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See how Lloyd got his life back and returned to Squash and Football after doing Yoga for Back Pain exercises.

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Coming to Joy\'s Thursday classes and introducing me to your teacher, Mary Stewart, made a difference to my physical wellbeing that I will always be grateful for. I\'d always been really fit and played football and squash on a regular basis, however, about 15 years ago I developed an acute back problem that was so crippling, I couldn\'t even touch my toes. As for playing football -- well forget that!

At that time, just sitting still on a chair was a challenge. When you saw how much pain I was in, you encouraged me to come to your yoga class, but I was sceptical. However, the pain got so bad that I decided to give yoga a try. After all, I thought, what have I got to lose? One night, it was so bad, I decided, I would just turn up at the class.

I have to admit, initially, it was a real challenge. I couldn\'t do half the things that others in the class could manage. However, as I got to know the group, I realised that everyone had their own individual problems, and they encouraged me to keep at it.

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It wasn\'t easy confronting my limitations, and it was hard for someone like me, whose buzz was high performance sports, to be patient in terms of results. However, Joy created an environment which was supportive and friendly and we learned how to help each other and had fun too. Over the years the class became a really important part of my life, and this was completely unexpected. To my surprise, I found myself wanting to practice on my own, and even to this day, I still practice and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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Attending your Thursday class Joy, completely changed my life, for the better, and allowed me to return to playing high performance sports e.g. squash and football, which I still play today. It\'s a tribute to your teaching that you inspired me to take yoga into my life and make it work for me.

Lloyd Douglas
Social Worker

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