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Open Government Data Tutorial at CLEI 2013. Part 2 - Issues
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Open Government Data Tutorial at CLEI 2013. Part 2 - Issues


This tutorial about Open Government Data was a 4 hours tutorial at the Conferencia Latinoameticana en Informatica (CLEI 2013) http://clei2013.org.ve/ divided into 5 parts: …

This tutorial about Open Government Data was a 4 hours tutorial at the Conferencia Latinoameticana en Informatica (CLEI 2013) http://clei2013.org.ve/ divided into 5 parts:

1 - Introduction

2 - Issues

3 - Real Experience
4 - Applications
5 - Semantic Issues

This is part 2 - Issues

Published in Technology , Business
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  • BUT, working in an open data initialtive can be scary too when time comes, and there are several issues in several categories that we need to deal with if we are to have a great project, let us consider that each issue is a kid, that witll trick or treat us in the project, and that if we are not ready, they will play tricks on us.Working in a open data project is like halloween, you must know that the kids will come and tick or traet you, and you must be prepared with candies (solutions), and that possibly, each kid will ask for a different kind of candie, actually, for sure they will
  • Open Nuts! Open Government Data activities in Austria GregorEibl*, Brigitte Lutz** How does opening government data compare to opening nuts? Opening government data can be compared well with the act of opening a nut. The kernel of the walnut for example, which is protected by the hard shell and is a valuable food for animals, is a calorie-rich winter food supply for birds, squirrels and other rodents. Let’s assume that government data is a rich supply for third parties (businesses, NGOs, citizens, universities, other government agencies…), this information resource is often protected well from third parties. Making this data available and easy to use is one of the core claims in the debate of open government. You will see later in this reflection that the principles of open government data all have the aim to make these valuable information resources easily available. Just like cracking a nut to access the rich fruit. In this reflection we will shortly talk about the hard shell, which the open government data movement will have to crack. First the activities, which shows what Austria has done so far to crack the shell and remove the barriers and finally the first fruits, which became available through the efforts of opening the nut itself. 1. The Hard Shell of Open Government Data Figure 1 depicts some barriers encountered during the implementation of opening government data in Austrian public administrations. Only through the opening process of government data, data islands were identified, which had to be integrated and harmonized. Other data sources are consciously kept secret, which explains the resistance of some data owners. Arguments were raised, that opening can have unpredictable results (overwhelming feedback, new requirements,…) about the quality of data or new technical features.On the other hand administrations have to deal with missing resources, like lower budgets in the time of financial crisis, additional distribution cost with the open data portals and missing human resources capable of handling the new tasks. Raw data eliminates the possibility to publish only “censored” and non-critical data and information. Some administrations have concerns to publish their data in a quality that was sufficient for internal purposes, but not enough for the broad public audience.
  • http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Best_7327f7_1907506.jpghttp://d3sdoylwcs36el.cloudfront.net/creative-commons-license-types-pros-cons.gif


  • 1. OGD: Part 2 - Issues Juan Pane: jpane@pol.una.py Lorenzino Vaccari: lorenzino.vaccari@gmail.com 1 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari http://dati.trentino.it/ 08/10/2013
  • 2. 2 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013 http://evian-thesource.com/kids-having-fun/
  • 3. Open Data. Oh ohh Organizational 3 Legal Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari Adoption Barriers Technical Contextual 08/10/2013 http://www.wallpapermania.eu/wallpaper/trick-or-treat-cute-pumpkins-lanterns-halloween-wallpaper
  • 4. 4 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013 http://de.straba.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/barrieres_for_implementation_of_ogd.png
  • 5. Organizational Barriers  Not ready  Lack of resources  IT  Human  Don’t want to be ready 5 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013 http://montcomediation.org/images/MCMC_MyWayYourWay.jpg
  • 6. Legal barriers  Open the Data  All the data that was produced using public money has to be made publicly available (with exceptions)  vs Privacy  You cannot open data that could allow correlation of private personal data Or the complete lack of legislation! 6 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013
  • 7. Adoption barriers  Data is not contextualized  People are not informed  Opening data is a complex task, opening cleaned data is even more complex.  Unclear licenses 7 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013
  • 8. Technical Barriers  Access to data:  Organizational  Technical, Downtimes, logins,  Payment fees  Fragmentation, incomplete data,      8 scattered Format Cataloging, indexing, search Lack of explicit semantics, metadata Data is not reliable Conflicting standards, models, ontologies Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013
  • 9. Barriers  Zuiderwijk et al 2010 http://www.ejeg.com/issue/download.html?idArticle=255  Listed 118 socio-technical impediments for opening data in the literature.  Findability  Usability  Understandablity  Quality  Linking  Comparability and compatibility  Metadata  …. 9 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013
  • 10. Context Barriers  Privileged access to data  Other companies what to avoid legislation of privacy.  Transparency is bad for fraudulent business 10 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013 http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/182n8vzdlg1iojpg/original.jpg
  • 11. 11 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013 http://netdna.webdesignerdepot.com/uploads/photo_manipulation/manipulation-9.jpg
  • 12. Preguntas? Next: Part 3 - Real Experience 12 Juan Pane, Lorenzino Vaccari 08/10/2013