Content duplication - Understanding & Concerns


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Usually all search engines do show all the page searches of an article therefore content duplication is not an issue. Because what other sites do, is look up your article from search engines and then twist it a little and reprint it on their site or on others.

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Content duplication - Understanding & Concerns

  1. 1. Content duplication - Understanding & Concerns Organizing your articles and sending out to other sites is a good idea until and unless you are not planning to publish these articles on your site. As a matter of fact, if there are a number of pages with the same content then search engines only display one of those pages with the relevant keyword search. It is difficult for search engines to determine which page is more important than the rest of the pages. Wherever the article is first indexed that page is by far considered to be the most appropriate or at times, one with the most number of inbound links, but this is not the case always. It is hard to justify as to why a search engine displays one site's article and not of the others. Usually all search engines do show all the page searches of an article therefore content duplication is not an issue. Because what other sites do, is look up your article from search engines and then twist it a little and reprint it on their site or on others. This being the case, all you can do is to not let them re-publish your entire article but a part of it. This retains the originality of your article in the eyes of search engines, reducing the chances of duplication content penalty. Also making your site a good resource to readers for only you have the complete text of the article. Sites reprinting articles must have a “republished with permission of ...” line on their site beside a link back to your site. Plus, keep monitoring these sites even if they do as per your requests. There are two websites, with the support of which you can monitor sites reprinting your content and as to whether do they link back to you or not. They are Google Alerts and Copyscape: Article Directories There is a fast and a slow way of getting your articles out. The quick way will bring you several incoming links but will be low in quality, with this you will not profit on the search engine front. Whereas, according to the slow way you will have to first get an insight into your industry, find out who the top players are, being in good terms with them may lead to your articles being published on their site. Getting placement on good sites is always of more value than getting your articles placed on low quality sites. Sure this method requires you to devote a lot of time and effort. Yet if you want incoming links swiftly then article directories are the place for you. The most popular and best article directory is Ezine Articles. In the initial stages you are allowed to submit ten articles for free. Later you will be charged for every extra article submission. With the span of time, you will be promoted to be called as Expert author and allowed to post articles for free.
  2. 2. What Ezine articles does, is syndicates your articles and sends them out to other sites. This way, you not only get link from and few other sites but also raises the expectation of getting added links. You will surely find article directory sites in abundance but you need to fix your submissions to top level article directories because links coming only from article directories appear artificial to search engines. Consequently, you must only keep a certain fixed percent of links that come from article directories. Below are some of the top article directories: Articles with 600 words or less grasp reader's attention by its presentation, making them interested enough to read the entire piece. The most easy way to make your article popular is to write in list format and give titles like - “Top Ten ways of ...”, “Seven steps to ...”, “Things to avoid ...”. Such list formatted articles grip reader attention as they are quick to read and points are effortlessly remembered. In most cases, it is the title that captures the reader’s eyes. So give short, easy and striking titles to your articles. If not catchy, attractive titles then articles on current trends, interesting topics, and controversial topics are surely to be read by many. Therefore, the main factor is to hire a good content writer who can manage to write well. Use articles productively If your articles are syndicated to several other sites already then it could be hard to send your articles to some other important sites. Sites with more web traffic are taken to be authoritative and for sure you would want your article to appear on such sites. Their demand will be to publish content never written before and that which is new. To get the best of both sides, get into good terms with the first website you decide to publish your article on and give rights of that content for some time. Later when the mutual contract is due, you can always begin to send out your articles on other sites and directories. Get in touch with your customers on forums Your content writer can act as a representative of your company on online public forums. Interacting with your potential clients will get your company added recognition through forums. The art of forum posting is equal to writing content. Here, you either ask or reply others. Therefore, one should have command over the basics of English language. Promotion on forums is possible if you genuinely impart and share knowledge with fellow forums posters, building a credibility of your own. Forums give your content writer the platform to build a personality online. Posting on forums related to your industry will get you enough recognition if you are
  3. 3. allowed to place a signature link below. As it will be easy for most users to find or follow you, indirectly raising the inbound link count of your site. Start blogging Nothing should be underestimated, be it blogs or any other website. As a matter of fact, blogs do need regular posting and most of all maintenance. But blogging is far more flexible in getting your site highly ranked on search engines. People avoiding its influence and impact in comparison to other websites are missing something valuable. Blogs easily gain rankings; this is one of its strengths. Hiring a good content writer is always a good idea. The content writer will be engrossed in his/her job of producing content rich articles while you are busy looking after the business. Blogs are more persuasive in terms of being used as a promotional tool (only if done right) and not merely as a tool for increasing rankings. Share information via press releases Sending out press releases, first to Google news and then to others, will benefit you in the initial stages. But before these links are archived on most number of sites, they often act as mature links that carry on contributing to your page's search engine ranking. Not only are they going to get you good incoming traffic but will also act as a helping hand in building a credibility of your own. Therefore write press releases that are brief and provide full information. View Source: