Magento Website Development and Customization Services


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For building a best-of-its-kind store, Magento enterprise-class eCommerce platform is being widely recommended. Citytech Software Private Limited ( offer the finest Magento Customization Service which you can verify from their client portfolio.

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Magento Website Development and Customization Services

  1. 1. Magento is the most flexible enterprise solution. Why should you go for Magento Custom option for your online enterprise?
  2. 2. There are lots of reasons to embrace Magento Enterprise-class Ecommerce Platform/Shopping Cart Platform as your own. Here are a few of them.      Versatile & flexible Open-source eCommerce Solution High-performance & Scalable Solution Allow addition of custom functionalities Allow integration of best-of-breed enterprise systems
  3. 3. There are many more striking features than them! To enjoy their benefits, you need to opt for the Magento Customization Service.
  4. 4. Magento Custom option offers more benefits, specified features’ integration, & better control over online store! Magento Solutions Development team at Citytech Software brings them, as well as more of them.
  5. 5.  Multi store facility creation to manage multiple store from one location.  3rd Party tools integration as per API.  Major Payment gateway integration.  SEO-friendly feature integration.  Cost as per your budget.  Exact turnaround time for project completion.
  6. 6. Are there any interesting work features that Citytech Software Magento Customization Service team has provided?       Turkish payment gateway integration (found as first time in the world). Colour swatch extension for product with custom option. Ajax based layered navigation. Implementation of one-step checkout functionality. Implementation of multi-vendor & drop-ship features. Development of multi-domain via single admin.
  7. 7. Among lots of completed projects by Magento Custom service team at Citytech Software, few of them are being named here.         Forever Redwood Tatoospotter Ideal Chemist Supestore Agroterra Design Pretty Pet Care & Safety DoctorEd
  8. 8. What Magento Custom features put into it?        Customized Magento Enterprise version Ajax shopping cart Customized simple configurable products Highly customized one step checkout Dynamic option and price change One click product configurable functionality Ability to change custom options in the shopping cart.  Customized product view grid in the admin panel  Ability to edit customer information from the backend order without recreating the order
  9. 9. What unique features Citytech Magento Custom service development team brought into it?     Design and template customization Integration of zoom facility with copy-proof security Development of mass payment module with PayPal Addition of new report for better analysis of sales
  10. 10. How did Citytech Magento Customization service team make it distinctive?  Multiple fulfilment centres  Patient Module- ability to upload own prescription, a customer can create multiple patient, customer can add multiple items for different patient through one order.  Two step filtering, pre-process and doctor level approval before actual order processing  Doctor module, with a separate back end for verifying patient’s prescriptions and approve orders
  11. 11. Check out features that Citytech Magento Customization team put into it.  Multi vendor and Multi store site for separate backend for each vendor  Ajax shopping cart  Custom shipping module  Order split up functionality based on the vendor.
  12. 12. Discover distinctive features which Citytech Magento Custom development team introduced into it?  Integration and customization of dropship  Detailed Subscription Management  Multilingual front end.
  13. 13. How did Citytech Magento developers make this store pretty?  Custom theme implementation  Payment gateway integration
  14. 14. How has this store been made different with Magento custom feature integration?     Custom theme creation. Wholesaler registration and price levels Blog implementation Custom module for managing News
  15. 15. Which features of Magento Customization Service by Citytech has turned this store out-of-the-box?  Realex payment gateway implementation  Pre-process module and Doctor module for order  Questionnaire module implementation for Order  Login as customer from admin
  16. 16. Get your store built in Magento in your own way! If it has to be Enterprise Edition, Citytech Magento Customization team is here to offer it. So, do they for Community Edition!
  17. 17.     To get on-time delivery To enjoy dedicated service To have a store that stands out in the millions To have your store developed by a prestigious partner of Microsoft, AspDotNetStorefront, Kentico, and more You must have to contact Citytech Software Private Limited.