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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Ancient Egypt Feature Articles
    Brought to you by
    602 Humanities
  • 2. Ancient Egypt 古埃及
    Our First Thematic Unit
  • 3. Feature Article 古埃及專文
    Non-Fiction Reading
    Social Studies Lessons
    Asking Questions
    Extensive NF Reading and Research
    Non-Fiction Writing
    Our target readers: 3rd Graders!
  • 4. Congratulations, 602!!
    You Did It!! 你們做到了!!
  • 5. Our Feature Articles
    Our 6th grade writers/Egyptologists are going to tell you a little bit about their article and the topic of their research.
    Sit back and enjoy. 
  • 6. ThaliaBaptiste貝苔莉
  • 7. Animals, Gods, and All the Odds
    The Ancient Egyptians had many gods. But only some of them are animals. Why is that you might ask. Well you’re going to find out.
  • 8. James Chan 陳澤榆
  • 9. Ancient Egyptian Warfare
    Do you want to know what ancient Egyptians used to fight? Do you want to know how they win wars? Come read my article and find out!
  • 10. Winston Chen 陳小帆
  • 11. Being a pharaoh back in Ancient Egypt was not an easy task. It had its ups and downs. It felt good being treated like a god but ruling a whole entire civilization was not easy.
    Sons of the Sun
  • 12. Jessica Cheng 鄭怡
  • 13. Them…
    Who are these young people in the ancient times? What do they do? What do they play with? Explore the lives of the children of Ancient Egypt.
  • 14. Connie Chow 周嘉盈
  • 15. The One and Only Queen Hatshepsut
    Queen Hatshepsut was a Queen in Egypt. She had sad moments and some happy moments in her life. Queen Hatshepsut helped make Egypt a powerful civilization.
  • 16. Alonzo Ding 丁功金
  • 17. Living the Past
    Ancient Egypt is a mysterious ancient civilization. You might think of Ancient Egypt as another world, but it’s really quite similar to today. It could be your neighbor, but you don’t realize it.
  • 18. Lylia Eng 伍曉茵
  • 19. Cleopatra the VII
    She is one of the three pharaohs who were women in Egypt’s ancient civilization that lasted for 3000 years. She is also the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
  • 20. Tien Fall 方天青
  • 21. Egypt’s Extraordinary Women
    Have you ever heard of Cleopatra or Nefertiti? Did you ever wonder who they were famous? It didn’t happen by magic. You can’t wake up one day and be famous. Learn why, look inside and find out the cool lives of some powerful women in Ancient Egypt.
  • 22. Ruthie Figueroa 白婷婷
  • 23. The Life and Times of Queen Hatshepsut
    I am writing about Queen Hatshepsut. She was a noble woman who was a loving and caring person. Journey with me into the life of Queen Hatshepsut.
  • 24. Philip Kan 簡世亮
  • 25. Ancient Egypt Weapons in the Past
    This piece is about the weapons in Ancient Egypt. They mostly used their weapons to defend themselves, but sometimes they invade people. They had to fight other countries to defend themselves. Learn more by reading my article.
  • 26. Josephine Lam 林嘉敏
  • 27. Entertaining Entertainment for Ancient Egyptians
    My feature article is about entertainment in Ancient Egypt, like instruments, board games, toy material and others.
  • 28. David Lau 劉灝
  • 29. Let’s go to the times of Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt you will find pyramids. If you read my article, you will find out all about it.
    The Place for the Dead
  • 30. Jessie Lee 李冠霓
  • 31. Cleopatra the VII
    My feature article is about how Cleopatra ruled, and what she did to help her people. Cleopatra is a famous woman with an interesting past.
  • 32. Ludovic Lee Freithofnig李侑撰
  • 33. Almighty Gods
    Have you ever thought about Egyptian gods and their power? Have you ever thought about the Egyptian civilization? Well read my feature article and you’ll find out!
  • 34. Michelle Leung 梁美琪
  • 35. A Story Behind Hieroglyphs
    Do you want to know about hieroglyphs? This article will tell you all about them! In the article, you will get to learn the history, the facts, who used them, and where we found them.
  • 36. Fiona Lin 林錦渝
  • 37. Godly Gods and Godesses
    Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesses. They also gave lots of things to the gods and goddesses.
  • 38. Marianne Rosario Pena 潘瑪妮
  • 39. Long Live Queen Cleopatra
    Cleopatra was the last and greatest queen of Ancient Egypt. Sadly, she died at a young age. Find out what the greatest Queen of Ancient Egypt’s life was like by reading this feature article. Long Live Queen Cleopatra!
  • 40. Christopher Tran 陳仕宏
  • 41. Pyramids of the Past
    Life was great in Ancient Egypt until the pyramids came. Learn from the pyramids of Giza and the reasons for building the pyramids in this book.
  • 42. Kenny Tran 陳智鳴
  • 43. The Hieroglyphs
    Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization that lasted 3,000 years. Inside those 3,000 years, there were many secrets….
  • 44. Malik Walker 華孟立
  • 45. Got Game?
    Did you ever wonder what the Ancient Egyptians did as a pastime? Did they play sports, board games, or just run around like maniacs? Well, I’m here to answer your questions about the Ancient Egyptian Pastimes. I’ll even tell you how they played certain games, so READ MY ARTICLE!
  • 46. Patrick Wu 吳宇翔
  • 47. Hieroglyphics for Kids
    This article is basically a beginner’s guide to hieroglyphics (but it does not have everything!) It will tell about the history of hieroglyphics and others. Having symbols and facts, you will feel fascinated by the hieroglyphics!
  • 48. Kenny Xie謝家龍
  • 49. War in Sorrow
    Ancient Egypt was rich and other countries were jealous. The other countries went to wars with Egypt, but Egypt was READY!
  • 50. Anna Yang 陽菲
  • 51. A Mysterious Queen
    Hatshepsut is a mystery to most people. That’s because of some “evil” people, who tried to destroy her.. But she was a very powerful queen. But how… and why?
  • 52. Aaron Zhang 張凱涵
  • 53. The Amazing Sphinx
    It’s a man. It’s a lion. NO, it’s a sphinx!! Learn about the wonders sphinx. With a head of a man and a body of a lion, it’s truly a fascinating thing to know.
  • 54. Emily Zhou 周藹蕙
  • 55. Pharaohs for Dummies
    Who were the great rulers of Ancient Egypt? How are they important and powerful? They were more powerful than president Obama! And here, I can tell you why.
  • 56. Ricky Zhu 朱于希
  • 57. Everyday Life of the Early Egyptians
    Just imagine how the Ancient Egyptians live. If you want to know, read this article. This article is about how the Egyptians lived and a lot more.
  • 58. Gallery Walk 作品欣賞
    Writers, please place your article and comment card on the desks.
    Writers and friends, please feel free to walk around the room, read our articles, and leave comments for us.
    We will convene in 20 minutes.
  • 59. Marianne: “Long Live Queen Cleopatra”
  • 60. Ludovic: “Almighty Gods”
  • 61. Malik: “Got Game?”
  • 62. More Celebration
    You are invited to join the 6th graders in the cafeteria for more food and celebration.
    Writers, please line up outside.
    Leave your writing pieces here. Ms. Tu will collect them before 3:00pm today.