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Early Draft www.startup50plus.com contact joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com

Early Draft www.startup50plus.com contact joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com



Startup50plus.com has been described as the Ycombinator for seasoned execs. It is the world's only business accelerator where one founder must be over age fifty. ...

Startup50plus.com has been described as the Ycombinator for seasoned execs. It is the world's only business accelerator where one founder must be over age fifty.

Cash in on $11 Trillion in retirement funds by rolling your IRA or 401K into a startup for people of all ages (content/services do not have to be aimed at seniors or boomers)
Looking for partners, alliances, mentors and sponsors and of course funding -- Founder Joyce Schwarz has launched (advised on go-to-market strategy, posiitioning and corporate deals for more than 79 early stage venture funded startups ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com -- she also brings to her clients a dozen years as a top VP for ad agencies like Foote Cone & Ogilvy and award winning experience introducing products from major brands like American Airlines, AT&T, Pacbell, Qualcomm and more --see www.jcombusinessdevelopment or call her at 310-822-3119



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Early Draft www.startup50plus.com contact joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com Early Draft www.startup50plus.com contact joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com Presentation Transcript

  • STARTUP50PLUS.com The world’s first and only start-up business accelerator and Center for Recareering for the 79 million Baby Boomers. Launched to cash in on $11 Trillion in retirement funds. Demonstrating that cross-generational workplaces are the best way to fuel the future of small business.
  • More Rockstar then Rocking Chair
  • STARTUP50PLUS.com WHAT IS IT?  Accelerating growth of startup companies where at least one co-founder is over age 50 Note companies do not have to target the boomer market at all .  Startup50plus has been called a “YCOMBINATOR for the 50 plus crowd”. See: www.ycombinator.com if you don’t know how successful they’ve been in Northern California in launching new companies with Generation Y  STARTUP50PLUS.com –is delving into creating a cross-generational workplace that proves that that peach fuzz and gray hairs do mix!
  • WHY?    $11 Trillion in retirement funds;more than $500 Million turning over annually? 54 percent of self-employed workers are Boomer-or-older entrepreneurs. -- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Businesses that are started by people in their fifties have double the chance of surviving the first three and a half years than those started by people in their twenties. - NatWest Bank
  • 10,000 new boomers retire every day   10,000 - Baby Boomers Retire DAILY As the year 2011 began on Jan. 1, the oldest members of the Baby Boom generation celebrated their 65th birthday. In fact, on that day, today, and for every day for the next 19 years, 10,000 baby boomers will reach age 65. The aging of this huge cohort of Americans (26% of the total U.S. population are Baby Boomers) will dramatically change the composition of the country.
  • Less than one percent of VC money goes to founders 46 plus in age!
  • THE STATS SHOW DEMAND!   Research shows that older generations are already turning to entrepreneurship at a fast pace. The Kauffman Foundation, for example, says that rates of entrepreneurship are 50% higher for people between 55 and 64 than people between 20 and 34. And rates of entrepreneurship among people ages 55 and 64 have generally been trending up
  • STARTUP50PLUS.com IS Already ENDORSED BY:  More than 20 partners and associations including: Pacific Rim Institute, Natl Assn of Self Employed, National Assn Female Executives. American Intl Chamber of Commerce etc They will a) provide awareness b)be affiliates to sell memberships c) support programs like Startup School, Angel Flight School, Startup50plus.com conference & more In total they represent more than 1.5 million names of entrepreneurs.
  • BOARD OF ADVISORS INCLUDES:         Tami Goertz, Donald Trump’s APPRENTICE TV SHOW finalist Aras Baskaskas, WINNER $1M CBS SURVIVOR TV SHOW Glen Ward, past president Virgin America MegaStores pending final agreement Mark Chasen, founder emusic.com Lynda Davies, former head of Retail for Solomon Brothers. Archie Thornton, Former President, Travel & Tourism Division Ogilvy & Mather Barbara Kline, serial entrepreneur, Angel investor and former EVP Intel Corp. Holmes Stoner, founder and President Pacific Rim Chamber in LA, Shanghai, Beijing etc.
  • What does an accelerator do?   Accelerates startup companies from idea to reality. Startup.com will demand “proof of concept”meaning the product or service is already working with preferably a paying client for consideration as an accepted accelerator company. Otherwise they must go to OUR STARTUP SCHOOL to be accepted and create their proof of concept & business model during the 12 week START UP SCHOOL HANDS-ON program.   TURNKEY: Executive and staff services: Startup50plus.com will match boomers with younger serial entrepreneurs and veteran startup staffers (of any age).On request Startup50plus.com will provide through a preferred vendor of choice full HR services. See next page for services
  • STARTUP.com Services and Income Generators for itself     Take percentage of companies who want to be involved. Membership fee for individuals and SMB companies who want to learn, support and participate in state-of the-art 21st C. company creation and benefit by the latest research. (there will be a sliding scale like a Chamber of Commerce with special fees for students, solo entrepreneurs, early stage companies and trade organizations. Corporate Partners/sponsors including vendors aiming at the SMB crowd and the top 50 companies who are nurturing our next generation of startups in USA and abroad. STARTUP SCHOOL – 90 days to jumpstart your knowledge: enrollment fee for founders and those who are re-careering to see what a startup is all about. Plus a special “family and spouse 6 week program to support the founders”.
  • More services/income generators for Startup50plus.com  Angel flight school – for those of any age) who want to be angel investors– 30 day teleclass with VIP speakers. Already have speakers from Samsung, Intel, and top angel funding groups. The program will be video or audio taped and will be brought to you by the sponsor of choice with special two minute segments on each of the weekly classes during the 4 weeks. Plus sponsor acknowledgement on packaging.  CROWDFUNDING on-site and TELECOURSE: on how to cash in on $1.5 Billion in crowdfunding legally. Sponsor will be given promo spot on each telecourse class and chance to participate as expert on the in-person panels.   STARTUP50PLUS ebook and printed book and KIT for home and office learning and for distribution online and as curriculum units at colleges and universities. To be published on Kindle and Nook and also in negotiation with a major business publisher for a print book With a special insert from sponsor of choice – at lest 6-8 pages.   STARTUP50PLUS RECAREERING WORKBOOK – to help those over 50 make the decision how to change careers or whether just another job is enough or should they start their own businesses or invest in other businesses like startups. Sponsor will receive a whole section to promo their services and/or give advice on recareering/changing careers.  Startup50plus CD interview series and monthly podcasts subscription and pay per use download on iTunes and Amazon – all displaying sponsor logo and 5 minute promo from sponsor .  STARTUP50PLUS THE INTERNET TV SERIES – yes we are going to do a 12 week INTERNET TV series interviewing successful STARTUP FOUNDERS and CELEBRITY business owners over age 50 ranging from Cheryl Tiegs beauty/fitness owner to Jack Canfield, President of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL enterprises and co-author of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL blockbuster series. SPONSOR will be featured prominently on the series in 3 one minute spots during the ½ hour shoes.
  • Startup50plus Conference & LIVE transmission worldwide.        Startup50plus.com conference featuring: Jack Canfield CEO Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. Tami Goertz – Apprentice Aras Baskaskas – SURVIVOR Amy Sunderland – ‘round world sailor at age 15 Selection of start-up companies by age 50 plus founders. And their partners of any age. Bankers, investment brokers, angel investors, VIP Brands like Intel and Samsung will all be represented along with SPONSOR OF CHOICE who will host the event.
  • Competition? NONE to date        There is no other accelerator dedicated to cashing in on the $11 trillion in retirement funds. As you may know it is easy and approved to transfer your IRA/401k into fufunding for starting a company. FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE –Board, Joyce Schwarz has a proven start-up consulting for 75 early stage venture funded companies ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com (guts of Xbox kinect “You are the controller” Current mailing list = 1.5 million co-op names from more than 20 partners. Sponsorship experience – Joyce has personally raised more than $20 Million in corporate sponsorship for her clients. Joyce Schwarz the founder is a recognized leader in the 50 plus and changing careers space and bestselling author. Plus Joyce has trained more than 125 coaches worldwide in the areas of recareering and business advising. She is the author of 7 books including: SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING, when just another job is not enough.
  • Startup50plus is seeking seed funding to launch revenue generating projects:      Seeking $500,000 to be used for: **Launching Startup50plus School (virtual)online and in LA ***Angel Flight school in LA and online/teleconferences etc. ***Create a video series aimed at 50 Plus crowd plus corporate sponsors to increase awareness & opportunity and investment in Startup50plus ventures and companies ***Organize revenue generating conference in 2013 ***Select 5-10 Startups with proof of concept to fund for marketing and go-to-market strategy and partnershps = $25K each.
  • Next steps: Additional Business Opportunities for Startup50plus        Provide and sell Startup Coach training—there is no certification for startup coaches in the USA or worldwide now. Startup50plus.com franchise in 10 major cities for business coaching services and products for 50 plus crowd STARTUP50plus.com university – onsite for 6 weeks plus at-home/office video and home study kits. STARTUP50Plus.com On-demand cable TV syndication on Comcast TV STARTUP50plus.com video programming on Lodgenet, hotels and university TV channels. STARTUP50plus RADIO SHOW online and open to to syndication on cable and satellite radio –for on-demand listening on iTunes STARTUP50Plus Outplacement services aimed at companies who offer early buyouts for employees 50 plus.
  • Path to profitability income streams         Profitable in first 6 months. Ongoing income generation Percentage of startups accellerated Startup School fees Angel Flight school fees Startup50plus book, kit and video series Startup50plus.com membership (like Chamber of Commerce Startup50plus.com consulting/coaching
  • Why Joyce Schwarz as director?  Joyce brings to Startup50plus.com veteran award winning experience in the areas of advertising, marketing, PR, business development, retail, mobile, emerging entertainment, retail, tourism & more. As a former senior exec and Vice President for such major advertising agencies as Ogilvy and Foote Cone she has handled more than $175 million in budgets for her clients including Revlon, Sheraton, Clorox, Shasta, Kraft, Citibank, Sunkist & others.  Schwarz has serves as an advisor for more than 75 early venture funded startups ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com (the guts of the XBOX kinect) setting up proof of concepts, arranging partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, Sun etc and consulting on go-to-market strategy and plans for the companies directly or for their agencies.  BRANDS: She’s brought more than 50 major brand name products to market including first of its kind category such as: Shasta’s Capri Sun in foil package AOL’s Greenhouse LOVED @AOL and Motley Fools, Ralph’s Missing Kids on the Milk Carton campaign, Leapfrog touchscreen toys, Hasbro Monopoly Online, Kodak experimental projects. Revlon Mineral makeup etc.
  • Joyce Career Books & classes  Joyce is the founder for the Center for Successful Recareering and since 1986 has maintained a private career practice consulting with Hollywood producers, screenwriters and many of the early leaders in digital media on how to transfer into the “NEW HOLLYWOOD”. Through LIVE Star*Course classes she’s worked with more than 5000 people personally.  ***books – she is the author of 7 books including the bestselling SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING book which has led her to be featured on NBC, NPR, Fox News, Wall St. Journal, MONEY, TIME etc. Her most recent book THE VISION BOARD has sold 75,000 + copies and was the top inspirational book on Amazon for 26 weeks.  ***coach training – Joyce has certified more than 175 coaches around the globe in her Recareering and Visioning strategy training. From mainland China to South Africa and across the USA and Canada  ***speaker – Joyce is a popular keynote speaker for such major firms as Boeing, AT&T, Avon, Nortel & more.
  • More specifics about Joyce’s brand and vertical experience:  TECH: Mobile, Telecom, EMERGING MEDIA  CONSUMER: fashion,retail, travel, Revlon, Sheraton, AT&T, AT&T, Philips, Hasbro Interactive, Hollywood Network, emusic.com, ITC France, France Telecom, Iridium, Webchoice TV, ITV/Hypertouch Corp., DISC Corp (PC/TV), Homedelivery.com, Ifnet.com, Democrats.com, Youpowered, ASD Systems.com, Moms Online, Parenting 101, Hollywood Galaxy.com, Amicada, Jones Digital Century, Eveo, Johnson & Johnson, Digital Domicile, TechImage, Enfish, Woodstock.com,Rpost, Clorox Labs, MyDestinations.net, PacBell, Shasta, CLorox, Hawaii, Harrahs, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, British Airlines, Reynolds Aluminum, Bank of Hawaii, Visitor Industry Education Council, Business Communications Council, Government of Brazil, State of Alaska, Camp Colorado, Hawaii Visitor's Bureau, Australian Trade Commission, Campbells, Aloha Airlines, Girl Scouts of America, Rotary Intl., Boy Scouts of America
  • JOYCE AUTHOR, BUSINESS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND BUSINESS BROKER & Ad Expert  As seen on more than 100 TV and radio shows. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and more than 200 other publications:
  • Startup50plus.com was already featured on KFWB CBS RADIO INTERVIEW 12/22/11     Joyce Schwarz was interviewed on the CBS news on December 22. 2012 That interview is available here: http://tinyurl.com/startup50plus radio Or ask Joyce to play it for you NOW!
  • Contact    Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, www.joycecom.com and www.startup50plus.com 310-822-3119 joyceschwarz@gmail.com