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    Businesses and Resources Businesses and Resources Presentation Transcript

    • Businesses and Resources Briana Ruiz
    • What is a Business?O a legal entity that is set-up or designed to make goods, provide a service, or sell goods.
    • Different Types of BusinessO Proprietorship – a business with one owner who pays personal income tax on any profits and is personally responsible for any liabilities.
    • Different Types of BusinessO Partnership – two or more owners share profits and losses, but don’t incur taxes on profits before being distributed to their partners.
    • Different Types of BusinessO Corporation – a legal entity distinct from its owner. Limits the owners from any personal liability. Through stock, ownership of corporations is transferable.O Corporations are taxed on their profits.
    • What are Resources?O Resources can be anything from water to labor to machinery. There are three different types of resources: natural, human, and capital.
    • Types of ResourcesO Natural Resources – water, coal, cows, chickens, natural gas. Anything that comes from nature or the earth is a natural resource.
    • Types of ResourcesO Human Resources – labor, skill, or talent of the people. Workers for your business are human resources.
    • Types of ResourcesO Capital Resources – machinery, houses, the government and schooling systems. Anything created is a capital resource.
    • State ResourcesO
    • Famous EntrepreneursO Sam Walton O Founder of Walmart O Founded in 1962 O First Walmart was in Rogers, Arkansa s.
    • Famous EntrepreneursO Bill Gates O Started Microsoft with childhood friend, Paul Allen, in 1975. O Was created while Gates was attending Harvard.
    • Famous EntrepreneursO Debra Fields O Co-Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies O Founded in 1977. O First store was in Palo Alto, California.
    • Famous EntrepreneursO Joyce “JC” Hall O Founded Hallmark Card Company in1910. O Was 18 when he founded Hallmark.
    • Business ProjectO You will be inventing your own business.O Think of a trade you would want your business to participate in.O Where would you have to place your business?
    • Business ProjectO In groups of two or three, you’ll collaborate on a business idea.O Is your business a partnership or corporation? Why?O What resources are available in the state you located your business?O What resources do you need for your specific business?
    • Business ProjectO How does your business compare to that as to one of the famous entrepreneurs we discussed?O What are some costs to include into starting your business?
    • The Bottom LineO You’ll be making a four page Wikispaces of PBworks.O An Introduction Page: Name, trade, and type of business you’ve created.O Location/Resource Page: Where your business is located, the resources of that state, and the resources your business needs to function.
    • The Bottom LineO Costs Page: Building, shipping, workers, what are some costs you’ll need to pay for your business?O Comparison Page: How does your business compare to that of one of the famous entrepreneurs? Trade? Location? Type of Business?
    • Make it InterestingO Put graphics! Make it bright, interesting, but easy to read.O Make sure your graphics are relevant to your business!O Have at least three!O Good luck!
    • Quiz Time!O Time for a Multiple Choice Quiz!O Lets makes sure you’ve grasped everything before sending your off into groups!