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Efficient VoIP Solution for env. of Technical University of Kosice
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Efficient VoIP Solution for env. of Technical University of Kosice

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Diploma Thesis with aims on creating a scalable VoIP solution for the environment of Technical University of Kosice

Diploma Thesis with aims on creating a scalable VoIP solution for the environment of Technical University of Kosice

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  • 1. Efficient VoIP Solution for the Environment of the Technical University of Kosice Author: Jozef Janitor Supervisor : Ing. Frantisek Jakab, PhD. Consultant : Ing. Frantisek Jakab, PhD.
  • 2. Overview
    • Goals of the Thesis
    • Topic analysis
    • Proposed and integrated solution
    • Conclusion and paths for the future
  • 3. Abstract
    • “ Current IP data networks have evolved from data only networks to networks that can also carry realtime voice and video with required quality, reliability and security.”
    • “ VoIP is a technology that enables voice communication over IP data networks”
  • 4. Goals of the Thesis
    • Analyze the existing situation of the VoIP network at TUKE
    • Extend the actual usability of the VoIP network with SIP and ENUM protocols
    • Cross connect the VoIP network with the university PSTN telephone network
    • Create a solution for connecting university employees to the VoIP network from remote locations
  • 5. Analysis of VoIP at TUKE
    • SANET VoIP Phase #1
    • Year 2004
  • 6. Analysis of VoIP na TUKE (cont.)
  • 7. Analysis of VoIP at TUKE (cont.)
    • Cisco Call Manager 4.0
    • Cisco IP Phones – 7940s
    • Manual Call Routing Setup
    • NAT/PAT/Firewall issues
      • No remote workers with IP Phones
    • No connection to PSTN/TUKE tele. net.
      • +421-55-602-7XXX reserved for VoIP
    • Small VoIP service penetration
  • 8. Proposed and Integrated Solution
    • SIP Protocol Integration
      • SIP is a de-facto standard nowadays for VoIP
    • Simplifying Voice Call Routing
      • ENUM
      • Central Voice Routing Point
    • Firewalls, NAT/PAT
      • Session Border Controller
      • VPN
  • 9. Solution Proposal (cont.)
    • Connecting the VoIP network to the PSTN network and TUKE telephony network
      • Cisco Voice Gateway with digital E1 interface
    • Addon Services for End Users
      • Yellow pages for Cisco IP Phones
      • Caller ID Identification
  • 10. SIP Protocol Integration
    • DNS Delegation for SIP Voice Domain
      • sip:cnl.tuke.sk
    • Sip Express Router Installation
      • Open Source Application @ Linux
      • Provides SIP Services
      • Registers SIP Users
        • Better service penetration
      • Trunk to Cisco Call Manager
  • 11. Call Routing
    • ENUM as an Exterior Call Routing Protocol
      • Registration to the global ENUM DNS tree
        • TUKE phones are now reachable in ENUM
      • SER configured for ENUM lookups
      • Private ENUM tree (e164.cnl.tuke.sk)
    • SER for Interior Call Routing
      • Integrated Voice Routing
  • 12. Firewall, NAT/PAT traversal
    • STUN protocol
    • VPNs
      • High costs
    • Cisco IOS IP2IP GW
      • Difficult Voice Routing Logic
      • Lack of advanced NAT detection features
    • SER configured to provide SBC services
      • Traversal issues detected at first levels
      • SBC usage only when needed
  • 13. Crossconnecting VoIP with PSTN
    • Cisco 3725 Router
      • Voice Gateway
      • Digital E1 trunk
        • 30 voice channels
      • Connected to a Panasonic PBX
      • Numbering Plan changes at TUKE PBXs
        • Adding 7XXX extensions reachability
  • 14. TCL Clip Service
  • 15. Yellow Pages
    • TUKE Yellow Pages
      • XML application for Cisco IP phones
  • 16. Final Architecture
  • 17. Outcomes and Results (cont.)
    • Easy new sites integration
    • Student’s dormitory:
  • 18. Conclusion
    • ~ 100 SIP VoIP numbers were created and assigned to users of TUKE
    • TUKE VoIP reachable from ENUM
    • TUKE VoIP reachable from PSTN too
    • VoIP calls from remote networks (NAT/PAT) are handled by the SBC
    • Voice Call Routing made simple
    • End Users appreciated addon services
  • 19. Future paths
    • Network homogenization
      • Single vendor
    • VoIP Security protocols research and integration
    • VoIP Protocols compatibility research
    • Unified Communications