ecommerce add-ons, plugins and web part utility tools to improve user experience


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Running an eCommerce store involves huge responsibilities as if they tend to go on endlessly, often causing errors and messes. They happen due to the fact that none of the web technologies are sufficient to accomplish all jobs, like monitoring which items sold or in abandoned cart, or tracking every item movement and giving analytic reports. By adding extra eCommerce tools, store managers can have these jobs performed automatically. As a result, they get relief from sizable hassles. Note that each add-on has its compatibility with specified web technology. Learn about them on

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ecommerce add-ons, plugins and web part utility tools to improve user experience

  1. 1. Do you own an e-commerce website?
  2. 2. Does it have tools to AUTOMATE site’s administrative works?
  3. 3. Without power of automation, your store is like a toothless jaw.
  4. 4. Add tools/plugins to streamline & gear up those administrative activities…….
  5. 5. These tools/plugins are known as ecommerce tools.
  6. 6. Ecommerce tools are meant to minimize hassles of site administration.
  7. 7. Each ecommerce tool has its own functionality & adaptability.
  8. 8. For instance, Magento Promo Popup.
  9. 9. Magento Promo Popup is adaptable with Magento web technology.
  10. 10. Use this Magento add-on to promote a product/event and also introduce new product/event, automatically.
  11. 11. Marketing space capacity on a webpage is fully utilized by this Promo Popup ecommerce add-on.
  12. 12. Each ecommerce add-on is adaptable with defined technology.
  13. 13. Explore 5 important web technologies widely used to build ecommerce sites.
  14. 14. Citytech Software offers plenty of useful ecommerce plugins applicable for all these 5 web technologies.
  15. 15. Browse across to see them.
  16. 16. Pick any ecommerce add-ons which are adaptable and seem to be useful for your store.
  17. 17. For stores built in AspDotNetStorefront
  18. 18. For stores built in Magento
  19. 19. For SharePoint portals and sites
  20. 20. For websites built in Kentico
  21. 21. Social Media plugin
  22. 22. Ecommerce stores involve huge tasks- monitoring, analyzing, reporting, and so forth!
  23. 23. Automating them means less of hassle.
  24. 24. Install add-ons as per your requirements and web technology.
  25. 25. Experience the magic of automation at the ecommerce plugin integration & score high.
  26. 26. Want to learn more of the ecommerce web part utility tools?
  27. 27. Connect with us at
  28. 28. Our Address: Citytech Software JLT Unit 708, Jumeirah Bay Tower, Plot No. X3, Jumeirah Lake, Dubai UAE Dial: +971 44205486 Fax: +971 44204854