Storyboard of Thriller


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Storyboard of Thriller

  1. 1. Storyboard
  2. 2.  In this part I will be introducing the scene by doing some establishing shots, this is the first one I will be doing from the bridge over Kingsway (A34) by Parrs Wood which overs looks the environment and helps the audience understand what sort of place this is being filmed in. The lighting will be just natural daylight but later in the day to help create a bleak atmosphere which contributes to the theme of the clip being a thriller.
  3. 3.  This is another establishing shot of the school we study at. I plan to film to when nobody is really present to help create a spooky atmosphere. The lighting used will just be broad daylight but it will look rather dark to help create tension
  4. 4.  At this scene we will have the main actor Manny playing the role of a college student who is in the toilet looking quite shook and distraught, we will see this through the reflection in the mirror, as well as this there will be a quick shot reverse shot of the killer (Sohaib) peaking out of one of the toilet cubicles which will help create suspense. The lighting used will be artificial overhead lighting which will be used.
  5. 5.  This shot will be taken by the bus stop in front of the Parrs Wood complex where we will have the two students James Mathews and Manny preparing to leave and go home. In the background though by the other bus stop we again see the killer by the other bus stop on the other side of the road shortly, to display this we will have a shot reverse shot to show both perspectives. The lighting used will again be broad day light but a later time in the day to help create a spooky atmosphere.
  6. 6.  There is a another bus stop shortly where they both actors leave each other. During this shot I will have an insert shot of a bus rushing past to help create tension and contribute to the spooky atmosphere. The lighting used will be broad day light and the main actor Manny will be heading home through the park down the road, Milgate Lane labeled on the picture.
  7. 7.  After going down the narrow road the park is sharply on the right. An insert shot of the park sign will be used. Different cuts will be used to show the emptiness of the park. The time of the day will be early in the evening when the daylight will be dimming to help create a spooky atmosphere.
  8. 8.  While walking past through the park we see various different signs. A long shot and various different other shots will be used to show the location and breifly show the killer stalking manny.