2010 Asset Recovery Conference


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The best conference of its kind for attorneys, accountants, investigators, and law enforcement involved in asset tracing and recovery.

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2010 Asset Recovery Conference

  1. 1. The 2010 International Asset Recovery Conference Mastering the Tools of Asset Recovery in Post-Madoff Times Wednesday to Friday, April 14-16, 2010 | Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach USA | Presented by Vital for Investigators, Forensic Accountants, Attorneys and Investigative Analysts in Both Private and Public Sectors Build your arsenal with potent, innovative asset tracing and recovery weapons Ÿ Meet and learn from expert leaders who help you forge winning strategies Ÿ Build your practice and effectiveness, connect with asset recovery professionals Ÿ Ÿ get a Conference Book and CD with priceless materials you can share You Experts teach you how technology tools can give you the edge and save you money Ÿ Registration and updates at www.AssetRecoveryConference.com or www.iaaronline.org A Few of the 21 Experts You’ll Hear and Meet Donald Semesky Marilyn Peterson James Richards Charles Intriago William Richey Courtney Linn Cynthia Hetherington Paul Pelletier Alphonse Ristuccia Ed Davis Presenting Sponsor Diamond Sponsor Platinum Sponsor
  2. 2. “First-class All Asset Recovery Specialists in These Disciplines Should Attend speakers; high- quality attendees.” Ÿ Anti-Money Laundering Officers Ÿ Bankruptcy Trustees Larry Ross Ÿ Attorneys specializing in: Ÿ Certified Fraud Examiners President and − Asset recovery and forfeiture Ÿ Contract federal asset forfeiture investigators Forensic Investigator − Prosecution Ÿ Credit card company fraud and restitution units Ross Financial Services − Receiverships Ÿ Forensic accountants Inc. − Creditors rights Ÿ Insolvency Specialists Washington, DC − Financial institutions Ÿ Insurance company Special Investigative Units USA − Litigation Ÿ Intelligence and Investigative Analysts − International law Ÿ Investigators – Government and Private “By far the best − Complex matrimonial Ÿ Litigation Paralegals conference I’ve Ÿ Bank Officers in: Ÿ Receivers appointed by the: ever attended. − Special assets and asset recovery − SEC − Federal and State Courts Very professional − Credit − FTC − Insurance Departments with information − Legal − CFTC − Consumer Protection Agencies I can use daily. Ÿ Bank liquidators and regulators − FDIC Loved it.” Thomas Torri Analyst Essential Tools for Your Arsenal Texas Department of Ÿ How to exploit social networks for asset recovery intelligence Public Safety Ÿ Learn how to penetrate offshore secrecy havens to trace and recover assets Austin, Texas USA Ÿ Asset tracing and investigative techniques top investigators and forensic accountants use Ÿ How to find, analyze and manage complex data “Very timely. A Ÿ How to use commodities flow analysis, data mining, timelines and other technology to trace the lot of practical movement of value information. Very Ÿ Experts dissect real life case to teach you vital skills and effective approaches informed, powerful Ÿ many third-party recovery targets you can target when the fraudster and the money flee The speakers.” Ÿ How to use technology to your advantage and turn information into convincing evidence Ÿ Richards guides you to asset tracing and recovery treasures in the “Invisible” and “Historical” Web Jim John S. Bain Forensic & Litigation Ÿ Asset recovery boot camp - Tools of the trade for beginners and refresher for others Support Partner Ÿ How FinCEN data can lead you to hidden assets and what bank records really tell you HLB Galanis Bain Ÿ much more And Nassau, Bahamas “Mind blowing Asset Recovery Teams: Four Essential Players information from the panelists. Panels were excellent.” Investigative Ed Rodriguez Analyst Attorney Manager Forensic Accounting Watkins Meegan LLC Bethesda, Maryland Forensic USA Investigator Accountant There are four essential players, or disciplines, in nearly every asset recovery case -- a forensic accountant, an intelligence and investigative analyst, an investigator and an attorney. Each must make vital contributions for the effort to succeed. If one team member fails, the entire effort suffers. If each team member understands the whole process he or she can be more effective. Silos of knowl- edge lead to expensive and non-productive efforts. Because they face foes that are well-funded, mobile, lawless and professionally counseled, each team member needs current knowledge of their discipline. Keeping their professional knowledge current and skills honed is vital. That’s what our conference is about. We bring under one roof at one time, for your training and network- ing benefit, 21 great experts in the four disciplines. In two and a half days they show you their best prac- tices, guide you and tell you what you should do to succeed in asset tracing and recovery. 2
  3. 3. The Conference That Yields Big Dividends For You “Very informative, good learning Our interactive format gets rave reviews experience.” No sleeping in this conference. It is the best training you’ll find on these subjects. We make sure you get Rachel Shepard the most from each panel through our trademark format. Expert moderators question the panelists to Senior Criminal extract the maximum information and let you question the speakers. Intelligence Analyst High Intensity Drug Networking is key to successful asset recovery Trafficking Area (HIDTA) We know success is not all about knowledge. It’s also about the people you know and contacts you have. Cleveland, Ohio That’s why we build nearly 11 hours of networking into our program. You will enjoy cocktail receptions, USA luncheons, breakfasts and refreshment breaks. Over the years our attendees have told us this is one of the great benefits of our conferences. “Well-organized, We connect you with colleagues, experts and technology and professional services providers – relation- fast-paced, ships that can provide you lifelong benefits. full of useful information.” The world’s best conference for asset recovery Dan Jones One contact, one idea, one new approach can pay dividends far beyond the cost of the conference. Director of Corporate Don’t take our word for it. Read what attendees say about our conferences in this brochure. Investigations PCG Consultants Big returns on a small investment Los Angeles, California Beyond that, we make it all a very affordable. See if another conference of this quality, this length and USA dealing with a similar subject charges so little to register -- and gives you room rates at a first-class (beachfront) hotel – in the winter season in Miami Beach – that are so low. “Informative topics, great presenta- Take the conference knowledge home with you tions.” To top it off, we give you a CD and Conference Book loaded with materials you can use as soon as you Robert Jones get back to work. They include the speaker papers and slides and hard-to-find resources and archived Partner material. These priceless resources will serve you and your colleagues for years in your asset tracing and RGL Forensics recovery work. Register now! Don’t miss it. Burbank, California USA International Association for Asset Recovery (IAAR) IAAR is a member organization that provides information, train- ing and networking for the global community of specialists in the public and private sectors that trace and recover assets wrongfully held by others. IAAR, which is based in Miami, is guided by interna- tional experts who sit on the IAAR Advisory Board. Private and public sector asset recovery specialists have a lot in common in this field. Both have very similar tools, need very simi- lar skills and encounter very similar obstacles. But the four mem- bers of asset recovery teams communicate and cooperate little with each other. Help change that. Join now. www.iaaronline.org. Serving the Needs of the Entire Asset Recovery Team “Wonderful In both the private and public sectors, successful asset recovery depends on a team of specialists who opportunity to must work together to achieve their common goals. view things from different perspec- The four groups in both sectors who typically operate in asset recovery cases in most countries are: tive. Very well Ÿ Forensic Accountants structured.” Ÿ Investigators Maureen Barnard Ÿ Intelligence and Investigative Analysts Paralegal Ÿ Attorneys Virginia Beach Each of these four groups has subgroups such as receivers, fraud examiners, law enforcement agents, Commonwealth prosecutors, paralegals and bank special assets officers. All told, they number in the hundreds of thou- Attorney’s Office sands of practitioners around the world all embarked on similar missions. Virginia Beach, Virginia USA IAAR believes that greater communication and appropriate cooperation among private sector and govern- ment counterparts advance the cause of recovering assets from wrongdoers. 3
  4. 4. “Very informative, Benefits of Becoming an IAAR Member outstanding presentations, Information great speakers.” AssetRecoveryWatch.com is the e-magazine devoted to news Peggy J. Stringfellow and specialized information about asset tracing and recovery Analyst around the world. It offers timely news and analysis that helps Drug Enforcement professionals stay abreast of evolving issues in asset recovery Administration and the development of best practices. It is the world’s first Columbus, Georgia and most authoritative website devoted to asset tracing and USA recovery. It offers rich, searchable content that helps profes- sionals stay abreast of the evolving issues. “Informative material, instructors An Editorial Board of Advisors made up of top professionals were fantastic.” helps assure that content is relevant to asset recovery pro- Sgt. James Hayley fessionals working in the field. It is led by publisher Charles Nevada Department of Intriago, a former federal prosecutor who built a global reputa- Public Safety tion, starting in 1989 with Money Laundering Alert, for providing Las Vegas, Nevada quality news, conferences, training and credentialing through USA the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) on money laundering controls and financial crime. “I like the informal AssetRecoveryWatch.com Intel is the weekly e-zine newslet- atmosphere of the ter of IAAR which delivers the most important global breaking panels and the news, alerts and guidance from experts at no cost. Sign up at numerous AssetRecoveryWatch.com and start receiving it now. opportunities to ask questions.” Training Marion Ward IAAR provides both live and virtual training on the skills and tools that asset recovery professionals need Crime Analyst to stay up-to-date and continue to grow professionally. Through qualified instructors, IAAR trains and Texas Department of teaches on best practices, specialized tools, international tracing mechanisms and other issues. Public Safety Austin, Texas Web seminars Throughout the year IAAR hosts a variety of live web seminars covering diverse subjects USA and best practices that clarify legal processes, help you formulate strategies and sharpen techniques and skills. Taught by experts, our web seminars teach lessons from the frontlines that help improve asset recovery results and arm you with effective tools. Live training IAAR produces live seminars on financial investigative techniques, asset forfeiture and recovery, analysis of bank records and other topics. The 2010 training schedule will be available the first quarter of 2010 at www.IAARonline.org/training. Global networking The four groups of professionals who comprise the typical asset recovery team all need a meeting ground where they can share challenges and exchange best practices. IAAR provides that community meeting place at its conferences, seminars and social events and through its listserv and virtual forums. Virtual Forums Share your questions and ideas online with other members and make contact with col- leagues around the world. Ask-the-Expert and Live Chats These online sessions allow you to pose your questions virtually and see the questions and answers of others. Task Forces Assist in the shaping of IAAR training, write articles in your area of expertise or contribute to the development of our certification examination by joining and participating in an IAAR Task Force. IAAR Asset Recovery Conferences In addition to this international conference, IAAR shall host confer- ences in London in late September 2010 and Las Vegas in November 2010. Visit www.iaaronline.org for information and a schedule of all our training events. Certified Specialist in Asset Recovery (CSAR) In 2010, IAAR will offer a certification program by which qualified asset recovery specialists may obtain a credential upon passing an examination that signifies their knowledge and skills in this field. The 2010 International Asset Recovery Conference will provide continuing education credits toward the CSAR certifi- cation. Advance your career by joining IAAR today. Go to www.iaaronline.org/join or call Debbie Pelland at 305-854-2345, Ext. 218, or Clint Plumstead at Ext. 801. 4
  5. 5. Sponsors and Exhibitors Presenting Sponsor TLO is dedicated to creating technologies, systems, and tools that protect children, people, companies and countries from risk, fraud, and theft. Through the companies he built in the past, Hank Asher has revolutionized how the public and private sectors locate and investigate individuals and businesses. He is oft cited as the “father of the data fusion industry.” TLO is building new investigation tools that are richer in content, completeness and accuracy, and that leverage the speed and cost efficiency of the world’s most powerful data base engine ever conceived. If you liked Accurint and AutoTrack, you are going to love TLO’s new investigation tools. TLO is unveiling its brand new TLO Asset Recovery Suite of Tools during the IAAR International Asset Recovery Conference in Miami Beach on April 14 to 16, 2010. Come see the future! Become much more successful with these next-generation tools, which are better, faster and cheaper. TLO is going to make it much less safe to be dangerous! www.tlo.com Diamond Sponsor CLEAR Leads to Assets and People. CLEAR, brought to you by West, is the next generation of AutoTrackXP designed specifically for government and law enforcement users. CLEAR is a revolutionary, data-delivery platform that saves time and delivers improved results when you need to search public and proprietary records. Discover hidden assets, business and personal connections associated with a subject or address, and more. For more information stop by our booth or visit cpclear.com or call 800-547-5512. www.cpclear.com Platinum Sponsor Grant Thornton International Ltd provides personalized attention and the highest quality service to public and private clients in more than 100 countries. Grant Thornton LLP is the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the six global audit, tax and advisory organizations. Grant Thornton International Ltd and its member firms are not a worldwide partnership, as each member firm is a separate and distinct legal entity. Our forensic accounting expertise provides global asset recovery and tracing services. Our experience in accounting, law enforcement and seized asset fund management allows us to provide high quality service in global asset tracing cases. www.grantthornton.com Gold Sponsor VirTra Systems since 1993 has steadily led the simulation and virtual marketplace by creating training simulators that replicate real-world scenarios. With best-in-class customer service and unparalleled technology like 360-degree high- definition training simulation and the Threat-fire safe return fire system, it is no surprise that the finest military and law enforcement agencies in the US and throughout the world have hand selected VirTra’s simulators after trying all other options. www.virtra.com Breakfasts Sponsor For over 30 years, PCG Consultants has been providing world-class forensic accounting, investigation, litigation, and insolvency and restructuring services. Our clients cover a wide range of industries and include everyone from the clients of attorneys and financial institutions to Fortune 500 firms, local entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. www.pcgci.com Hotel Room Key Sponsor RGL Forensics, an international firm of accounting, valuation and technology professionals, establishes relevant facts and reliable figures for insurance, legal, corporate, and public sector clients. In 23 offices worldwide, RGL has for 30 years combined the skills of its professionals with the financial models, methodologies and technologies that meet or exceed global standards on evidence and expert witness testimony. Many of our professionals hold multiple qualifications, such as certified public or chartered accountants, valuation specialists and fraud examiners. This enables RGL to identify market and economic conditions, transactions and trends and patterns of behavior. When it is essential to accurately discover and define financial value, rely on the global services of RGL Forensics. www.rgl.com Exhibitors INTELLENET International Intelligence Network is a worldwide network of investigators and security consultants that are among the finest in the world. Many previously served in high-level military and civilian government capacities. Our selective membership is restricted to individuals with extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, or private security. We offer an assortment of diversified services to corporations, law firms, families, individuals and foreign allies. Our operational scope has virtually no geographic boundaries. www.Intellenetwork.org McGovern & Greene is a Chicago & Las Vegas CPA firm specializing in fraud examination, forensic accounting, internal investigations, computer forensics, and asset recovery services. Litigation services include expert witness testimony in financial and accounting matters, electronic discovery, business valuation, financial due diligence and computation of economic damages/lost profits. www.mcgoverngreene.com PATROL WITNESS is the most advanced mobile digital evidentiary recording system for Law Enforcement, featuring front and backseat camera with microphone, wireless audio systems and complete software suite. It is a fully integrated solution in compliance with federal rules of evidence, including chain of custody, and in-car video system under IACP guidelines. The System sends video and audio files to the host computer via wireless networking, or files can be downloaded through a removable hard drive. VIDEO FILE MANAGER has advanced features for video storage and file managing. www.247securityinc.com Professional Investigator Magazine is the bi-monthly trade publication with invaluable information for all professional investigators, including licensed private investigators, and asset recovery, legal and insurance investigators, insurance SIU, paralegals, police detectives and related professionals. It has subscribers in 20 countries. Each issue has featured articles, including a section for the National Association of Legal Investigators and one for the World Association of Detectives. Readers say the ads, which feature information sources and investigative support tools and services, are very valuable. Subscriptions for IAAR members are only $34 per year. Use Code: IAAR www.PIMagazine.com Safety Vision is the leading manufacturer of mobile digital video equipment systems for mission critical installations since 1993. We will be showcasing our full line of products. Information on Safety Vision’s expertise in transit, public safety, police, and pupil transport will be available. www.safetyvision.com 5
  6. 6. The Experts You Will Hear and Meet Bill S. Bradley: FinCEN’s top lawyer helps set rules on disseminating financial intelligence from banks and businesses Chief Counsel of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, U.S. Treasury Department, and a former federal prosecutor, he has extensive experience in all Treasury financial crime fighting and information sharing opera- tions. FinCEN analyzes and disseminates to US law enforcement agencies and, under written agreements, shares with state agencies and those of other countries the financial intelligence and information contained in millions of reporting forms required to be filed by financial institutions and businesses. The forms report suspicious activity, currency transactions, foreign bank accounts, international cash movements and other information. Under its US Bank Secrecy Act powers, FinCEN may require US financial institutions to report on the existence of accounts of individuals and companies. Previously, he served as legal counsel to Treasury’s Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture and as a legal expert to the Financial Action Task Force, in Paris, the international body that promulgates international standards on asset recovery, money laundering and financial crime. Edward H. Davis Jr.: Pursuing corruption loot in distinct legal systems worldwide He has tracked down and recovered stolen and wrongfully-held assets in some of the most notorious fraud and corruption cases of the last decade, involving jurisdictions from Japan and the Caribbean to Latin America and Liechtenstein. He has led teams of lawyers on behalf of countries that were trying to unwind corrupt and fraudu- lent dealings involving public funds. A founding partner of the Miami law firm Astigarraga Davis, he represents corporate and individual victims of fraud as well as financial institutions in creditors’ rights cases, and handles financial investigations, asset tracing and recovery, and litigation. He advises clients, including bank audit committees and other corporate entities, in fraud prevention and crisis response. He also represents financial institutions against borrowers and third parties in cases of fraudulent transfers, commercial loan enforcement, enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments and foreclosures. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Asset Recovery. Cynthia Hetherington: Advanced information and intelligence analysis to unravel complex cases A national expert on online and database research and steganography and cryptography, she is president of the Hetherington Group, a consulting, publishing and training firm. She applies her command of information science to provide strategic insight into complex investigations. She has conducted asset-tracing and recovery investigations for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in the United States, Middle East, Asia and Europe, with notable success in fraud and embezzlement cases. She trains government and military agencies and corporate clients in online investigative and intelligence practices. An adjunct faculty member at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, she teaches cyberterrorism investigation. Widely published, she is author of the Manual to Online Public Records (Facts on Demand Press, 2008), and publisher of Data2know.com: Internet & Online Intelli- gence Newsletter. Previously, she led the corporate strategic intelligence group of Aon Consulting. Charles A. Intriago: Pioneered money laundering publications, certification and now, asset recovery Founder and president of the International Association for Asset Recovery (IAAR) and AssetRecoveryWatch.com, the former federal prosecutor launched Money Laundering Alert in 1989 and later moneylaundering.com. In 2001, he founded the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), the leading internation- al credentialing organization in the field. His companies hosted the most widely attended anti-money laundering conferences in the world. Previously, he was chief counsel of an investigative subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives that oversaw the Justice and Treasury departments, the Federal Reserve, FBI, IRS, DEA and other agencies with asset tracing and recovery operations. He also was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Miami, where he prosecuted corrupt public officials, fraudsters and drug traffickers. As Special Counsel on Organized Crime to the Governor of Florida he wrote the Statewide Grand Jury Law. Born in Ecuador and fluent in Spanish, he later was an equity partner of a large international law firm. Kenneth Krys: Caribbean-based forensic accountant and sleuth for assets around the world A financial investigator and analyst in the Cayman Islands with 20 years of experience in cross-border asset recovery cases throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, he has acted as court fiduciary or directed court- supervised engagements for over 50 business entities. His cases have involved BCCI, where he tracked down money misappropriated to Britain, Switzerland and Pakistan; investigating claims by the US Madoff Trustee for preference and statutory payments; participating as an expert in New York litigation to recover billions of dollars lost in the Refco fraud; assisting the SEC receiver of an insurance company that issued fraudulent policies to Latin American clients; and investigating numerous Cayman financial institutions, from banks to hedge funds, whose assets—both legal and not—were diverted overseas. Credentialed as a chartered accountant, chartered financial analyst, certified fraud examiner and certified anti-money laundering specialist, he is a former chief of compliance for Cayman’s Monetary Authority and sits on a number of regulatory boards there. 6
  7. 7. “Awesome experts with high qualifications -- a major plus -- good job!” Jeff Jourdan Detective, Nevada Department of Public Safety Las Vegas, Nevada USA Courtney J. Linn: Decorated former federal prosecutor, now pursuing fraud proceeds near and far A partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe in Sacramento, California, he advises financial institutions and indi- viduals in regulatory, financial crime and civil matters. He is a national expert on asset recovery and the use of asset recovery laws to secure restitution for fraud victims. In 2008, his last year as a federal prosecutor, he won the U.S. Justice Department’s John Marshall Award, its highest honor for a department attorney. Thanks to the prosecutions he led during his nine years with the department in California he developed expertise in mort- gage fraud and the movement of fraudulently-obtained assets. Notable prosecutions include the Internet fraud case against the principals of the Tri-West Investment Club, which led to convictions and the overseas recovery of $10 million for distribution to the victims. As a prosecutor, he frequently conducted asset tracing, forfeiture and recovery training for investigators and prosecutors. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Asset Recovery. José I. Marrero: From tracking the finances of fraudsters for IRS to doing the same in the private world In a distinguished, long career with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, he ascended the ranks to become deputy director of the division. As a Special Agent and Group Manager, he handled and supervised many com- plex fraud, tax evasion, organized crime and drug trafficking cases with links throughout the world and the United States. He is now a principal of MRW Consulting Group, in Fort Lauderdale, which specializes in forensic accounting, law enforcement management consulting, litigation support, investigation and tax controversies. His services, often enhanced by his accounting background and fluency in Spanish, include assisting US government agencies in identifying, documenting and securing assets for receiverships in health care fraud and money laundering cases involv- ing tens of millions of dollars. His work in these cases, and others for private sector clients, involves tracing and recovering assets concealed by fraudsters and other criminals, including real estate and money and accounts in the United States and overseas. Michael R. McDonald: Distinguished former IRS CI special agent, top AML and asset recovery expert Now principal of Michael McDonald & Associates in Miami, which specializes in anti-money laundering compli- ance and examinations of financial crime controls of institutions and businesses in the banking and money transmitting industries. As an IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent, he helped launch the legendary Opera- tion Greenback in 1980, the first multi-agency anti-money laundering task force, which recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from drug traffickers. He is former coordinator of the South Florida Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. He has testified in many civil and criminal cases and was a “cadre instructor” in the elite Expert Witness Training Program of IRS CI. During his career with IRS CI, he managed and investigated complex cases involv- ing financial crime, organized crime, tax evasion, corruption, Ponzi and other types of fraud. He is Executive Director of the Interna- tional Association for Asset Recovery and a member of its Advisory Board. James McGunn: Using surveillance and undercover ruses to outfox thieves worldwide Director of investigations at Martin Kenney and Co., British Virgin Islands, and an accomplished—and colorful— asset recovery practitioner, he spent 30 years with the U.S. Secret Service, Department of Defense and Agency for International Development, where he investigated fraud in foreign aid programs. His work has routinely taken him on money laundering trails abroad through undercover and surveillance operations, electronic fund traces and ex parte court orders. Investigating one Ponzi scheme in China and the U.K., his team tracked fund trans- fers to third-party accounts in Greece, Vanuatu and Benin. In a case involving transfers from Caribbean islands to 14 countries, he helped a liquidator recover $100 million from fraudsters who built a phony foreign exchange firm and used 70 shell corporations. He once placed undercover operatives on an 18-day South American cruise, where they befriended the defen- dants whose boasting about their laundering prowess led to the stolen loot. David M. Mizrachi: International expert on unmasking fronts and nailing down assets in Panama David M. Mizrachi, founding partner of Panama-based Mizrachi Davarro & Urriola, is a U.S.-trained attorney spe- cializing in asset tracing and recovery. He has served as an expert on Panamanian law in various US states and in Bermuda and the United Kingdom. He is a frequent speaker on asset recovery around the world. Among his cases: helping a foreign court-appointed receiver recover Panamanian assets obtained through a Ponzi scheme, procuring evidence for foreign governments related to securities fraud, enabling a foreign investor to recover monies paid into a Panama-based boiler room, and facilitating recovery of a Panama-registered vessel pledged to a failed Caribbean bank. His firm has obtained ex parte asset freeze orders from Panamanian courts and recently obtained an ex parte order compelling a Panamanian corporation to disclose its owners. He wrote the Panama Section of the FraudNet Compen- dium on Asset Tracing and Recovery (Eric Schmidt Verlag, 2009). 7
  8. 8. “Great networking…speakers are experts with wealth of knowledge (and) very helpful and receptive.” Sammy Pang Special Agent, Drug Enforcement Administration Los Angeles, California USA John J. Murphy: Led NYPD asset recovery and forfeiture to great heights and a national model Principal of Murphy Partners LLC, Wilmington, North Carolina, and an expert in developing and integrating as- set recovery and forfeiture programs, he was Commander of the elite Organized Crime Investigation Division and Asset Forfeiture Unit of the New York City Police Department. Directing 20 teams that conducted com- plex financial investigations, he implemented a widely-praised asset recovery and forfeiture program. He now advises state and local law enforcement agencies on the effective use of asset tracing, recovery and forfeiture to reduce crime and achieve superior results; strategic and ethical approaches to forfeiture; equitable sharing; federal adoption of local cases, and compliance with federal regulations. On behalf of the Justice Department he conducts training throughout the nation for law enforcement personnel and prosecutors on financial investigations, asset forfeiture best practices and related subjects. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Asset Recovery. Bill P. Olsen: Forensic examination and investigative skills let him tackle global fraud and corruption Principal and National Practice leader of Grant Thornton LLP’s Forensic and Investigative Services Practice, for more than 25 years he has devoted his professional work to investigations and fraud examinations. Specializing in the areas of asset tracing, money laundering and corruption worldwide, he has performed and supervised many investigations and examinations into violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, False Claims Act and Bank Secrecy Act. He consults and advises clients on anti-money laundering and anti-corruption poli- cies, procedures and controls, including compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and remediation of compliance problems that companies encounter. A Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Government Financial Manager, earlier in his career he was a Gaming Enforcement Agent with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. A frequent speaker at conferences of the IIA, AICPA and ACFE, he is the principal author of “The Anti-Corruption Handbook,” published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Paul Pelletier: Tenacious pursuer of big investigative targets, who makes them pay The lead prosecutor in the investigation, and indictments, of the alleged $7 billion Ponzi scheme involving Allen Stanford and Stanford International Bank, his high-profile corporate investigations have also included PNC, AIG, General Reinsurance, Enron, Qwest and BP. In 2008 he co-led the team that won convictions of five AIG and Gen Re executives in a $500 million accounting fraud. He was already a seasoned litigator with the Justice Department’s Tax Division when he joined South Florida’s U.S. Attorney’s Office in 1989. He served as deputy chief of the narcotics section, prosecuting sophisticated money laundering enterprises. In 1996 he received the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for smashing a Colombian cartel and seizing $200 million from its leaders. For five years he was chief of economic crimes, specializing in securities, health care and bankruptcy fraud. He helped establish a first-in- the nation health care fraud unit, and was honored in 2003 for securing 28 convictions in a huge case. He returned to Washington in 2002 to work with the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, where he is deputy chief of litigation. Marilyn B. Peterson: Pioneer intelligence analyst and instructor on “counter-threat finance” One of the world’s most highly respected criminal intelligence analysts, she is a widely published authority who spent 25 years in law enforcement, specializing in organized crime, narcotics, fraud, money laundering and corruption. Among the seven books she wrote or edited are authoritative guides to financial analysis of bank records, analyzing Bank Secrecy Act data, counter-threat finance investigations and intelligence-led law enforce- ment. She has been honored with seven analytic awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Certified Criminal Analysts, and the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units Chairman’s Award. She is past presi- dent of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, chair of the International Association for Intelligence Education, founder of the Society of Certified Criminal Analysts and a former regent of the Association of Certified Fraud Examin- ers. She currently is a senior instructor and program manager with a federal agency in Washington, where she is responsible for counter-threat finance intelligence training. James R. Richards: World AML leader, founded bank FIUs, top lecturer on finding Web treasures A widely respected thought-leader in the anti-financial crime field, he oversees the financial intelligence unit, Bank Secrecy Act and money laundering control operations of Wells Fargo in San Francisco. He created the con- cept of in-house financial intelligence units (FIUs) and has long championed the ability of bank FIUs to coordinate company-wide approaches to preventing and controlling money laundering and financial crime through proactive due diligence. He is a former state prosecutor in Massachusetts and served as a top anti-money laundering executive at Bank of America and FleetBoston Financial Group in Boston. A native of Canada, he served as special constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is well-known for his mesmerizing presentations on mining the hidden treasures of the so-called invisible Internet to detect or prevent financial crime. 8
  9. 9. William L. Richey: Pioneering attorney in orchestrating creative multinational asset recovery A pioneer in asset recovery, he represents multinational institutions in finding and recovering stolen assets through innovative legal and equitable tools. Of-counsel to the Florida law firm Gunster Yoakley, he has worked in asset recovery for more than 20 years and has served as lead counsel in many cases, achieving substantial recoveries for clients, many of them financial institutions in Latin America and Europe. In one case in the 1980s representing Swiss Bank Corporation, he brought simultaneous asset freezing actions in five countries. In 2009 he was hired by the trustee in bankruptcy of the Brazilian bank Banco Santos in Sao Paulo to recover more than $1 billion in stolen money. He also represents clients in complex civil and criminal litigation with emphasis on commercial fraud, white collar crime and money laundering. Earlier he served as chief assistant state attorney in Miami under State Attorney Janet Reno, who later became U.S. Attorney General. Alphonse Ristuccia: Untangling a scam that brought in hundreds of millions--and 60 Minutes An expert in global asset recovery, now a partner at Larsen AVR Group in Los Angeles, he spent 22 years with IRS Criminal Investigation, rising to the rank of Supervisory Special Agent. Now a private investigator, he provides investigative support in asset tracing and recovery. His cases involve Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, false vendor schemes, kickbacks, money laundering, manipulation of records and bankruptcy fraud. CBS 60 Minutes featured a telemarketing scam he exposed, which yielded hundreds of millions of dollars. He also inves- tigated a fraud on a South American bank, for which his team hunted down the assets of a Nigerian fraudster. He uses surveillance techniques skillfully, sometimes for up to 15 months nonstop, which has led him to identify property hidden under straw names, in brokerage accounts, and in secret holdings. He testifies frequently, helps lawyers with trial preparation, and speaks regularly at conferences of financial professionals and Intellenet, the respected global association of investigators. Edward Rodriguez: Mining FinCEN and other government data to trace assets Manager of Forensic Accounting and Dispute Support at Watkins Meegan LLC, Bethesda, Maryland, he is an expert on forensic audits and investigations and on U.S. Bank Secrecy Act requirements, including suspicious activity reporting, and Know Your Customer and customer due-diligence procedures. His work involves asset tracing, money laundering, tax matters and financial crime analysis. He advises clients on the IRS Voluntary Dis- closure Program, civil bank fraud analysis, and criminal health care cases. He was a Special Agent and Super- visory Special Agent with IRS Criminal Investigation for more than 20 years, and for five years oversaw the IRS CI money laundering program worldwide. He coordinated 81 IRS CI suspicious activity review teams, served on Justice Department and Treasury Department units on bank, mortgage and check fraud, debit cards and cross-border remittances. He headed the finan- cial section of Justice’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Fusion Center, directing agents and analysts from multiple agencies. Donald C. Semesky: Architect of DEA’s strategic refocus to drug traffickers’ global finances A highly regarded thought-leader in asset recovery and forfeiture enforcement, he spent many years as a Special Agent with IRS Criminal Investigation where he constructed sophisticated cases against financial criminals of all types, including corrupt public officials. In 2003, incoming Drug Enforcement Administrator Karen Tandy brought him to DEA to refocus the agency onto the financial activities of drug traffickers. He founded the DEA Office of Financial Operations, which has achieved dramatic results in the global battle against drug traffickers. He is a strong proponent of strategic asset recovery and forfeiture and of targeting the “command and control nests” of criminal organizations. At DEA he launched initiatives that in 2007 led to the seizure from drug traffickers of $730 million in assets in the U.S. and $1 billion internationally. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Asset Recovery. Steven Yagoda: Frontline financial analyst in top-tier fraud and financial crime cases One of the foremost financial litigation analysts in the United States with more than 30 years of law enforcement experience in fraud investigation and asset recovery with the U.S. Treasury Department, Customs Service and Justice Department. A specialist in the forensic examination of financial documents and tracing of funds, he has conducted hundreds of fraud investigations in the US and other countries involving hundreds of millions of dollars in losses to the government and private victims. He is now with the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, where he has conducted the financial analysis and asset tracing in such high-profile cases as the Marc Dreier, Wextrust, Westgate and WG Trading prosecutions. He was among the first US federal agents to seize correspondent bank accounts under the tough USA Patriot Act provision aimed at those international banking products. He was a charter member of Operation Green Quest, the terrorism financial task force of the US Customs Service formed after 9/11. Five Easy Ways to Register ONLINE MAIL PHONE EMAIL FAX www.assetrecoveryconference.com/ IAAR 305-854-2345, dpelland@iaaronline.org 786-316-0006 registration Rivergate Plaza Ext. 218 or 444 Brickell Ave., Suite 250 800-854-2345, Miami, Florida 33131 USA Ext. 218 9
  10. 10. Conference Program 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM Registration Hours Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM Networking Continental Breakfast in Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 8:45 AM - 9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM General Session: Unleashing the Equitable Powers of Courts to Find and Recover Hidden Assets – Civil Search Warrants, Break and Search Orders and More The equitable powers of a court can put almost on par with government weapons the asset recovery tools that private sector specialists have. These powers are based on the principle that “Where there’s a wrong there’s a remedy, if you come with clean hands.” While prosecutors and law enforcement agents have grand juries, badges and other tools, private sector asset recovery teams have potent weapons that rest with a court of equity. A court can compel disclosure, rewrite contracts, transfer property, require document examinations, and other things. Do you want to bring a proceeding against a fraudster for the wrongful detention of assets? Do you want an order freezing assets to prevent dissipation? Ask for it. In this panel, top experts will show you how to get and use these weapons, how to construct and execute effective civil search warrants, break and search orders, gag and seal orders and other potent tools. Speakers: James McGunn, Bill Richey, Al Ristuccia Moderators: Charles Intriago, Ed Davis 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM General Session: Think Offshore Secrecy Havens Are Impenetrable and Beyond Asset Recovery Reach? “It Ain’t Necessarily So” The UBS case where tens of thousands of US taxpayers were counseled on how to evade US taxes by the huge Swiss bank is symptomatic of the obstacles the 60 secrecy havens present. In nearly every major fraud or case where drug traffickers or corrupt political leaders hide dirty money, a secrecy haven ap- pears. They make it easier for criminals to shield fraud and other criminal proceeds from recovery. But, they are not impenetrable. There are judicial, investigative and other remedies available in many havens that permit lifting of the veil of secrecy, discovery of the true ownership of assets and disclosure of sensitive financial information. Seasoned experts on this panel will show you how to work within the legal frameworks of offshore havens and achieve these things and the measures to use to uncover and recover the proceeds of fraud, corruption, organized crime and other misconduct. Speakers: Ed Davis, Ken Krys, David Mizrachi, Paul Pelletier Moderator: Charles Intriago 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Networking Luncheon 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM General Session: How FinCEN and Bank, Business and Credit Card Records Lead You to Assets and Fronts for Bad Guys There are many sources of valuable financial records and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is near the top of the list. Each year it receives millions of reporting forms from financial institutions, busi- nesses and individuals detailing suspicious activity, large currency transactions, cash receipts by a trade or business, foreign bank accounts, international money movements and other financial intelligence. Financial institutions must also keep many records, such as account statements, wire transfer transactions, signa- ture cards and many others that shed light on assets, beneficial owners and other asset and link-related information. Knowing how to obtain and analyze this data and financial records from banks, securities deal- ers, insurance companies, mutual funds, money transmitters and other businesses is crucial. Except for the Suspicious Activity Report, FinCEN forms may be subpoenaed in civil litigation. In this panel, experts guide you on what lies in these information goldmines and how to use it. Speakers: Bill Bradley, Bill Olsen, Marilyn Peterson, Ed Rodriguez Moderator: Courtney Linn 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM General Session: Using Commodities Flow Analysis, Data Mining, Timelines and Other Tools to Trace The Movement of Value – “Carpe Data” with Technology Computerized tools allow financial investigators and analysts to ‘seize the data’ no matter what the size of the haystack it is hidden in. From data mining to clear graphical presentations, technology can help you win the day. But even the best technology does not eliminate the need for the human brain and analytics skills. They are essential in successful asset identification, tracing and recovery cases. Critical thinking, logic and human analysis are indispensable partners of technology. Led by Marilyn Peterson, the world- renowned pioneer in investigative and intelligence analysis, the experts on this panel show you the range of tools that analyze the movement of commodities and value through formal and informal channels world- wide. From flow-charting to visual analytics to link analysis to timelines, you will learn how these tools help you trace and recover assets. Speakers: Cynthia Hetherington, Marilyn Peterson Moderator: Jim Richards 5:30 PM -7:00 PM Networking Beachside Cocktail Reception 10
  11. 11. 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM Registration Hours Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Concurrent Session 1: Asset Recovery Boot Camp – Tools of the Trade for the Less-Experienced and Refresher for Others Asset training tracing and recovery are like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It can be complex and chal- lenging. It involves gathering the right team members, understanding the targets and their assets and who holds them, determining budgets, modus operandi, playing field and choosing the right tactics and strategy. Whether they arise in the private or public sector, asset recovery cases require the ability to identify, trace, locate and recover assets for your clients, business or your agency. If you are new to asset recovery or want experts to refresh you on the steps that may lead to success, you should not miss this panel. They will walk you through the procedures and legal tools you should follow and use to put your case on sound footing. Instructors: José Marrero, John Murphy, Don Semesky Concurrent Session 2: Asset Tracing and Investigative Techniques Top Investigators and Forensic Accountants Use Recovering assets in civil and criminal fraud and other cases is a learned skill. The adversary has the money and guile to hide them well and use any means to protect them. Knowledgeable forensic accoun- tants and investigators have the best chance of penetrating hiding places, locating assets and uncovering ownership. They know how to review books and records and original entry documents and follow debits and credits. What is a good recovery assessment and how do you determine the likely investigative yield? Are recovery expectations realistic? Does the equity in an asset make it worth seizing and recovering? What methods of financial analysis can best trace assets from illicit activity to acquisition? Here, former federal agents and forensic accountants answer these questions and share priceless guidance with you. Speakers: James McGunn, Al Ristuccia, Steve Yagoda Moderator: Mike McDonald 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Concurrent Session 3: Third parties can make us whole when thief and loot flee? Yes. Are there many? Yes. How do I love deep-pocketed sources of recovery when the thief and loot have fled? Let me count the ways. There are lawyers, banks, CPAs, financial and investment advisers, insurance companies, directors of boards, broker-dealers, feeder funds, hedge funds, gratuitous donees, fraudster-affiliated entities, and fraudulent conveyance recipients. These are persons and entities that sometimes may be forced to make the victims or government whole. Did the criminal rely on them to hide his tracks? Were they willfully blind? Pursuing third-party sources is not easy. They fight vigorously to avoid payment, but the battles can be won. Experts here explain the routes to take and landmines to avoid, how to select the right target and approach, and how to increase your chance of “one-off recovery.” Speakers: Ken Krys, Courtney Linn, Bill Richey Moderator: Charles Intriago Concurrent Session 4: How data, when analyzed, can win your asset recovery case -- The devil is in the details and so is winning Investigative analysts dig deep to find assets your targets have hidden. Crime pays well but you can make the criminal’s profits do a “U-turn” by using the seasoned financial bloodhounds, “Investigative Analysts.” These unsung heroes of asset recovery cases know the devil is in the details and so is winning. Success depends on how data is interpreted. Is a $15 jewelry store credit card charge meaningful? A wise analyst will dig and discover it was to repair a $50,000 diamond bracelet the fraudster bought with cash. Does a restaurant credit card charge really provide many pieces of information that lead to invaluable asset intel- ligence? Here, top experts show you ingenious ways to analyze data to lead you to assets and fronts. This is worth the price of admission. Speakers: Bill Bradley, Marilyn Peterson, Ed Rodriguez Moderator: Jim Richards 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Networking Luncheon 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Concurrent Session 5: Weapons qualification for law enforcement - Sharpening your asset forfeiture marksmanship to succeed more Asset recovery/forfeiture is the most powerful weapon law enforcement can wield to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations. A major byproduct is that assets taken from criminals are turned to law enforce- ment use. To be done correctly, asset recovery must be accompanied by good planning and coordination. Here, experts show you the critical tactical and strategic steps and objectives in asset recovery cases. They will explain the domestic and international challenges facing law enforcement, including recent Supreme Court rulings, and guide you on how to use information and intelligence, which are crucial com- modities. You will learn how drug cartels and other criminal groups are moving their money and what is effective in locating and seizing it. Essential for all law enforcement. Speakers: José Marrero, John Murphy, Paul Pelletier, Don Semesky Moderator: Mike McDonald 11
  12. 12. Concurrent Session 6: Maneuvering cases and moving smartly under the distinct rules in civil law (EU, Latin America, etc.) and common law countries (US, UK, etc.) The world’s nations are divided into two major legal systems, the civil law, or Napoleonic Code, which include the European Union and Latin America, and the common law countries, which consist of the US, UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, English-speaking Caribbean nations and others. The major differences in the systems bear heavily on the flow and outcome of asset recovery cases. Launching a case with contacts in both systems without knowing the rules can be disastrous. Here, experts show you the essential distinctions, the key factors you must weigh and your options. Speakers: Ed Davis, James McGunn, David Mizrachi Moderator: Charles Intriago 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Concurrent Session 7: How to use technology to your advantage and turn information into convincing evidence To tell the full story, financial investigations and asset recovery cases rely on gathering, analyzing, interpreting and preserving vast amounts of data. For this reason, data recovery, computer forensics and other technology have become important tools in combating fraud and financial wrongdoing. Criminals conduct sophisticated electronic transactions and launder the proceeds helped by technology. To trace and recover the assets sophisticated technology of equal or greater capability must be used. Experts will show you technology applications to link analysis, computer forensics, case management, investigations, electronic discovery, and data mining. You will learn how these technologies can advance your cases. Speakers: Ken Krys, Marilyn Peterson, Steve Yagoda Moderator: Jim Richards Concurrent Session 8: Lessons from masters of strategic asset recovery and forfeiture on how to hurt criminal organizations the most Three highly respected asset forfeiture and recovery thought-and-action leaders were instrumental in refocusing the DEA, IRS and NYPD, and causing change in the way things are done to concentrate on the finances of criminal organizations rather than solely on drugs and contraband. They developed strategies that guided their agencies in resisting the temptation to seize any money within reach and to focus on financial infrastructures, command-and-control nests and money flows. And the results proved it. Here, they will teach you how to implement these successful approaches and invaluable lessons that can bring your asset forfeiture program to new levels of productivity and impact on criminal groups. Speakers: Mike McDonald, John Murphy, Don Semesky Moderator: Charles Intriago 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Networking Cocktail Reception in Exhibition Hall Friday, April 16, 2010 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM General Session: Finding asset recovery treasures in the “Invisible” and “Historical” Web A most powerful, underutilized and virtually free asset tracing and recovery investigative weapon lies at the fingertips of every person who seeks vital information in asset recovery cases. Few people know that the World Wide Web has tens of billions of records and images that are not accessible by Google, Bing and other search engines. What the search engines provide is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning how to mine the full expanse of the Web, including its “Historical” and “Invisible” parts, should be an in- dispensable skill in all asset recovery teams. This presentation by Jim Richards, which always gets rave reviews from attendees at our conferences, is worth the price of admission. Speaker: Jim Richards Moderator: Cynthia Hetherington 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM General Session: Turning “Social Network Search” into a great asset tracing and recovery tool- Exploiting the hottest new investigative and analytic weapon The jewel of asset tracing and recovery investigation and analysis today is social network search. Every- one wants to know how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar networks. Unlike public records, which are mainly documents in archives and government offices, public information is the rants and raves of your asset recovery targets through their online social networking. They talk to you via their Tweets or smile at you from their photo diaries or tell you how many friends they have. Many can’t resist bragging online about their assets, business associates or travel. Previously you had to dig through trash or interview friends, neighbors and ex-wives for this information. Now, much of it is at your finger- tips, free. In this groundbreaking panel, a master of social network search, Cynthia Hetherington, shows you how to exploit social networks in your asset recovery investigations, which sites are most produc- tive, and when to use them for maximum yield. Don’t miss this panel. Speaker: Cynthia Hetherington Moderator: Jim Richards 12:15 PM - 12:25 PM Closing Remarks 12
  13. 13. Conference at a Glance Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM Registration Hours 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM Networking Breakfast Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 8:45 AM - 9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM General Session: Unleashing the equitable powers of courts to find and recover hidden assets – Civil search warrants, break and search orders and more 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM General Session: Think offshore secrecy havens are impenetrable and beyond asset recovery reach? “It Ain’t Necessarily So” 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Networking Luncheon 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM General Session: How FinCEN and bank, business and credit card records lead you to assets and fronts for bad guys 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM General Session: Using commodities flow analysis, data mining, timelines and other tools to trace the movement of value – “Carpe Data” with technology 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Networking Beachside Cocktail Reception Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Registration Hours 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Concurrent Sessions 1 & 2: 1: Asset Recovery Boot Camp – Tools of the trade for the less-experienced and refresher for others 2: Asset tracing and investigative techniques top investigators and forensic accountants use 10:15 AM -10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Concurrent Sessions 3 & 4: 3: Third parties can make us whole when the thief and loot flee? Are there many? Yes. Let me count the ways 4: How data, when analyzed, can win your asset recovery case -- The devil is in the details and so is winning 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Networking Luncheon 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Concurrent Sessions 5 & 6: 5: Weapons qualification for law enforcement -- Sharpening your asset forfeiture marksmanship to succeed more 6: Maneuvering cases and moving smartly through the distinct rules in civil law and common law countries 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Concurrent Sessions 7 & 8: 7: How to use technology to your advantage and turn information into convincing evidence 8: Lessons from masters of strategic asset recovery and forfeiture on how to hurt criminal organizations the most 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Networking Cocktail Reception in Exhibition Hall Friday, April 16, 2010 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Networking Continental Breakfast in Exhibition Hall Courtesy of PCG Consultants 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM General Session: Finding asset tracing and recovery treasures in the “Invisible” and “Historical” Web 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibition Hall 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM General Session: Turning “Social Network Search” into a great asset tracing and recovery tool - Exploiting the hottest new investigative and analytic weapon 12:15 PM - 12:25 PM Closing Remarks 13
  14. 14. Payment of Fees and Expenses by Registration Information Government Employees Registration Fees the conference, it does not accept responsibility The maximum registration fee for the entire confer- for airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by the Because our ence for IAAR members is $1,195 and $1,495 for registrants. Speakers and program are subject to conference non-IAAR members. Government employees who change. provides training are IAAR members pay a maximum of $895. Gov- Schedule a Meeting for Bigger Savings on asset forfeiture ernment non-IAAR members pay $1,195. Special If you schedule a meeting of your organization or and recovery, Early Bird prices apply during the months leading multi-agency group and bring your group to the government to the conference. Please check www.assetrecov- conference, all of you get big discounts on meet- employees at all eryconference.com/registration for the registra- ing rooms and registration. We’ll help you with the levels may pay tion fees that apply to you. This price includes the logistics and details. Call 877-854-2345, Ext. 218. fees and expenses breakfasts, two luncheons, refreshment breaks, from equitably Continuing Education Credits two cocktail receptions, and the Conference Book shared and other Participants can receive the following continuing and CD-ROM and practice information from our forfeiture funds. education credits for participation in this confer- sponsors and exhibitors. U.S. Justice and ence. For credits not listed here, please contact Treasury Depart- Group Discounts us at info@iaaronline.org to request credits, or ment “Guides” The third and subsequent persons from the same view our updated listing online at www.assetrecov- say payment for organization or agency receive a $100 discount eryconference.com/ce. such training is if they register at the same time. Greater, sub- stantial discounts are available for more than 10 Continuing Legal Education (CLE): We offer CLE “Permissible, Pre- attendees from the same organization. Please credits from most states in the United States. To Approved” and call Debbie Pelland at 305-854-2345, Extension request a CLE credits please contact Emily Pea- “Priority.” (Contact 218 for details. All registration fees must be paid cock at 305-854-2345, Ext. 214. Debbie Pelland at 305-854-2345, before admission to the conference. Continuing Professional Education (CPE): Attendees Ext. 218 or Cancellation Policy can receive CPE credits for attending dpelland@ If you are unable to attend the conference for any this conference. IAAR is registered iaaronline.org reason after you have registered, you must inform with the National Association of State to receive the us in writing via fax or mail. If you cancel between Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a guides.) February 26, 2010 and April 6, 2010, a full refund sponsor of continuing professional education on the less a $150 administrative fee will be issued. No National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of refunds or credits will be given for cancellations accountancy have final authority on the acceptance received after April 6, 2010. Substitutions for of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints registered attendees are permitted but must be regarding registered sponsors may be addressed received in writing. If for any reason IAAR cancels to: National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 Fourth 14
  15. 15. Ave. North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417. one night’s deposit at the time of reservation to Stay Longer Phone: 615-880-4200. Web: www.nasba.org guarantee their reservation. Following the l You must be registered for the conference to Certified Specialist in Asset Recovery (CSAR) conference, you The International Association for Asset Recovery book your room at the Eden Roc. can stay and l These discounted rates are part of a limited will deliver the first CSAR exam in late 2010. To be enjoy four beauti- certified, an individual will need sufficient experi- room block on a first-come, first-served basis. ful pools at the l Attendees must reserve their rooms before ence and education to demonstrate competency. historic, beachfront Those requirements have not been set at the date March 25, 2010 to guarantee these rates. Eden Roc or take of the printing of this brochure. However, this con- Conference CD and Book a chaise lounge ference will qualify for at least 10 units of Asset The Conference CD and Book include original pa- to the beach and Recovery Training which can be applied toward the pers and slides from the speakers, special materi- watch the waves education requirements. als from the editors of AssetRecoveryWatch.com roll in at the same Venue and Hotel Reservations and vast resources that will help you in your work, discounted rates Eden Roc Hotel, A Marriott Renaissance Hotel whether you work in the private or public sectors. for the weekend 4525 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140 USA Exhibiting and Sponsoring following the Phone: 305-531-0000, Fax : 305-674-5555 If your company or firm would like to be a confer- conference until Toll-free: 800-319-5354 ence sponsor or exhibitor, or you know of a com- April 18. You can pany or firm that would benefit from these oppor- taste the culinary The historic renovated beachfront Eden Roc Hotel tunities, contact Lanny Morris at 305-854-2345, excellence at the in Miami Beach embraces its role as a timeless Ext. 805 or by email at lmorris@iaaronline.org. Gia Italian Kitchen treasure, yet welcomes guests with a gracious and Wine Bar, the new contemporary spirit. Guests can enjoy spa- No one may distribute any promotional or other Cabana Beach cious rooms and suites at this exclusive Miami materials at the conference without approval by Club or Lobby Bar. Beach landmark. the International Association for Asset Recovery. The Eden Roc This spectacular venue is just 20 minutes east Special Needs also offers fitness of the Miami International Airport and 30 minutes If you have special needs that may affect your center facilities south of the Fort Lauderdale International Air- participation in the conference, please contact and spa services. It port. Many popular discount carriers fly into both Customer Service at 305-854-2345, Ext. 218; or is only 10 minutes airports. by fax at: 786-316-0006. from world-famous Discounted Room Rates Attire South Beach. There are a limited number of rooms available at Business casual attire is appropriate for all confer- $119 per night for attendees with a valid govern- ence sessions and functions. ment-issued ID from any agency in any country, and Incorrect Mailing Information $179 per night for attendees in the private sector. If you would like to update your information or l These special rates are subject to applicable be removed from our mailing list, please contact state and local taxes (currently 13%). Customer Service at 305-854-2345, Ext. 218; or l Attendees must submit a credit card number or by fax at 786-316-0006. 15
  16. 16. 2010 International Asset Recovery Conference Mastering the Tools of Asset Recovery in Post-Madoff Times Wednesday to Friday, April 14-16, 2010 | Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach USA | Presented by Five Easy Ways to Register ONLINE MAIL PHONE EMAIL FAX www.assetrecoveryconference.com/ IAAR 305-854-2345, dpelland@iaaronline.org 786-316-0006 registration Rivergate Plaza Ext. 218 or 444 Brickell Ave., Suite 250 800-854-2345, Miami, Florida 33131 USA Ext. 218 REGISTRATION FORM ¨ Register me for the 2010 Asset Recovery Conference at a fee of $1,495 ($1,195 for IAAR members). Government Persons in employees pay $1,195 ($895 for IAAR members). Early Bird fees listed below apply if you pay by the stated deadlines. Government (Third or more persons from the same organization each get a $100 discount if they register at once.) Service $200 Savings $150 Savings Through February 28 March 1- March 31 Regular Price Payment of conference IAAR Member $995 $1,045 $1,195 fees and expenses from “equitably shared” Non-IAAR Member $1,295 $1,345 $1,495 forfeiture funds for this Government IAAR Member $695 $745 $895 asset forfeiture training Government Non-IAAR Member $995 $1,045 $1,195 are “permissible, pre- ¨ I cannot attend but inform me of future events and add me to your mailing list. approved” and “priority” expenditures, accord- 1) Name Title ing to U.S. Justice and Treasury Department Email (please include) Telephone “guides” (See Page 14.) 2) Name Title Email (please include) Telephone 3) Name Title Email (please include) Telephone Agency or Organization Address City State ZIP/Zone Country Telephone Fax Method of Payment ¨ Payment enclosed (payable to IAAR) ¨ Bill my organization, Purchase Order # ¨ Charge my credit card (circle one) American Express Diners Club Discover MasterCard Visa Credit Card # Expiration Date Card Verification # (3-4 digits from back of card) Name on Card (use block letters) Signature Billing address if different from yours. Include City, State, Zip and Country 8MX101 Mailroom: Please forward to head of litigation, forensics, investigations or analysis, if undeliverable to addressee. IAAR Rivergate Plaza 444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 250 Miami, Florida 33131 USA