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Scsn oxford uni logoscopy for websites

  1. 1. Service Children Support Network The Service Children Support Network is delighted to announce the continuation of a partnership project with the University of Oxford Widening Participation Team. The initiative will offer an educational enrichment and support project for primary and secondary aged Service children in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire state schools in 2014. The aims of the project are to: • Encourage awareness of the learning journey and the steps on it. • Inspire intellectual, global and personal curiosity. • Enrich and enhance students self- esteem, aspirations and hopes for the future. • Introduce the language and context of Further and Higher Education. • Raise aspirations of students. • Dispel any misconceptions about university study and life. • Introduce new ideas and concepts. • Give students a greater understanding of their progression through school. This is done by delivering interesting, informative and relevant programmes to learners between the ages of 10-16 both in schools and in the university. All workshops will be delivered by members of staff from the university widening participation team with the support of student mentors and all staff and mentors have an enhanced CRB check. The programme offers: • Year 5 and 6 students the chance to discover more about their educational journey by
  2. 2. Service Children Support Network taking part in an interactive workshop. The workshop follows the story of Dave and his friends as they work to find out why his sister has gone away to university, what university is and where it can take them. This programme is free of charge. • Year 8 and 9 students are able to apply for the residential, Murder in the Cloisters. Murder in the Cloisters takes place in the Easter holidays. Participants arrive at an Oxford College to take part in some activity tasters; however the peace is shattered when a body is discovered on the College lawn. The participants are invited to help the detective solve the murder by following a series of clues, participating in academic session and interrogating suspects. At the end of the three days, participants are able to make their accusations as to who they think the culprit was. The team of actors and staff ensure the mystery is kept right up until the final reveal. As well as in academic sessions they also have the opportunity to take part in various social activities. Students stay in an Oxford college and meals are provided in the College dining hall and participants are able to experience a formal dinner on the final night. This programme carries a small cost which schools would be encouraged to cover with their pupil premium. • Pupils in years 9/10/11 are also eligible to apply for their Ambassador programme. The purpose of this programme is to address learning and confidence skills and improve student’s outcomes. This programme is free of charge. • All year 10 pupils with a deployed parent will also be able to apply for a place on the young carer programme which runs from Jan - Apr 2014. The programme offers a variety of one day workshops followed by a three day residential at the University. This programme is free of charge. If you live in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire and you would like your child or your child’s school to take part in this initiative please contact me for more details by the 31st October
  3. 3. Service Children Support Network 2013. Joy O’Neill Mum’s and Dad’s if this has inspired you to continue your learning why not have a look at the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education website. The Department runs a huge number of lectures and courses - Day Schools, Weekend Schools, Five-Week Lecture Series, Ten-Week 'Weekly Class Programmes', Online Programmes, Summer Schools, two-year part-time Foundation Certificate courses, Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses and Advanced Diploma Courses, and part-time Master's programmes. For more information on all their courses please visit