Letters (Tweets) to a Future Medical Designer


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Here are slides adapted for a webinar that I just gave for the Innovation Learning Network. Special thanks to my chair Valerie Castle and colleagues at the School of Art and Design (Dean Guna Nadarajan, Matt Kenyon, John Marshall)!

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  • How many doctors are out there?
  • Slow transition
  • I MADE SOMe prototypes with my first design experiments but the other thing I learned to do this year is learn to see like a designer. And again, this transformation, was again mediated by
  • More insights on the process as I am still trying to figure this all out.
  • More insights on the process as I am still trying to figure this all out.
  • http://milkweedmama7.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-mothers-day.html
  • http://milkweedmama7.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-mothers-day.html
  • money
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  • small, mixed groups (patients, clinicians, and designers) to identify as many potential problems from the composite, network map as possible in a short amount of time
  • money
  • https://medium.com/art-of-product-design/180e7df0b5c5
  • Letters (Tweets) to a Future Medical Designer

    1. 1. Letters (“Tweets”) to a Future Medical Designer Joyce Lee, MD, MPH Twitter: @joyclee
    2. 2. Folk in black turtlenecks and designer glasses working on small things like the iWatch This is a medical designer
    3. 3. “A pediatric endocrinologist who spends her days seeing patients in clinic and writing grants & papers that no one will ever read?” This is a medical designer? No black turtleneck? No designer glasses?
    4. 4. With the current state of healthcare, everyone needs to be a medical designer
    5. 5. Design = Change
    6. 6. I believe that it can
    7. 7. My medical design journey started by learning to see like a designer
    8. 8. Go to this link for my slides and video from the 2013 @CuspConference http://goo.gl/IVeuqn
    9. 9. The next part of my design journey was much colder (#polarvortex) but helped me figure out what a designer does
    10. 10. I have been using design thinking to figure out how to do design thinking! (now that’s #meta)
    11. 11. Letter to a Future “Medical Designer”
    12. 12. No actually, a series of
    13. 13. These are my “Medical Designer” discoveries
    14. 14. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    15. 15. Enroll in online courses
    16. 16. Read lots of books and tweet about what you read
    17. 17. I tweet using the hashtag #designthinking #adventure Join me!
    18. 18. Follow Designers on Twitter
    19. 19. Crowdsource!
    20. 20. Find Design Resources!
    21. 21. Blog about design! https://medium.com/@joyclee/
    22. 22. http://goo.gl/92zOIz
    23. 23. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    24. 24. Medicine is a culture of permission, but design can change that http://goo.gl/GQwTLe
    25. 25. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    26. 26. You don’t have to be Chief Innovation Officer; as a clinician you design every day http://goo.gl/C5dqcV
    27. 27. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    28. 28. All you need is a piece of paper! I swear I didn’t pay anyone to write this. However, this wasn’t a successful prototype because it didn’t give me the feedback I needed
    29. 29. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    30. 30. Post-its on the wall in the clinic hallway also failed
    31. 31. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    32. 32. Meet Trevor, who has type 1 diabetes and has a cool video Diabetesevangelist.com
    33. 33. I found him on Twitter to let him know I liked his video
    34. 34. This is the serendipity of Twitter We now co-design for kids with diabetes
    35. 35. He helped me find the right words and sense of humor
    36. 36. Let the experts (our patients) teach other patients http://goo.gl/bCjGg0
    37. 37. http://goo.gl/XDgxmi Check out this prototype inspired by B’s videos
    38. 38. Timestamp and document the patient journey
    39. 39. I don't feel like getting yelled at today he makes me feel stupid Collect artifacts
    40. 40. “Don't cry (says a boy to his mom)” Be a fly on the wall
    41. 41. Find out how long it really takes to download meter data
    42. 42. Yes it’s complicated. (meter cords for all the different meters; who has the time or energy?)
    43. 43. And it takes forever even if you do find the right cord!
    44. 44. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    45. 45. I love working with Matt Kenyon and John Marshall from the School of Art and Design (Thanks to Dean Nadarajan for the introductions!)
    46. 46. http://goo.gl/DjQsjN
    47. 47. http://healthdesigncupid.us/ Please join!
    48. 48. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    49. 49. Turn committee work…
    50. 50. Into a series of Design Workshops! Thx Dr. Castle for your support!
    51. 51. “Medical Designer” Discovery
    52. 52. I repeat!
    53. 53. To make sure you are solving the right problem
    54. 54. The FINAL “Medical Designer” Discovery
    55. 55. http://goo.gl/ifW8Et
    56. 56. “Medical Doctors (and all healthcare providers) are Medical Designers”
    57. 57. In addition to these tools,
    58. 58. These design tools are just as essential to an “MD”
    59. 59. Thanks to the Innovation Learning Network for this opportunity! Twitter: @joyclee Blog: https://medium.com/@joyclee Website: http:// www.doctorasdesigner.com/ Thanks to: Valerie Castle, Ram Menon, John Marshall, Matt Kenyon, Guna Nadarajan, Gary Freed, Sarah Clark, Matthew Davis B, S, and E