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  • 1. For Details write tosunnontechnologiesin@outlook.comWeb URL: & Suppliers of Renewable Energysolutions constitute of Solar, Wind, Hybrid, BioEnergy Products, Health & Homecare Solutions& Services company based in BangaloreRevised Version:- 1.2-13/06/2013
  • 2. ENERGY for all Our aims form 2012Access to sustainable energy changes lives, builds communities and protects our environment2012 is the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. We are promoting solutions toprovide people with clean, accessible energy services.Our Vision: A world where everyone can benefit from reliable and sustainable power.Our Mission: To empower rural/urban homes, Business establishments & industrys by providingaccess to reliable, affordable, safe, clean power.The Challenge: Approximately 3 billion people live without adequate access to reliable power.One in four people have no access at all. Often, the only energy options available areunhealthy, unreliable, environmentally unfriendly and expensive.Our Approach: We believe a market-driven approach is needed in order to make sustainablechange at a large scale. We follow five….Guiding principles: Understand our customers. Make great products. Win our customers trust. Track our impact. Develop our team.ABOUT US
  • 3. Products & ServicesProducts• Solar panels (Poly and Mono crystalline + Full black)• Solar water heaters• Solar Air Conditioning systems• Thin film panels• Solar Kits• Solar water pumping solution• Solar streetlights• Inverters• Mounting systems• Solar cables• Solar Cells• Solar Frames• Water RO filters• Wind turbines hybrid systems• Bio Energy• Health & Homecare SolutionsServices• Offering best prices and conditions• Support in contracting process (awarding and legal support)• Inspections services (on quality and transport)• Expediting (production progress monitoring)• Payment coordination• Coordination of delivery changes and problems• Warranty, claim and repair services• Fund management (Solar projects)• Solar Insurance (• Micro Finance partnership
  • 4. Market Opportunity -Retail Business2011-15: Cumulative estimated opportunity approximately $1B. 2016-17: $1.2B
  • 5. Sunnon’s Product Innovation
  • 6. solar lighting systems
  • 7. Rural Lighting KitsNightlight function (can switch on light automatically at night)Robust and flexible design allows multiple ways of usage with justone device: as wall lamp, ceiling lamp or ambience light
  • 8. Rural Lighting Kits
  • 9. The most popular among the solar lighting products. These are useful for smallremote lighting needs.The solar portable lantern is housed in a compact looking enclosure with handlesfor convenient carrying and utilizes state of the art solar technology for batterycharging. The fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovativetechnology available providing convenient trouble free lighting.•Portable lighting system•Bright, omnidirectional soothing cool light - anytime, anywhere•Charging via Solar Module Charger•3 / 55 hours of continuous bright light on single charge•Our key products are scalableeSolar Lantern
  • 10. eSolar Lantern
  • 11. eSolar Lantern
  • 12. Solar pumps are used to lift water from open well, Borewell, Streams etc,. by utilizing the available solar energy.The pumps starts as the sun raises in the morning & stops asthe sun sets in the evenings. Solar Pumps are used more inthe field of irrigation as well as domestic and IndustrialSectors . Our expertise is to meet the requirement criteriaand design for the same. Pumps are available in variouscapacitiesFeatures Controlled by a microcomputer The speed of motor varies with the intensity of sunlight Specially designed Latest technologyInfinite Solar Pumping Energy
  • 13. Has there been an occasion when a farmer, merely to switch on his pump set, hasto walk to his field in the dark of night having to face snakes, scorpions and suchdangers? Yes, many times, as farmers will testify. Even after this inconvenienttrudge, the farmer discovers that there is load-shedding, the electrical power isdown and he cannot run the pump. Even if he is able to switch ON the pump,another trip becomes necessary to switch OFF the pump.Whether it is a wasted walking trip or valid walking trip, the fact remains that onehas to walk to switch the pump set on or off, most times at odd hours with anadded danger of being bitten by some jungle creature.Pump Shanti promises to do all these tasks from the comfort of the living room.Pump Shanti consists of a simple circuit connected to the pump set switch whichencloses a mobile phone inside. Merely by dialing this mobile number the Farmercan do all the ON/OFF actions without having to walk even a single step.The Farmer can do the following…… Detect whether there is grid power available at the pump site If yes, then switch the pump set ON At the end of pumping, switch the pump set OFFPump Remote Control
  • 14. Charge ControllersGeneral Information Robust Aluminum Housing Epoxy Encapsulated PCB toPrevent Corrosion (IP68) Compact Size Infrared Remote ControlProgramming Accessory (CU) Intelligent Timer Functions Widely Programmable External Temperature Sensor 4 Stage Battery Charging (Main,Float, Boost, Equalization) Dual load or Dimmable LoadOutput Automatic System VoltageRecognition (12/24 V)PV-Systems exposed to extremeweather/environmental conditions (streetlights, navigation buoys, etc.) haveincreased risk for damage in the powerelectronics. In order to assure reliablebattery charge control under suchconditions, Phocos developed anencapsulated charge controller (IP68) toprevent corrosion: CIS.CIS is an industrial-grade charge controllerthat is suitable for all practical PVapplications. High-quality, 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with amazing featuressuch as: low-voltage disconnect, flexibleload timer functions, and a multi-LED systemstatus display. CIS is available in twoversions:• Dual load to independently control twoloads.• Output Dimming to save energy in lightingapplications.
  • 15. Solar Inverts / UPSGeneral Information Input/output fully isolated forincreased application flexibility Input and output protectedagainst over and under voltage “Low power saving mode” <1 W(350 W) boosts system efficiencyand reduces costs Advanced microprocessoroptimizes operation processes whilereducing energy consumption Easy to read inverter status Certified for mobile applications(RVs, cars, and others)This new product line of inverters converts DCenergy from solar modules into clean, stable ACpower that is ideal for powering demandingappliances. Our inverters are designed for highefficiency: Integrated advanced microprocessortechnology combined with pure sine wave outputmakes them the perfect choice for use with high-end electronics and electrical equipment. Thanksto their low weight and long lifespan, the SI series isalso ideal for mobile and outdoor applications(e.g. RVs, cars, and many more).An extra advantage: THD < 3 %.As a special, high-performance benefit, True SineWave Inverters offer a THD (total harmonicdistortion) of less than 3 percent, providing topperformance and superior efficiency. Overload,short circuit, DC over/under voltage, andoverheating protection are standard on allmodels.Now, even typical home appliances (suppliedfrom AC outlets) can be powered by small solarhome systems (12-48 voltage range).
  • 16. Micro InverterImproved safety – as power conversion from DC to AC is done at eachsolar module, high voltage DC wiring is eliminated, making the solarsystem intrinsically safer, and specialized DC practices or equipmentare not required for installation.Increased lifetime and reliability – it eliminates the single mostcommon cause of failure in solar PV systems, the string or centralinverter, which typically requires replacement at least once over thelife of the solar modules, adding significant cost. DARF ON’s solar microinverters have been designed for high reliability operations, to operatein real world conditions from -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C.Enhanced monitoring capability – performance monitoring of the PVarray is highly enhanced as each module’s performance can beviewed, a capability not available with string inverters. This uniquelyprovides users and installers with real-time detailed information toensure that the solar system performance is optimized over the lifeof the installation. The information can be used to promptly detectperformance issues and pinpoint the exact location and nature of theproblem, which provides precise guidance for required maintenance,a capability not possible with string inverter systems.Simplified PV array design and installation – for rooftop installations,solar modules can be installed on any available space resulting in easeof design of the PV array compared with conventional inverterinstallations where design of the PV array module placement iscomplicated by shading issues. This makes solar installations easier,faster and cheaper to implement. Also, installers do not need to matchthe performance levels of adjacent solar modules in order to optimizethe performance of the PV array.
  • 17. Deep Cycle Tubular Lead Acid Batteries ForSolar Photovoltaic ApplicationTechnical SpecificationGel Technology to Store Solar EnergyApplications:Solar LanternSolar Home & Street LightingSolar Photovoltic SystemSolar Poer PlantHybrid System power back-upBenefits:Sealed manintenance free -no topping up everExcellent deep discharge capabilityHingh recharge efficiencySuperior cycle lifeLess sensitive to temperatureLong shelflifeGreater design life -best value for moneySupplied factory chargedTechnical SpecificationTechnical SpecificationBatteries for Solar PVApplicationWe provide a vast range of solar powered equipment batteries. Our range of batteries is well known for its valuable services, which comprises simplicity, durability and maintenance.Solar powered equipment battery is widely used in maintaining and enhancing the life of power systems for trucks, tractors, cars and motorcycles. We take utmost care during theirtransit so that our range of batteries remains defect free.
  • 18. PV Modules
  • 19. Roof Top Solar Power StationsHighlights• Lock in your power price for as low as Rs. 2 per unit.• 3-4 years payback, when compared to costly grid power.• Integrated Sunnon with your existing grid connection for an "always-on" system.• 360° view of the complete installed system remotely.• Virtually maintenance free except periodical cleaning of solar panels.• Expected system life of about 25 years.• Typical 25 kW installation reduces CO2 footprint by 1,20,000 kgs. Its like planting 700 trees!• In house expertise of the fully integrated solution helps in assuring total systemperformance.• Carefully selected quality components that are rigorously tested based on specificapplication for improved reliability and extended solution life.• 2 years warranty for the complete installation services in addition to manufacturerswarranty.• 24x7 customer support, help is just a call away.
  • 20. Commercial Solar PV InstallationGo Solar with your Business! Use your commercial buildings to install Sunnon solarenergy systems. This is the face of sustainable management today. You secureattractive returns and gain independence from the electricity market. On top ofthat, you actively promote climate protection and improve your image to yourcustomers and employees.Why Photovoltaic?Solar energy systems pay forthemselves: They guarantee attractivereturns and improve your companysimage. Discover all of the benefits.4 steps to your solar energy systemFrom businessman to system operatorin just a few steps: Information oneconomic viability, planning andinstallation can be found here.Sunnon SolutionsHere you can find all of the componentsand services for a solar energy systemHow does Photovoltaic work?Every year trillions of kilowatt hours (kWh)of solar energy are radiated onto thesurface of the earth. A photovoltaicsystem can convert this energy intoelectricity. Find out how.
  • 21. We are engaged in manufacturing of stainless steel solar water heater with 200 lpd ss classicmodel. Yet another pearl in flate plate collector technology. Cladding in mirror finished SSfor higher aesthetic look and prolonged life. Featured with 2 collectors for higher heatingefficiency. Quick heating and prolonged resistance.Material used in stainless steel solar water heater is 99.9% pure copper for highest heatconductivity.* Ultrasonic welded fin and tubes* Extruded Aluminum Channels* Sacrificial Anode for storage tank to avoid galvanic* Corrosion* TIG Welded stainless steel storage tank* Electrical Back-Up thermostat controlled for cloudy and* Rainy days* Mirror finished outer cladding. Also* Available in Polyester Grade Powder Coating Cladding.Solar Water Heaters
  • 22. Solar Compatible LED’s• Zero electricity bill.• No electrical wiring required.An exclusive new item, the multi-color illuminated LEDmessage board is used for highlighting important and funmessages at your business or at home.No battery required, solarpower and environmental.street light luminaryLed BulbLed HomeLightingSystem
  • 23. DC High Power LED Lamps1. Extremely low power consumption2. Very high illumination efficiency3. Lifespan 50,000 h4. Infinite number of switching cycles5. Standard socket E276. Metal housingThe SunTech solar SL LED lamp provides highillumination levels with very low powerconsumption and a long lifespan. The 12 V DClamps can be used directly in 12 V battery orsolar systems without any ballast. More than80% of the luminosity is retained after 50,000hours. The lamp has a standard E27 socket.SL LED (8 W)DC high power LED lampsSL LED (3 W)DC high power LED lamps
  • 24. Thermal Solar Air ConditionerThe Worlds only High Quality, Low Amp, Affordable PricedTriple Thermal Solar Air Conditioner and 100% PhotovoltaicComingSoon…!
  • 25. STV Solar® Low Energy Driven Portable Cold Air ConditionersSTV Air Conditioner family in "COLD" and "HOT" with dehumidification and air ionizationSolar110V ~ 220V 50Hz and 60Hz - Available in 100% SolarA/C – DC Universal100% Solar Air ConditionersComingSoon…!
  • 26. Atmospheric DrinkingWater Generator
  • 27. Special “POT FILTER” for VillagesCeramic FilterThe main content of the ceramic filter consists of highly compressed ceramic diatom; itscompetent resistant is increased through high temperature and quality manufacture. Itsfunctions as a filter for dirt solids and dangerous bacteria such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bilharziasand Amoebas.Activated Carbon & Silver Activated CarbonRemoves chlorine, THMs, Organic chemicals and unpleasant odors and colors. The end resultis pure, crystal clear mineral water.WSM-300(Material with a sterilizing power) The material kills any bacteria and prevents the water PHstorage tank from re-pollutions.Silica SandRemoves acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a PH balance.ZeoliteRemoves heavy metal such as lead mercury, gold and silver, heavy metals can accumulatein our bodies, high levels of heavy metal lead to a wide range of terminal illnesses.Mineral SandRelease mineral; adjust the PH of water to mild alkaline which helps restore the PH balance ofthe body fluid.Mineral StoneMineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meters below sea level on unpollutedresources, the mineral stone contain Germanium which promote health and prevent cancer.Germanium also absorbs heavy metal, toxins odors and impurities; they continuously releasemore than 20 kinds of lionized minerals for 5 years. Gradually depleting in size, the highlyporous mineral stone aid in the oxygenation of water and in adjustment of the PH of water tomild alkaline.
  • 28. FeaturesManual FlushUltra FiltrationRO MembraneOutside Pre-filtration mountedU.V. OptionalBenefitsExtra Pure Water Free from Virus,Bacteria, Pesticides, Chlorine, LeadExcellent TasteHealth EnhancingStainless steel storage tankNo chance of presence of harmful chemical in waterSpecificationSize : L-370*W-200*H-410Flow Rate : 10 – 12 LPHTank Capacity : 4LitrePower : 230 V AC 50 HzDrinking Water FiltersRO Champion
  • 29. Drinking Water FiltersRO ELITEFeaturesManual FlushUltra FiltrationRO MembraneOutside Pre-filtration Mounted8 litre pressure tank extra mountedUV OptionalBenefitsExtra Pure Water Free from Virus, Bacteria,Pesticides, Chlorine, Lead, Excellent TasteHealth Enhancing Flexibility in mountingSpecificationFlow Rate : 1ltr/ MinuteTank Capacity : 8literPower :230V ACPower Consumption: Less than 1unit/day
  • 30. RO IONICSFeaturesDigital display system of all functions7 Stage filtration3 stages 10” housing pre-filtrationUltra FiltrationRO Membrane8 litre pressure tank extra mountedLong reach faucet extra mountedSelf priming pump for zero water pressure (can liftwater from bucket-Optional)UV OptionalBenefitsExtra Pure Water Free from Virus, Bacteria, Pesticides,Chlorine, LeadEnhancing TasteHealth EnhancingNo Back WashFlexibility in mountingSpecificationSize : L-330*W-180*H-450Flow Rate : 1ltr/ MinuteTank Capacity : 8literPower :230V ACPower Consumption: Less than 1unit/dayDrinking Water Filters
  • 31. RO Process
  • 32. SpecificationsFlow rate- 350 LPMDimensions- L- W- H-Type of cartridge- PP 5 micronSize- 5 inchesBenefitsScale free drums inside the washing machines Fresh and clean water for washingcloths Reduce the washing machine maintenance cost Less detergent consumption4% Less energy consumptionWATER SOFTNER FRESH - AND - CLEAN JWATER SOFTNER FRESHSpecificationsFlow rate- 350 LPMDimensions- L- W- H-Type of cartridge- PP 5 micronSize- 10 inchesApplication areaDish washersGeysersKitchenBathroomsBefore Water filtersBenefitsScale free drums inside the dish washersFresh and clean water for bathing and cookingIncrease the life geyser coil4% Less energy consumption
  • 34. Solar refrigerator unitsGeneral Information Very low energy requirement 12 V or 24 V DC operating voltagefeaturing shutoff at low voltage Eco-friendly cooling agent (R-134a) Scratch-proof steel-panel housing Easy-to-clean aluminum lining Lockable lid (except for the modelFR 50 R) Interior lighting Patented low-frost system Adjustable interior temperature Highly-efficient coolingSunTech offers refrigerator units (R) andfreezer units (F) with 50-, 165- and 225-lcapacities. Due to their energy-efficientcooling concept, STV refrigerationdevices are especially suited to solar-powered applications. The top-qualitycraftsmanship guarantees a long usefullife. An 11-cm-thick insulation layermade of polyurethane ensures minimalthermal losses. The refrigeration system isequipped with a maintenance-free,brushless DC compressor. The patentedlow-frost system reduces the formationof condensation water and ice. Adrainage opening at the base simplifiesthe cleaning of the interior.
  • 35. Breathe deeplyHYLA - the Air and Room Cleaning System -binds dirt and dust with water. Fresh ambientair contributes to your health and well-being.A system for many applications: air cleaning,vacuuming, deep cleaning of carpets andupholstery, disinfection and wet cleaning ...Air and Room Cleaning System
  • 36. Connection: Cable to CableSuitable for 2.5 sqmm, 4sqmm & 6 sqmm cableCompatible to MC4 ConnectorsIP 67 – Water Proof and Dust ProofSimple, Quick InstallationRated Current: 30 Amps.Rated Voltage: 1000 VTest Voltage: 6 KVContact Material: Copper, Tin PlatedContact Resistance: 5 mΩTemperature: -40 to 90 CSolar Inline Connector ( Eq. to MC4)Solar Panel Mount ConnectorConnection: Cable to PanelSuitable for 2.5 sqmm, 4sqmm & 6 sqmm cableCompatible to MC4 ConnectorsIP 67 – Water Proof and Dust ProofSimple, Quick InstallationRated Current: 30 Amps.Rated Voltage: 1000 VTest Voltage: 6 KVContact Material: Copper, Tin PlatedContact Resistance: 5 mΩTemperature: -40 to 90 CInterconnecting solutions
  • 37. Solar Branch Connector (MMF & FFM)Connection: 2 Male/1 Female (MM-F) or 2 Female/1 Male (FF-M)ConnectionSuitable for 2.5 sqmm, 4sqmm & 6 sqmm cableSuitable for parallel connection in Solar Power System.IP 67 – Water Proof and Dust ProofSimple, Quick InstallationRated Current: 50 Amps.Rated Voltage: 1000 VTest Voltage: 6 KVContact Material: Copper, Tin PlatedContact Resistance: 5 mΩTemperature: -40 to 90 CSolar Junction BoxAvailable in 2,3,4,5 Rail OptionsAvailable with Bi Pass Diode to protect reverse CurrentContact: Copper with Tin PlattingContact Resistance: 0.4 mΩTemperature: -40 to 90 CSuitable Cable: 2.5 sqmm to 6 sqmmInterconnecting solutions
  • 38. Solar CablesCross-section: 2.5 sqmm, 4 sqmm, 6 sqmm, 10 sqmm, 16 sqmm etc.Conductor: Stranded tinned copperInsulation: Halogen free cross linked polyolefinRated Voltage: 1000 V AC / 1800 V DCCurrent Rating: Up to 55 Amp.Temperature: -40 to 90 0 CBending Radius: 6*DLife Period: 25 YearsCrimping TollCapacity : 2.5-6mm2AWG : 26-10AWGLength : 270mmWeight : 0.74KgInterconnecting solutions
  • 39. Mounting StructureSunnon Technologies is offering solar mounts for your solarPV projects.Mounts are offered for fixed and ground mountedinstallations, pitch roof installations, and pole mountedinstallations.Mounting structural elements including poles, beams, andpurlins are manufactured from standard MS profiles thatare then hot dipped galvanized and designed towithstand wind loads of 200 kmph.Tilt angles may be varied from 10 to 60 degrees in mostcases.
  • 40. Sun Tracking SystemTracking systems that adjust the position of PVmodules to follow the sun can boost yields fromsolar installations by 40% or more. Two basicconfigurations for tracker systems are available.Single-axis trackers rotate about one axis,azimuthally orienting the panels to track the sunsmovements over the course of a day.Dual-axis trackers provide both azimuth rotationfor daily tracking and tilt rotation for sea-sonaltracking the movement of the sun.Sunnon Technologies (India) offers standardsingle and dual axis tracking products forcommercial applications (kW scale). Thesetrackers are mounted on a galvanized steel polestructure and use PLC driven linearactuators/worm gears to orient the PV panelsand track the sun. The trackers have built in windprotection to protect the panels if the windspeeds are too high. The trackers canaccommodate solar PV modules upto 25 sq. m.For larger utility sized installations (>1 MW), pleaseemail us your requirements .
  • 41. Residential Wind MillsAvailable in 2KW, 3KW, 5KW, 12KW, 24KW, 120KW & 240 KWEasy & Quick InstallationProvides you with backup power during power cutsHigh return of investment than other renewal energyAlmost Nil Running CostReduces electricity bill in large extendGenerates power even in low windResidential Wind Mills & Solar TVSolar TelevisionFeatures:-Run on Directly sun power15-20 hour back up for t.vTFT Screen to make it more specializedFully remote control systemSingle time investment and life time usesMore eco friendly and better thing for everWe introduce Solar Television. It can be used every where with noelectricity or power cut issues.ComingSoon…!
  • 42. Turn all types of organic waste intoclean water, near pure methane &minerals. Nothing else.The TechnologyThe Microbe Incubated Bio-Reactor(MIBR) is designed to completely digestany organic waste including lignin andhemi-cellulose within 10 to 24 days. Theresult is 96% pure Bio-Methane. TheCO2 Re-Breather uses carbon dioxideto increase the methane production inthe bio-digester by 15 to 20%. Thesetwo technologies together result in atleast 30% more gas yield per ton thanconventional systems. The SPARSECombustion Booster reduces fuelconsumption of electricity generatorsby 50%.Bio-Methane Plant
  • 43. SunTech Ventures Pvt Ltd. in technicalcollaboration with Organisation DeScalene. Presents state of the art, automatedworld class SERIGAS plants.Plant capacitiesBenefits.Environment friendly, reduces green house gases, Subsidies from government, attractscarbon credits, green events recognition & many more.Possible applicationsHotels, Hostels, Canteens, Industries, community living, Apartments, Food industries etc.Bio Gas
  • 44. SERI Organic Fuel Technology
  • 45.  Deep scalable Hub ( Distributors located at sub –districts) & Spoke (Village based Dealers/Agents ) model Well structured, village-wise demo-based prospecting and selling Multi touch points based distribution structure –– Distributor Sales Officer for village wise demo based selling– ST Points (stock & sell )– ST Agents (lead generation) Centrally managed service within customers’ arms reach with service infrastructure ridingon distributor network.Business Model
  • 46. House of Solar, Wind, Bio Energy, Health & Homecare Solutions,No: P/38, Shanti Mansions, Munnakolala,Marathahalli, Bangalore, Pin- 560037, Karnataka, IndiaPhone:91-08792869717Email:; sunnontechnologiesin@outlook.comhttp://sunnontechnology.inKey PersonalMr. Praveen Kumar (Director Business Development)Mobile: 08885549499Mr. Joy Prakash (Managing Director Technology)Mobile: 08792869717Contact UsSunnon Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.Now…… the Energy of Tomorrow