Washington, DC - October 10 2012Wednesday, 10 October, 12 1
  • Today Why Mura FW/1 Why Q/A Intro Plugins Plugin FW/1 ... or Rock Quickstart ~50 minutes to Mura Plugin ZenWednesday, 10 October, 12 2
  • Jas • Made in Canada, eh. • Lead Architect + Integrator @ Damaag.com • I love building and integrating software systems that answer one question: Where is everything at? • Custom web + mobile development of product Enterprise products, projects across NA • 20 in 10: SMB + Enterprise consulting since 99. • Big fan of lean methodologies.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 3
  • Jas: ColdFusion + • ColdFusion since 98 just as 4.0 came out. Fusebox, ColdBox.. • Guilty Polyglot: .NET, J2EE, Lotus Notes, SAP + more • Custom development for retail (The Brick), manufacturing, shipping, logistics, workflow, legal, eLearning, eServices, eCommerce + beyond. • Connecting the dots: Reporting, BI, accounting systems, ERP, shipping systems, JIT / lean manufacturing, barcoding and scanning everything imaginable, workflow management systems • CFML has remained the vital and productive glue to connect everything to everything and more.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 4
  • My Journey to Mura • Started: Mura 5.1 ish before plugins. Lots of potential, upgrading was tougher after customizing. • Mura seemed more like a platform than a CMS to me. • Mura seemed very different than the other CMS’ I used.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 5
  • What I needed from Mura • Do things one way, in one place. • Actually "reuse code". • Modularity in both back and front end. • Avoid the 80% of app support logic we implement over and over • I just want to build business logic and solve problems! • Frameworks like Coldbox are great, but I want more platform with the framework.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 6
  • I was hesitant.. • Like anyone unsure about a new system. • Jas bugs Malcolm about A/B testing • Jas bugs Matt about something • Jas meets the Grant • Jas asks the Grant "how do you best do.." x1000. Eureka. • Jas is unhappy Mura didnt exist in 1999.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 7
  • Let’s connect you to plugins • How many Designers? Devs? Managers? • Years of CFML experience? • Mura experience? • Plugin experience? With FW/1?Wednesday, 10 October, 12 8
  • Why do plugins Make the world go round?Wednesday, 10 October, 12 9
  • Plugins make life easier* • Plugins aid every skill level. • Plugins reduce re-inventing the wheel. • Plugins encourage time to be spent solving new problems. • Every plugin saves time. * May only be in Mura CMSWednesday, 10 October, 12 10
  • Why Plugins are a big deal for Developers • Mura Plugins make + keep customization easier • Mura is actually, easily extensible & easily upgradeable. • Avoid The Application Logic trap and build your custom business logic quickly • Spend your time on solving actual problems instead of wasting cycles on your stack. • Ever tried writing / understanding a plugin for any other CMS?Wednesday, 10 October, 12 11
  • Why Plugins are a big deal for Designers • More output from less hours: Extremely quick Turn-key websites ala WP, if not quicker. • Extremely easy to develop themes for. Convert existing, or create a new one. • Enjoy website backup + restoration with site bundler. Why spend $75 on BackupBuddy plugin for WP? • Themes that actually work and load the first time. Ever tried loading / creating a theme made for another CMS? • Mura’s site manager is yet to intimidate a non-technical end user. Self managed sites = happy clients. • Developers can be found to do custom coding. If a dev knows FW/1 or Coldbox, they can start with Mura.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 12
  • Plugins Grow Ecosystems • Your Personal Ecosystems apps and sites • Mura Ecosystems • ColdFusion Ecosystems • Designer Ecosystems (WP, etc) • CMS Ecosystems (Drupal, Joomla, etc.)Wednesday, 10 October, 12 13
  • Plugins are a big deal for Managers • The #1 cost in software dev is labour. • Easier to answer the one question every org asks.. Where is everything at? • Mura gets more done, with less effort. Using CFML is another multiplier. • Custom Mura plugins let you connect + share data in any separate system to a central Mura portal easily. • Boost profitability, savings, and value by connecting information to create insights that weren’t as easily possible.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 14
  • Why Mura Plugins? Plugins grow ecosystems. Customers Need it all! Mura CMS Agencies Designers Consultants Plugins Themes Developers I wish I had one I wish I had one More plugins + themes = place to get place to do Easier, and easier adoption. everything.. everything..Wednesday, 10 October, 12 15
  • Plugins + Themes. More Mura, Plugins + Themes uptake Easier Mura Usage++ More design + Community++ dev Commerce++ Customer needs growWednesday, 10 October, 12 16
  • Everyone needs plugins, even that weird one. • No plugin is too lonely, simple, or has code thats too ugly, especially if you use FW/1.   • Put it on GitHub, and let someone improve it with you.  Wednesday, 10 October, 12 17
  • Why does every plugin have value? • "I cant be the first one with this need... There has to be a plugin.." • Small plugins still save big time. In the short + long term, do you really want to hand code the weather in? • Big plugins = entire applications. Plugins + FW/1 let create apps inside Mura easilyWednesday, 10 October, 12 18
  • A small challenge. • Today, get involved in the plugin conversation. Let’s keep talking. Let it be any idea. • Designers: throw some ideas out on the Mura forums See if someone’s interested. • Developers: solve the next small problem you have with a plugin, or one on the Forum, or find a WP plugin you like and..Wednesday, 10 October, 12 19
  • Maybe building a plugin isn’t so bad after all.. But is it really that easy? How can FW/1 make it easy when so many other CMS’ can’t?Wednesday, 10 October, 12 20
  • FW/1 is not your average framework. • FW/1 is invisible. Convention > Configuration = One of the most invisible MVC frameworks Ive enjoyed. • FW/1 does everything, and nothing. Does nothing but leaves nothing undone. Performant too. • FW/1 stays out of the way. Doesnt aim to solve every problem Ive ever had before I have it. I appreciate that. • FW/1 lets you do it your way. Roll your own user login, tie into external authentication, or use entire Mura platform in FW/1.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 21
  • FW/1 fits all situations. • Proof of concept. Extremely quick to build a plugin instead of throwaway code. • Weekend/hobby projects. FW/1 builds and organizes as you go. It grows with you. • Build entire web apps. Ever dream of just starting to build business logic functionality without caring about login/out/security...? • Software as a Service startup. Between CF, Mura and FW/1.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 22
  • They say you know when you know.. • FW/1 plugins complement Mura perfectly. Plugins and CMS fit each other so well that I havent found in many other CMS’. • Mura and FW/1 may be a near perfect marriage. Mura handles app logic. FW/1 keeps your business logic organized. • How can you start solving your problems today?Wednesday, 10 October, 12 23
  • Mura Plugin QuickStart! So quick Ill do it hands free.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 24
  • First, How do Mura Plugins work? • Plugins are installed globally. All sites can be given access to it in Site Settings > Global Settings > Plugins Tab • Plugins have display objects. Display objects are a plugins’ views that embed in a page. FW/1 manages these views very well. • Display objects are embedded in a Mura page under Content Objects. Thats all.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 25
  • Layers of FW/1 Plugin File Structure • Config Layer We need to edit/set these up before starting. • Sub-system Layer Easily separate admin screens from public/end-user screens. - Admin pages render inside Mura Admin - Public Subsystem pages render in CMS PagesWednesday, 10 October, 12 26
  • Mura FW/1 folders • /assets stores your Plugins Assets, css, Etc. • /model can be created manually to store ORM or DAL using FW/1 examples.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 27
  • Mura FW/1 structure • FW/1 Subsystems separate Client + Admin Logic • Mura Plugin has Admin + Public subsystems as default. - Admin pages rendering inside Mura Admin - Public Subsystem pages rendering in CMS pages for end-user • Access Mura scope inside plugin via rc.$Wednesday, 10 October, 12 28
  • Step 1: Download. • Download the latest FW/1 base plugin from Marketplace • http://bit.ly/mura-fw1-plugin • Mura FW/1 Plugin is an *almost* ready-to-upload ZIP file • ... first a tiny bit of config .. ... then zip up the plugin folder to deploy the pluginWednesday, 10 October, 12 29
  • Step 2a: Configure. • Before we begin... Name the plugin • We need a display App name App Name: “MuraCon Plugin” • We need a unique package name Pkg Name: “MuraConPlugin” (Unique, no spaces)Wednesday, 10 October, 12 30
  • Step 2b: Configure. • Setup the plugin with a unique app name + unique package name App Name: “MuraCon Plugin” Pkg Name: “MuraConPlugin” • /plugin/config.xml.cfm • Plugin Name • Package Name • Unique Version # • /fw1config.cfm • UNIQUE Package Name is used everywhere! ?PackageNameAction=subsystem:cfcName.FunctionName • set framework.reloadApplicationOnEveryRequest = true; • Zip the folder up into an archive to load into your Mura install.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 31
  • Step 2c: Auto Deploy Plugin. • New since MuraCon 2011 • config/settings.ini.cfm set autoDiscoverPlugins=true • ..clone your plugin into /plugins and reload Mura! • plugin/config.xml set <autodeploy>true</autodeploy> to make it live <siteid>siteA,siteB</siteID> • ...autodeploy a site straight from source code control!Wednesday, 10 October, 12 32
  • Step 2: Configure.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 33
  • Step 3: Upload • Upload your updated plugin file into Mura via Mura Admin > Global Settings > Plugins • We’re almost ready to start coding a plugin while installed in Mura.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 34
  • Step 3: Upload.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 35
  • Step 4: Develop. • Let’s build an Admin feature • New admin subsystem action called users.list to list all users in the systemWednesday, 10 October, 12 36
  • Step 4a. Let’s refresh.. FW/1 MVC • If your plugin URL is ?PackageNameaction=public:main.home .. FW/1 will call in this order: • First the code in a function called home() located in {Mura Dir}/{plugin dir}/public/controllers/main.cfc • Second your view (output to screen) in {Mura Dir}/plugin dir}/public/views/main/home.cfm • *** Move information between controller and view through the request context (rc) • Get the FW/1 Cheatsheet! http://bit.ly/fw1cheatsheetWednesday, 10 October, 12 37
  • Step 4b. Let’s refresh.. Datasources • Prefix all field + table names (“mcp_”) • No matter how, prefix custom tables ie.. “mcp_” for muraConPlugin • Mura Datasource • Seperate Datasource • ORMWednesday, 10 October, 12 38
  • Step 4c: Develop.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 39
  • Step 4d: Develop • Let’s build an public feature • New public subsystem action called users.list to list all users in the systemWednesday, 10 October, 12 40
  • Step 4d: Public DevWednesday, 10 October, 12 41
  • Step 4e: Forms..!Wednesday, 10 October, 12 42
  • Step 5: Package it. • Download your completed plugin as a zip file • SCM is possible with Mura / Plugins too..Wednesday, 10 October, 12 43
  • Step 6: Release. • Upload your plugin to GitHub and Mura Plugin Marketplace • Seriously.Wednesday, 10 October, 12 44
  • Step 7: Repeat. • Betcha cant make just one. • Need a Plugin contest.. like TwilioWednesday, 10 October, 12 45
  • Next steps.. • Start some conversations • About plugin ideas while you’re here. • Links • bit.ly/mura-fw1-plugin • bit.ly/murafw1cheatsheet • http://bit.ly/submit-fw1-plugin • github.com • Contact Me • Jas Panesar jas.panesar@damaag.com Twitter: @JasPanesarWednesday, 10 October, 12 46
  • Q&A MuraCon - Creating Mura CMS Plugins with FW/1 @JasPanesar blog: www.panesar.net www.damaag.com - Jas@Damaag.Com Connect with me anytime!Wednesday, 10 October, 12 47