Using Social Media for Enterprise Business


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In order to understand how enterprises make use of social web. We need to be clear about the concept itself. Social media is anything that is created on the internet by the user or by the user for the consumers.

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Using Social Media for Enterprise Business

  1. 1. Using Social Media for Enterprise Business With the constant day to day increase in technology social media has gained immense power over the online market. It is used by a wide range of established companies for various beneficial purposes. This growing use of social media by enterprises to serve and reach their customers and clients is one of the reason behind its success. This is one area where majority of business people, ordinary people have stepped in for various reasons of their own. In order to understand how enterprises make use of social web. We need to be clear about the concept itself. Social media is anything that is created on the internet by the user or by the user for the consumers. It could be used by an enterprise for supplying its partner and consumers with products and services. Social media and its facilities are a helping hand for business companies for searching potential customers, business partners, acquire deals and establish an online reputation of their own. What has attracted people towards this medium are the appealing functions like advertising, usability, accessibility, stability and the different platforms it can be used in, like, pictures and videos sharing, social bookmarking, forum posting, podcasts, music sharing, email, instant messaging, blogs, etc. It is not only widely used by business enterprises but by ordinary users as well. Here are some ways of using social web for enterprise purposes: Build a reputation Which is better, a thousand customers or a million? You know the answer. A business-to-business profile on any social networking site, for example, facebook or twitter will not have many users. But will surely influence the decision of your current customers and if interested people happen to discover your services. They will surely visit your site at least once and glance over your services. If impressed, no one can stop them from wanting your products or services. Therefore, keep such instances in mind and build a site or blog site that properly exhibits your skills and expertise. Set up a blog with regular updates about your company's services, products, benefits it provides, related market facts and statistics. The rich content and research available on your site will impress visitors enough to be inclined to be your customer. As Social Media gives you the platform to display yours and your company's profile. Updating your blog's and site's content will showcase your willing dedication to serve and interest in the total satisfaction of your clients and customers. Social Web is the avenue to built your reputation and crave a niche in the market. Know your customers It is vital that you know your customers well. Social media is not only a means of improved and advanced communication but can also be used as a research tool. Try to know what is in the mind of your customers. Read their blogs, comments, posts, to know what they think about a particular brand or product, how do they think, on what basis do they form an opinion, etc. Understanding the mindset of your customer will help you improve upon your services. Networking is vital In business, the most important thing is networking. Building as many contacts as possible; same is the case here. This is online business. As a matter of fact, networking is always going to be
  2. 2. benevolent. You should be smart on the networking front and build relations with people from all walks of life. They may turn out to be your future clients, customers, partners or decisions makers. The more popular networking site you enter into, the better are your chances of getting into the public eye. Make your presence felt It does not matter how many customers do you end up with, but what matters it is the reputation you achieve for your company. Look for blogs of similar industry and subscribe to them via RSS. Networking with experts, following the visions of leaders on social networking websites will help stay on the block. Make your company website easily accessible i.e. when anyone tries to find you on search engines, your company name should crop up on the very first page. Along with this, setting up a decent business website, a company account on twitter or facebook will always help in the long run. Do not get upset with the enormous amount of fresh content written and posted on sites every day. Just make your presence felt and potential customers will surely end up finding you. For, this is what social media advances in. Looking to Hire SEO Expert? Semaphore Software – Leading SEO Company in India offers such services at affordable prices.