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First lesson slids.. rules and regulations

First lesson slids.. rules and regulations






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First lesson slids.. rules and regulations First lesson slids.. rules and regulations Presentation Transcript

  • Find your seat… Silently 找座位
  • 601: Your Rooms
    Humanities: Right here! Ms. Tu307
    Math: Ms. Nanavati313
    Science: Ms. McClung. 325
    Chinese: Ms. Lee. 413
    Music: Next door! Ms. Sherman. 311
    Dance: Ms. Julie. 211
    Art: Ms. Soong 411
    Gym: you know where.
    Computer: Ms. Crawford. 403
  • Welcome to6th Grade Humanities歡迎來到六年級人文科學課
    Ms. Li-hsinTu
  • New Items to Get
    Add the following items to your humanities supplies list:
    One pair of scissors 剪刀一把
    One 3M scotch tape 膠帶一捲
    One glue stick 浆糊一條
    One small box of markers 粗彩色比一盒(at least 8 colors 至少八色)
    Get it by Monday, September 14th! 下週一帶齊
  • Welcome to Middle School
    Who’s excited?
    Let’s try one more time.
    If you’re excited, don’t speak, CLAP!
    Now, who’s excited?
  • STOP!
    In Ms. Tu’s humanities (aka, “Tumanities”), you clap differently!
    We clap ASL (American Sign Language)
    Here’s how we clap: watch Ms. Tu
    Polite clapping (very quiet) 小聲鼓掌
    Modest clapping (normal) 一般音量
    Excited clapping (supposedly super loud!) 大!
    Notice that the room should be SILENT the whole time
  • Let’s Practice!
  • Great Job!!
    Give yourself a round of applause!!
  • Take Our Your Notebook
    Leave two pages in the beginning: Table of Contents
    This is your “Humanities/Writing” notebook (nickname: WNB)新的寫作本: 保留前兩頁當作目錄
    It will become one of your new best friends this year to help you grow as a writer
    Now, turn to a brand new page
  • Title: “In Middle School I will..”
    Put today’s date on top right corner在右上角寫上日期
    On top left: write #1 … this is your entry number!
    Turn back to the first page, on top write“Table of Contents”
    Now, put in Entry#, title and date
  • Title: “In Middle School I will..”
    You have 7 minutes to list as many things to complete the sentence as possible你有五分鐘的時間, 列出各樣的方式來完成以上的句子
    Stop when you hear the Ding!
    Draw a line, write: “In 6th Grade I will….” 5 minutes
    Draw a line, write: “Today, I will…” 3 min.
  • In 6-307, Second only to Ms. Tu..
  • Tumanities’ High Authority Bell!
    When it rings, you STOP whatever you’re doing and LISTEN , giving your highest possible respect!
    Let’s practice…..
    Until you hear the high authority bell 聽到玲聲前保持安靜, 不要動
    NOW, let’s all close our eyes…
    Think SUMMER VACATION… bring yourself back to this ONE moment in the whole entire summer of 2009 that you felt the happiest…
  • Pair Share: Turn and Talk
    Your best memory of summer 2009…
  • Ding …!
  • More on the Bell’s Authority..
    Ms. Tu takes the bell very seriously! So,
    NO ONE ignores the bell.
    Ms. Tu will ring the bell one more time (x2) if the class fails to STOP and LISTEN or return to pin drop mode.
    If Ms. Tu has to ring the bell 3 times in a roll to try to get the class’ attention..
  • “In Trouble” means..
    Bye bye cool privileges (ie. No manga on Fri.)
    Canceled class video showings
    Canceled parties, class trips and other FUN stuff
    Added homework assignments
    Added classroom cleaning, etc.
    Drop in grades!
    SWS caller ID showing on your parents’ phones
    A scary humanities teacher in GROUCHY mood
  • Beware the Power of
  • Bathroom Rules
    Bathroom pass
    Time you can go: Independent working time, unless it’s an emergency, in which case, you let me know.
    No need to ask: When the pass is available, you come to the front, LOG OUT and go
    When you come back: Put the pass back, LOG YOURSELF BACK IN
  • If Bathroom Privilege is Abused,
    You lose it!
    You will have to PAY (with extra points or other privileges, etc) to buy your bathroom pass.
    You will not be able to go freely.
    Your parents will be notified.
  • Our Classroom Library
  • Ms. Tu’ Library
    Has lots of books
    And Ms. Tu loves buying books, so the number keeps growing!
    Will open next week
  • Until then…
    You bring your own books this week
    Everyone needs to have TWO books (or THREE if you’re a fast reader) with them in Tumanities all the time
    One you’re reading at the moment; the other is stand-by
    Do not come near the library this week 杜老師的圖書館下週開始啟用; 在此之前不可到那兒逗留
  • HW: Get Your NYPL Library Card