The halton project


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  • Both school are in the upper quartile for mobility. There is an extra administrative burden but have staff who are very good at liaising with previous schools. In terms of leadership, tracking progress and data analysis is difficult.
  • There are issues around having service children but not all negative, both schools work hard and what works for service children works for all children.Both schools work hard to deliver a memorable curriculum and give the children a sense of place and belonging at their new school
  • The halton project

    1. 1. Halton is an outstanding School...a vibrant, thrivinglearning community... Ofsted 2011The school takes in pupils just as they are and gives themthe confidence and self-belief to go out into the next stageof their education, wherever that may lead them, withtheir heads held high.... Ofsted 2011The school’s contribution to the quality of provision andpartnerships for children and young people who are infamilies of service personnel is outstanding. HMI 2010
    2. 2. RaiseOnline Stability 50.0%Number on Roll 2010 2012 2017 105 135 210Percentage service pupils 70%Percentage absence 2010 2011 2012 7.9% 3.6% 2.7%KS2 Target setting 4 left/4 joined the cohort of 15 in Y5 KS1 – 2: 33% FS - KS2: 16%Year 6 ‘Total’ (cohort of 15) 36Pupil premium 2011/12 – Service pupils £13,600 FSM pupils £1,720
    3. 3. The outstanding curriculum ensures that topics are presented inradically different ways to what they may have experienced in otherschools…(it) builds on pupils’ interests and aspirations. Ofsted 2011This is so exciting I feel like dancing!(Science week 2012)This is so much better than being at school!(Great Fire of London experience day)I’ve never done maths in the woods before – it’s cool’Adults never give up on you …they will keep going overstuff. I’m dyslexic and sometimes get Level 4 now.I hardly talked for two and a half years at my oldschool it’s different here…(Y5)‘I’ve got my daughter back since she has been atHalton
    4. 4. Ofsted 2011The contribution of the family Support coordinator is exceptional inoffering support to the whole family, especially those from Servicebackgrounds.…a pioneering project…has created a safe and stress-freeenvironment in which pupils flourish
    5. 5. •Mrs Allen helps you learn, shows you around•I like working with her, it’s fun and I like the passport•She’s good to talk to when you feel upset and then youcan go back to class feeling OK•She helps you settle in the school quickly – Halton is thebest school I have ever been to and I have been to LOTS!•She helps you send messages on your computer to yourold school•She’s good to talk to about home•I like sending e-blueys to dad and I love it when I getone back!• I like working with her because she’s really kind and shereally listens
    6. 6. •I have been extremely impressed with thelevel of welfare, care and understanding of MrsAllen who has helped us all through a difficulttime.•I appreciate Mrs Allen spending time with xand y to write e-blueys to their Dad while heis away for 6 months in Afghanistan, thankyou.•It is nice to know there is someone about at aregular time to talk to.’