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With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry Joyce Michel's ideas for new products have generated over $476M annually in sales, industry wide for new product categories according to NPD figures.

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Joyce Michel Portfolio

  1. 1. J O Y C E M I C H E L NEW YORK
  2. 2. J O Y C E M I C H E L NEW YORK Mission Statement: To invent, patent, license and market innovative consumer products that have mass market potential.
  3. 3. Joyce Michel CEO/President: Has twenty three years of experience as an inventor, product developer, and designer. Michel Licensing Inc.: Established 1993, conceptualized and designed new products for Fortune 500/7th Avenue design companies which will be seen on the following pages. Total annual sales: Innovative products conceptualized and designed by Joyce Michel and Michel Licensing Inc., generated $497 million dollars in 2002. These products had not existed prior to their introduction into the market place by the following companies. Joyce Michel’s ideas have been adopted by hundreds of manufacturers and have become worldwide product categories.
  4. 4. JOYCE MICHEL Case Studies •  Donna Karan Legwear •  Donna Karan Fragrance •  Grand Imports Light Weight Hikers •  Joyce Michel Legwear for Home Shopping Network •  DuPont Leggings •  Kate Spade Linens •  Joyce Michel for Absolut Vodka NEW YORK
  5. 5. Donna Karan Project Goal: Design “New and different” products. Concept: Donna Karan Legwear. Problem: Existing control top pantyhose stylelines end at the top of the thigh, thus accentuating an area that is large on most women.
  6. 6. Donna Karan Body Toners ® Solution: Bodyshaper pantyhose with style lines elongated to mid-thigh. Original sketch by Joyce Michel 1987 Donna Karan Body Toner® product 1991
  7. 7. Annual Revenues* Shaper Legwear Category •  Donna Karan: $5.6 million, 2002. •  Bodyshapers were introduced as a new product category in 1991 by Donna Karan. They quickly became the hottest and fastest growing category of legwear worldwide. •  United States sales of shaper legwear has averaged $300 million annually since 1991. *Sales in millions, source NPD Fashionworld Point of Sales
  8. 8. DKNY Fragrance Project Goal: To create a fragrance line for Donna Karan that would fit her image. Concept: Utilized New York City skyline as inspiration for fragrance packaging for the DKNY brand.
  9. 9. DKNY Fragrance Solution: The “ Fragrance City” designed and copyrighted by Joyce Michel in 1987. Original sketch by Joyce Michel 1987 DKNY fragrance introduced 1999
  10. 10. Annual Revenues* DKNY Fragrance 1st 3 years. •  DKNY Men’s $28 million. •  DKNY Women’s $46 million. *Sales in millions, source Euromoniter
  11. 11. Grand Imports Project Goal: Create new category of men’s footwear. Problem: Traditional hikers were heavy, “old” looking and not functional for city dwellers.
  12. 12. Grand Imports Light Weight Hiker Solution: •  “Marry” a traditional Austrian hiker with an athletic shoe. •  A new category of footwear was created named “Light Weight Hikers”, introduced by Grand Imports, that were adopted industry wide for both men and women. Original sketch by Joyce Michel 1989 Light Weight Hiker 1990
  13. 13. Annual Revenues* Light Weight Hikers •  Men’s Light Weight Hikers were introduced into the market place by Grand Imports in 1990. In the ensuing years revenues reached half a billion dollars in annual sales. •  Revenues for men’s and women’s Light Weight Hikers in 2002 were $181 million. *Source: NPD Fashionworld Point of Sales industry wide.
  14. 14. Joyce Michel Project Goal: • To create a “systemic” change in the way legwear is packaged, organized, marketed and sold by partnering with DuPont and Home shopping Network to create the Joyce Michel Lycra 3-D line of legwear. Hosiery Problems: • Difficult to organize in a drawer. • Confusing to shop for in a hosiery department. • Hard to differentiate between different product types in a drawer. • When it runs there is a “crisis”.
  15. 15. Joyce Michel Legwear Solutions: A “systemic” solution to all consumer problems was conceptualized and designed. New technology, new packaging, new organization, and new methods of marketing and buying were created that revolutionized how legwear is marketed and sold. All aspects of consumer’s problems were embraced in the solution. Slogan: “Stop hosiery from running your life.”® Hosiery “before” drawer. Hosiery “after” drawer.
  16. 16. Actual and Projected Revenues* Joyce Michel Legwear Home Shopping Network •  $2.5 million in legwear sales 1996. •  $5 million in legwear sales 1997. •  Projected $5 million in Joyce Michel shaper sales 1997. •  Projected $7.5 million Joyce Michel Lycra 3D legging sales 1997. *Source: Home Shopping Network
  17. 17. DuPont Project Goal: Design and develop new categories of leggings for DuPont presentations to JC Penny and Liz Claiborne in order to create new lines of leggings that utilized Lycra® brand spandex. Problem: Most leggings sold at retail consisted of a single silhouette, a tight fitting one, which was being worn as RTW and in the gym.
  18. 18. DuPont Missy “new” Legging Categories Solution:: Through creative research and design Michel Licensing Inc. exploded leggings into dozens of different legging categories for missy and junior customers. Project Included: • Conceptualization, design and flat sketches for new categories of leggings including “everyday basic”, “lite”, “relaxed”, “performance”, and “sculptured” types. •  Stirrups, slim pants and bike short silhouettes were also included in each “new” category developed. • One-hundred and fifty samples of leggings were purchased at retail which were used by DuPont as fabric development ideas for US fabric mills. • A written report on trends at retail, including color and forecasting information, was also included for the manufacturers. Evening Wear Maternity Wear Weekend Wear Career Knits Active Wear Leggings BEFORE
  19. 19. DuPont Junior “new” Legging Categories Solutions continued: • Expanded the deginition of leggings to make commercial sense for manufacturers. • Conceptualized and designed different suggested solutions, Career, Weekend Wear, Knits, Eveningwear, Back-To-School and PJ’s. • Illustrated product categories. Back-To-School Softwear Knits Weekend Wear “PJ” Active Wear Evening Wear Leggings BEFORE
  20. 20. DuPont “Updates” 1997 Project Result: • Concepts and designs by Michel Licensing Inc., of new missy and junior products in 1995 were very successful and still being utilized in 1996. • Dupont requested a project update in 1997 in order to be able to continue using the information in presentations to manufacturers. “Missy” “Junior”
  21. 21. Kate Spade Project Goal: Conceptualize, design and “position” the Kate Spade line of linens for Spring Mills. Concept: Incorporate design influences from Kate Spade’s line of handbags and showroom into a distinctive line of linens.
  22. 22. Solution: Kate Spade Linens • Eight distinctive beds were designed which included design influences from Kate Spade’s existing lines of products. • Three sets of sheets, shams, Euro shams, bolster pillows, dust ruffles, duvet covers, boudoir pillows, and conversational pillows were designed and had accompanying specification sheets. • Original Kate Spade trims and closures, inspired by the handbags, were designed to be included in the groups. Modrian Palm Beach
  23. 23. Kate Spade Linens Bamboo Baldwin Revisited
  24. 24. Kate Spade Linens The Kate Spade Linens Collection won the Elle Décor International Design Award for Best New Line of Linens in 2004.
  25. 25. Annual Projected Revenues* Kate Spade Linens •  $100 million dollars, Kate Spade Linens in 2003. *Projected Sales in millions, Spring Mills.
  26. 26. Absolut Vodka Project Goal: Joyce Michel was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design products for fashion ad campaigns that promoted Absolut Vodka. Concept: To design “Western” influenced cowboy boots that utilized all types of Absolut Vodka.
  27. 27. Result: Four pairs of Absolut boots by Joyce Michel and Donna Cullen were commissioned by Absolut in 1991. Absolut Boots by Joyce Michel and Donna Cullen Original sketch Absolut Vodka Original sketch Absolut Citron Original sketch Absolut Vodka Original sketch Absolut Peppar
  28. 28. Result: ABSOULT MICHEL AND CULLEN ad 1991, GQ and Details magazines.
  29. 29. Absolut Boots and Coat by Joyce Michel 1991: The success of the men’s ad resulted in the commission of garments for a woman’s ad. Original sketch Absolut Coat
  30. 30. Result: 1991 ABSOLUT MICHEL ad Vanity Fair magazine, a Navajo woven coat.
  31. 31. Absolut Book The Absolut Michel and Cullen and Absolut Michel ads were featured in the Absolut Book.
  32. 32. Excerpts from the Absolut Book pages 115 and 117.
  33. 33. Excerpt from the Absolut Book, page 121.
  34. 34. Cowboy Boot Book The Absolut Boots were included in The Cowboy Boot Book by Tyler Beard and Jim Arndt in 1992.
  35. 35. Excerpts: The Cowboy Boot Book, pages 134 and 141. Native Frenchman Michel Roux, president and C.E.O. of Absolut Vodka and patron for over three hundred artists and designers who have worked for Absolut with Joyce Michel, designer of the Absolut cowboy boots. One of the four amazing boots made by Dave Little for Absolut Vodka’s National advertising, 1991. Designed by Joyce Michel and Dana Cullen, New York City.
  36. 36. J O Y C E M I C H E L NEW YORK For further information contact: Joyce Michel CEO/President Michel Licensing Inc. 200 East 87th Street 19th Floor New York, NY 10128 212.996.2854/ Fax 996.2854 E-mail:
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