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  • 1. CORPORATEServices 2012 March 1
  • 2. Agenda1.  Who are we?2.  Loss of control over information3.  The solution4.  Value 2
  • 3. •  Company with extensive experience and high expertise in the development of advanced information security solutions•  Our researchers and engineers have relevant publications in the security sector•  Drainware® is proprietary technology of intelligent content analysis and data consists: DLP and Web Filter CORPORATE 3
  • 4. Corporate Network scheme 4
  • 5. Threats to data•  Insecurity of access to information derived from users unconsciously 5
  • 6. Threats to data•  Malicious users create insecurity in the management of corporate information 6
  • 7. Threats to data•  Corporate information suffers an additional threat to the possibility of external attacks by hackers or competitors 7
  • 8. New concerns 8
  • 9. Network risks 100%•  Risks 90% o  Social network o  Mobile devices 80% 70%•  Factors: 60% o  Emerging technologies o  Risks not controlled from 50% IT departments or non regulated by internal rules 40% Today 30%58% of companies in the worldWITHOUT concerted strategy 20%for safe use by employees ofthe mobile and social networks 10% Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers 0% World Malware for mobile Without Security Strategy devices and social With Security Strategy networks Security in the enterprises 9
  • 10. Compliance of legislation•  SB-1386•  HIPAA•  GLBA•  Sarbanes-Oxley•  US PII•  PCI 10
  • 11. Data Leak Prevention•  CONTROL AND PROTECTION OF THE SENSITIVE INFORMATION through Data Leak Prevention: o  Protection of all confidential and sensitive information o  Preservation of the competitive advantages o  Comply with the data protection legislation o  Limit the damage of laptop theft•  Action o  All sensitive and confidential information is monitored and all abnormal actions are reported o  The information can be found in use, moving through the network, or stored 11
  • 12. Data Leak Prevention 12
  • 13. MS Windows DLP 13
  • 14. E-mail DLP•  Blocking leakage of sensitive information 14
  • 15. Customization of severity 15
  • 16. Track Laptops•  DLP Drainware records the location and activity of a lost or stolen laptop 16
  • 17. Drainware Rights Management 17
  • 18. Additional features•  Webfilter o  Blocking of websites based on categories•  HTTP Antivirus o  Limit the download of web pages or files with virus o  Integration with antivirus through ICAP•  Advertising block o  Removal of Advertising o  Block Pop-up o  Browser-independent technology•  Anti-phising o  Protection of bank fraud in real time o  Intelligent analysis engine identifying phishing o  Daily integration with phishing databases 18
  • 19. Drainware Corporate Service 19
  • 20. The Drainware Service Values o Security o Dynamism o Efficiency www.drainware.com 20