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General Credentials  Nitro Digital
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General Credentials Nitro Digital


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Creds Presentation for Nitro Digital - web design and digital marketing agency

Creds Presentation for Nitro Digital - web design and digital marketing agency

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  • 1. Digital Marketing Solutions Driving traffic & converting users to customers
  • 2. Our expertise
    • Consultancy
    • Technology choice
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Technical specification
    • Commercial solutions
    • Marketing strategy
    • Design Services
    • Branding and identity
    • Website and template design
    • Digital advertising design
    • Usability and accessibility
    • Animation
    • Development Services
    • Bespoke application development
    • Application customisation
    • E-commerce systems
    • Mobile applications
    • Deployment and support
    • Managed Services
    • Hosting
    • Application management
    • Traffic reporting and analysis
  • 3. What do we do?
      • Web development and design
      • Creative; web, video, social media
      • Building 'sticky’ Web2.0 P2P functionality to help engage users on and off the site
      • Developing applications for community sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and Linkedin
      • Search engine optimisation & PPC marketing
      • Creating multimedia and video to engage people
      • Join in in the conversation and build relationships
      • Mobile Internet content & Distribution
      • Analytics!
  • 4. Our Client Base
  • 5. Website Design
  • 6. Case Studies Web development Consultancy video Social Media Search Engine Optimisation Mobile Development
  • 7. IBS Relief [ Boehringer Ingelheim ]
    • Website design, development & marketing
    • The brief
    • To raise awareness and understanding of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and its management.
    • The solution
    • A website rich in content with a soft feminine yet contemporary style appealing to the target audience. Contextual teasers on each page lead users to relevant pages of the site prolonging their visit.
    • The result
    • The site received 222,631 visitors and 35,000 leaflet downloads in 2007 and was highly commended in the TNS SnapshOTC Awards.
  • 8. Dementia Link [ Shire ]
    • Website design & development
    • The brief
    • To increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease (AD), provide support for patients and carers and medical information for healthcare professionals.
    • The solution
    • The appropriate content is delivered to different target audiences by identifying users on an initial landing page.
    • The result
    • A valuable online resource for people affected by AD the site has been well received by HCPs and is used as an information tool by the client’s sales team.
  • 9. Stay Quit [ Netdoctor ]
    • Website design, development & CRM
    • The brief
    • To produce an informative web application providing support and information to smokers looking to quit the habit.
    • The solution
    • We developed a content rich site that provides a range of functionality including message boards, email reminders and informative fact sheets.
    • The result
    • The Stay Quit website has been a major success attracting over 2000 users every month. With positive feedback from users most claiming it has been significant in helping them quit smoking.
  • 10. Royal Mail [ with our partner Skopos ]
    • Digital Insight & Marketing Recommendations
    • The brief
    • To provide ongoing analytics and comment on the status of the Royal Mail’s website, both in terms of origin and use patterns for business users
    • The solution
    • Structured online analysis combined with offline market research
    • Reports that identified origins of traffic and their path through the website
    • Analysis & recommendations to improve the segmentation and channelling of traffic
    • Ideas & recommendations for increasing & driving traffic acquisition
    • The result
    • Reduced click count for users looking for specific services
    • Improved segmentation and customer identification
    • Increased understanding the impact of development & design changes
  • 11. Halfords [ with our partner Skopos ]
    • Digital Insight, Development & Marketing Recommendations
    • The brief
    • To provide analysis of their current web stats and make a full suite of recommendations to improve the look, feel, use and acquisition of the site
    • The solution
    • 360 degree recommendations that covered design, accessibility, usability, functionality, SEO, digital marketing, branding & CRM
    • The result
    • Wide ranging recommendations covered to improve every element of an underperforming brand, online
    • Interpretations & understanding for how traffic could be improved and better utilised
    • New website produced as a result (see right)
  • 12. Yahoo! – Will Harry Date Sally?
    • Mobile and Web Video & Social Media
    • What was the brief?
    • To create a mobile campaign to advertise the Yahoo! OneSearch product
    • What was the solution?
    • Creative for an interactive mobile video series with Harry, Sally & OneSearch!
    • First video, and first half of three potential episode 2’s produced for user’s to decide
    • Interactive micro site produced for users to engage, chat and vote
    • Three potential episodes available exclusively to their mobile phone
    • Videos available via SMS and also via Bluetooth in cinemas and shopping centres
    • What was the result?
    • Over one hundred thousand user introduced to OneSearch!
  • 13. ADI –Alzheimer’s Disease International
    • Web video
    • What was the brief?
    • To create video or application that engaged people and prompted them to sign the petition on Alzheimer’s day to generate greater governmental support for this growing problem
    • What was the solution?
    • A moving script for a short video was written with a classic twist to highlight the difficulties of living with Alzheimer's in an ageing population
    • Email creative for the charity to send to its supporters and stakeholders
    • YouTube channel Built and video seeding on video aggregators
    • What was the result?
    • Around ten thousand views across a range of video aggregators and thousands of signatures in support of greater governmental support for the condition
  • 14. Diabetes UK
    • Social Media Engagement & Video
    • What was the Brief?
    • For the charity to engage with young people with Type 1 Diabetes condition & highlight the key differences between Type 1 and 2
    • What was the solution?
    • Pre-launch email campaign to people on their database asking for their help and co-operation in producing a video
    • Design and production of email and web landing page content
    • Video scripts created to provide a fun quirky video that sensitively highlighted the key differences that kids could relate to
    • Vox Pop videos of actors with Type 1 taken on their day to help further generate awareness for the condition
    • Video made available on the web, and via SMS and Bluetooth
    • What was the result?
    • Type 1 engaged effectively by Diabetes UK
    • YouTube channel created for the campaign and now general Diabetes along with the vox pop videos
    • Well over ten thousands views and children with Type 1 with a video to show their friends
  • 15. Schwarzkopf
    • Facebook Application
    • What was the brief?
    • To create a Facebook application that linked in to the micro site that was developed for the Hair Police campaign
    • What was the solution?
    • A fun game that incorporates the inbuilt Facebook peer to peer sharing
    • Advertising and links though to the campaign site for Schwarzkopf products
    • What was the result?
    • Thousands of users with limited advertising
    • Continued use of the application beyond the campaign
  • 16. Which?
    • Facebook applications
    • What was the brief?
    • To allow Which? to engage people in their ‘consumer champion’ campaigns and to slowly open Which? up to a new younger demographic.
    • What was the solution?
    • An application that is fun whilst also having a purpose.
    • The application that encourages people to share knowledge about campaigns very relevant to them and the chance to win back money from their banks
    • Seeding of the application in Facebook, in web groups, Bloggers and mainstream Journalists
    • What was the result?
    • An innovative application that people are happy to share with their friends to save £££
    • A new channel for communication between Which? and a younger ‘consumer
    • Stats coming soon….
    • Next:
    • Plans for a flash game, and more in game mechanics to help drive further traffic
  • 17. Skyscanner
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • What was the brief?
    • To migrate traffic during a site redesign and build, and subsequently grow traffic
    • What was the solution?
    • Guidelines for ensuring that the position for keywords during the migration did not drop
    • Strategy for growing the traffic once new page rankings consolidated
    • Campaign ideas for pushing the brand further online and generating further incoming links
    • What was the result?
    • Site successfully migrated
    • Ranking increase percentage by 20% translating in 9000 additional visits everyday!
  • 18. Everyclick
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • What was the brief?
    • To remove Everyclick from what appeared to be a ban and establish Everyclick in the SERPs for charity searches, and charity related terms
    • What was the solution?
    • An overhaul of the site architecture, design and strategy
    • Normalisation of the database
    • New content targeted content pages
    • Removal of duplicate content
    • User Generated Content strategy
    • Inbound link generation
    • What was the result?
    • Everyclick established in the SERPs, allowing the reliance on PPC traffic to be reduced long term
    • An continually increased community of free clickers raising money for charity
  • 19. Ministry of Sound -OiOi
    • Mobile development and marketing
    • What was the brief?
    • To build a video mobile community sharing platform
    • What was the solution?
    • YouTube for mobile (before YouTube developed it for mobile!) application
    • A mobile video web platform incorporating peer to peer view, ratings and remuneration
    • A bespoke CMS incorporating admin, and moderation tools
    • Optimisation of videos for viewing on mobile on the fly
    • Handset targeting
    • What was the result?
    • Hundreds of thousands of users for the platform and revenue generated for users and the brand
  • 20. Pete & The Pirates*
    • Mobile development & marketing
    • What was the brief?
    • To build fans online via mobile technology
    • What was the solution?
    • A multimedia mobile website that incorporates images, tracks and videos for download
    • Mobile only release of certain tracks
    • Bluetooth communication at gigs including festivals such as Bestival
    • What was the result?
    • A key driver in a dramatic increase of music downloads and CD purchases after the festival
    • so that new fans heard and saw them before seeing them live
    * Pete and the Pirates are an up and coming band that b lend smooth edged punk and pop to produce music which is sweet, raw, joyous, melancholic, raucous and tender. ** We’re an accredited member of SIG, the body that regulates the correct distribution of Bluetooth content
  • 21. Everyclick
    • Email Tool
    • What was the brief?
    • To build an email tool that allowed people to immediately draw in their web mail contacts from an external site (Everyclick)
    • What was the solution?
    • An application that connects and pulls back user’s contacts from all major web mail accounts, gmail, hotmail, yahoo! and AOL
    • What was the result?
    • Massive increase in the number of user referrals from the Everyclick site
  • 22. Observer Standard Newspapers
    • Interactive Game
    • What was the brief?
    • To enable readers of their free papers to interact with the paper in a game format that they could create a new revenue stream for
    • What was the solution?
    • A lowest Unique Bid was devised for readers of the paper to play
    • Mechanics set up so that players continually informed of their status in order to keep them playing
    • What was the result?
    • The game was run adjacent to the offer of a new Sony Brava TV
    • Thousands of readers text in with their guess at the lowest unique bid
    Alcester Standard Arden Observer Bedworth Observer Bromsgrove Standard Coventry Observer Droitwich Standard Evesham Observer Kenilworth Observer Leamington Observer Lutterworth Observer Redditch Standard Rugby Observer Solihull Observer Southam Observer Shirley Observer Stratford Observer Warwick Observer Worcester Standard * Wide ranging recommendations also supplied to the board of the business for developing interactive engaging modules for the papers that re-position the papers at the heart of local life.
  • 23. Our Work
      • Website, Design & Development
      • Boehringer Ingelheim, Netdoctor, Specsavers, NHS, Yahoo!, Fixtentix, OCM, Kays Insurance
      • Video creative & production
      • Yahoo!, Diabetes UK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ogilvy Health PR
      • Web applications
      • Everyclick, Ministry of Sound, Which?, Boehringer Ingelheim
      • Viral and social media
      • Yahoo! Skyscanner, Diabetes UK, Ogilvy Health PR
      • Search engine optimisation & PPC
      • AOL Broadband, Skyscanner, Everyclick, Boehringer Ingelheim
      • Mobile development & marketing
      • Ministry of Sound, Pete & the Pirates (band), Diabetes UK, Yahoo!
      • E-bursts
      • Netdoctor, Ogilvy Health PR, Ministry of Sound,
  • 24. Our guarantee
    • We will:
    • Provide proven advice that will improve the performance of the wider campaign
    • Take pro-active actions to optimise the project
    • Where required provide a detailed advice of structural and design changes required to improve the website and the online & offline campaigns
    • Be ever mindful of the need to demonstrate ROI
    • Seek at all times to drive your business forward
    • Work in partnership with you
    • Why not give us a call!
    • Andy Stafford
    • tel: +44 (0) 8704 455 447
    • mob: +44 (0) 7968 187 559
    • email: [email_address]