JCOM PR/Marketing&Biz Dev Medical and Healthcare clients


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Joyce Schwarz provides a quick overview of medical and health clients she and her firm JCOM Marketing/PR and Business Development have served in the past decade. For more information email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com or call 310-822-3119 and follow on www.twitter.com/joycecom and look at www.jcombusinessdevelopment.com and www.joycecom.com and ask to connect on Linkedin and on facebook

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JCOM PR/Marketing&Biz Dev Medical and Healthcare clients

  1. 1. www.jcombusinessdevelopment.com , 310-822-3119,joyceschwarz@gmail.com @joycecom and @startup50plus.comHEALTHCARE. MEDICAL anddigital and mobile health portfolioof expertiseHAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: Researched,created (writing and strategy), produced Telly award winning TV commercials, radiospots and public service and family outreach campaign. Website development anddigital media creation.iLoop Mobile Health Apps/Healthcare Division-- launched first interactive apps in 2005 at DEMO MOBILE and worked to developproof of concept presentations for medical practices, healthcare retail and mobilehealth.Association of Orthodontists: national conference programplanning, opening ceremonies/event video presentation, KHET (PBS) tie-in state ofthe art in next-gen technology TV special. HOTLINE TO BUSINESS interactive TVprogram in association with Bank of Hawaii, Department of Health and GovernorsOffice
  2. 2. Stress Reduction and Phobia Institute: internationallaunch marketing and PR campaign, press and promotional kit, client welcomepackages, interactive audio series, Podcasts and arranged more than 75 national TV/radio show interviews. US Navy Stress reduction programs/biofeedbackprogramming.UC School of Optometry: Capital campaign/mobile vision clinic,Eyewear Center, marketing, sponsorship, fundraising presentations, video seriesdevelopment (produce and write), healthcare community outreach and advisoryboard consultation.Contra Costa Health Center: branding, HMO health industryrelations, public relations, press relations, spokesperson training and interactiveeducational training display unit (development)AT&T Enhanced 911 Emergency Services Public Service Electroniccampaign (TV, Radio, Online) AT&T EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUIDE CREATIONCHILDRENS MIRACLE NETWORK TELETHON andChildrens Hospital of Orange County outreach program/promotional materials,posters, promotional items sponsored by Weinerschnitzel. Top Dog Kids events.
  3. 3. Thorburn Chiropractic Center: branding and tie in with advanceholistic modalities including but not limited to acupuncture, massage and Yoga.Named Top to 10 Doctors San Fernando Valley.Zen Reflexology Spa & center branding, design, promotionalservices, press relations, website and digital media development and customeracquisition SEO and joint-venture campaign with YELP (named top ReflexologyCenter in West Los Angles.Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Professional and B2B: Promotions/Healthcare and Doctors Seminars/tradeshow promos & regionaltraining programs/videos and reference portal development.DARE PROGRAM -- anti-drug campaign with Harlem Globe Trotters andfundraiser Long Beach, CASan Francisco General Trauma Center Video TrainingSeries and PSA (Public Service Announcement) award winning with Dr. DonaldTrunkey -- nationally acclaimed Trauma Care pioneer.MISS FITNESS AMERICA National Contest and community outreachprograms tied in with ESPN Sports and Cable Health Channels. Spokespersontraining, public relations, press relations, video development and posters/flyers andlocal events featuring Laurie Donnelly Miss Fitness America.
  4. 4. ANTI-TAMPERING PACKAGING campaign, book tie-in, Universityseminar trainings: strategy, positioning, TV interviews/news alerts andPSYCHOLOGY TODAY excerpts & public events programming.Association of Poison Control Centers andHonolulu Poison Control Center: rebranding, tie in with pressrelations and social and mobile media updates.