Digital gifting lounge v3


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Digital gifting lounge v3

  1. 1. DIGITAL GIFTING LOUNGEFor more information email info@jm-london.com1
  2. 2. What is a Digital Gifting Lounge?For more information email info@jm-london.com2
  3. 3. Create a Pop-upFor more information email info@jm-london.com3
  4. 4. Showcase their Products to CelebritiesFor more information email info@jm-london.com4
  5. 5. and Create ContentFor more information email info@jm-london.comClick
  6. 6. For their Social Media PlatformsFor more information email info@jm-london.com6
  7. 7. Opportunities Provided on the day Include:For more information email info@jm-london.com7
  8. 8. ImageryFor more information email info@jm-london.com8
  9. 9. Real Time Seeding of ImageryFor more information email info@jm-london.com9
  10. 10. Co-branded TweetsFor more information email info@jm-london.com10
  11. 11. Promo Video For Viral MarketingFor more information email info@jm-london.com11Click
  12. 12. Shoppable VideosClick On Link To Shop From more information email info@jm-london.com12CLICK TWICE TO PLAY
  13. 13. Live Twitter Feed to Front of HouseFor more information email info@jm-london.com13
  14. 14. Logo on JM Press BoardFor more information email info@jm-london.com14
  15. 15. Benefits• Exposure to trendsetters/influencers• Access to Bloggers/Press at event• Brand representatives in the Lounge• Encourages interaction with fans• Provides unique content• Improves customer relationships• Enhances credibility• Cost effective• Develops Brand recognition• Repeat digital exposure• Directs inbound traffic to your website• Competitive Advantage• Reaches target audience• Limitless sharing potentialFor more information email info@jm-london.com15
  16. 16. Upcoming EventsFor more information email info@jm-london.com16
  17. 17. Photo ID document of invited celebritiesDetailed logisticsDirect interaction with artistsPhotos of celebrities with your productsRepresentatives in the gifting loungeAllocated spaceLogo on celebrity e-ViteIntroduction to event press in the loungeInclusion on JM press releaseGolden Circle tickets (where applicable)Category exclusivityInclusion in Competition, on-air/on-line/print (where applicable)Logo on JM press board for interviews & photo opportunitiesPrime LocationArtists invited to styling session with brand pre-eventReal-time seeding of images to relevant social mediaCo-branded tweets90 second promo video with e-commerce tagsLive Twitter Feed: Screen displays live tweets from Gifting Lounge tothe front of house audienceAll Prices Exclusive of VATFor more information email info@jm-london.com17
  18. 18. Who is Joy Montgomery?For more information email info@jm-london.com18
  19. 19. Market Leader in Celebrity Gifting LoungesFor more information email info@jm-london.com19
  20. 20. 2005 1st Gifting Lounge in the UKFor more information email info@jm-london.com20JOY spotted a gap in the marketand launched The 1st ever GiftingLounge in the UK, providingbrands with a unique celebrityproduct placement opportunity.
  21. 21. 2010 1st Social Media Gifting Lounge in UKFor more information email info@jm-london.com21Click
  22. 22. 1st Gifting Service on Film Sets in the UK2010 Introduced gifting andpersonal shopping services tocast and crew on film sets.And sample sales and Pop-ups forall film studio residents.For more information email info@jm-london.com22
  23. 23. Contact DetailsTo find out how aDigital Gifting Lounge canenhance your marketing campaignplease contact me on:020 8423 4219joy@jm-london.comFor more information email info@jm-london.com23