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Designing with content: a customer experience journey


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Content has a significant role to play when we approach the design of the customer experience holistically. And yet content has long been neglected. It’s time to change that. Content strategy, by …

Content has a significant role to play when we approach the design of the customer experience holistically. And yet content has long been neglected. It’s time to change that. Content strategy, by designing experiences with content, can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

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  • 1. a customer experience journeyDesigning with content @joyce_hostyn
  • 2. check consumer reports check with family (discover online subscription doesn’t contain in-depth articles) (a very opinionated lot) major kitchen reno(open kitchen means I want a really quiet dishwasher) our Maytag sounded like a jet engine Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 3. check the Google narrowing by highest rated doesn’t do much good if only one review check <brand> it has a good reputation no way to find the sound level (dba) online guess I need to go to the store trying to figure out what these comparisons are saying is hopelessBuy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 4. well, <company> has a good rep, so… let’s go back to the store to buy with <brand> no thanks to the extended warranty (my brother used to be in retail & says that’s where a store rakes in the money) Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 5. not much to say here, except, who reads the manual anyway? and it’s noise level didn’t live up to expectationsBuy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 6. the home repair didn’t go so well then disintegrating black rubberwarranty expires (we thought) time to call in the pros Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 7. 2nd level service… what do you mean, I have a 3 year warranty? wow, this service guy sure hates his employerit’s a product defect & by theway, your warranty is up, that no thanks, I don’t want any will be $500 magic dishwasher cleaner, I just want a dishwasher that works then, the start of the floods I don’t think reading the manual we’ll write off everything but will help if your service the damage you caused by floods, mould, and more black technicians haven’t been able to your attempt at home repair guck bring out the pros fix the problem after 5 visits Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 8. “only thing I can do is copy everything that’s happened into an email and send it on” so, you’re saying the service oh, and you misplaced the tech closed the ticket & since insurance claim one of the you don’t have an open ticket, service techs filed, so he has you can’t do anything until to do another visit to prepare you send out another tech to the claim? open a new ticket? make it to 2nd level service why I haven’t been called back? the visit was so the brand new service shows up & service tech could give the go asks… “why am I here? ahead to replace the what’s wrong with the dishwasher! and the pile of paper keeps growing as the service dishwasher?” 2 weeks later visits continue... months (and lots of hair pulling) later We’ll replace the dishwasher. But a service tech has to give the go ahead. We’ll send one over.Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 9. k, back to Google… I guess I didn’t do enough research before I bought… you can’t hide with social mediaBuy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 10. I’m calling with your issue number no open ticket no record of claim 2 weeks laternotices damage, takes pictures & fills in clam form takes pictures & fills in claim form you’ve got to be kidding me... what a way to make me feel warm & fuzzy guess they haven’t heard of the plain English campaign Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 11. still don’t read manuals works beautifully!some weeks later, out with the broken, in with the new (different brand)Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 12. and did 3 cycles trying 3 experiments gasp, he actually read the Rob Googles again, lots of hits… a common manual problem in the age of energy efficient dishwshers 2 hours laterhmmm, spoke too soon… dishes covered with crud I’m ready to call service, but Rob, a Queen’s engineer, is up for the challenge of running a series of experiments SUCCESS! Buy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 13. turns out, we were doing a lot of things wrong (as were many others on the web)… the manual had a few hints, but the rest was discovered through the 3 experiments and googlingBuy Use Issue Repair Claim
  • 14. service interactions are a prime opportunity to delight
  • 15. The Experience Cycle, Hugh Dubberly and Shelley Evenson
  • 16. service interactions are a prime opportunity to dismay
  • 17. lack of content to enable decision- making on website, had to visit store no proactive detract education –‗you really don‘t without it, use want to go incorrectly through this‘ fail to ‗know‘ me first dissolving rubber (have to give a & mould, then history each call) fail leaking, then crud – to resolve issues, fail no troubleshooting to educate during content, service, misplace disenchanted service critical documents tech
  • 18. experience fail interactions touchpoints processes misery inside out systemsmoments Brandon Schauer, The (Near) Future of Designing Experiences
  • 19. T=r+dTRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier
  • 20. Service interactions are a prime generator of word of mouth
  • 21. the multiplier effect of detractors Mario Vellandi, Melodies in Marketing
  • 22. your web presence is providing aservice experience positive by design
  • 23. your web presence is providing aservice experience negative by <lack of> design
  • 24. sources of dissatisfaction 20-30% employee mistakes or bad attitudes 20-30% customer errors or unreasonable expectations 50-60% defective products, misleading marketing messages, ineffective policies, or broken internal processes
  • 25. content matters
  • 26. with content strategy, you can proactivelydesign for service
  • 27. with content strategy, you can proactivelydesign for servicePrevent problems through customer education, more accurate marketing andsales messages, or improved products and processes
  • 28. with content strategy, you can proactivelydesign for serviceMotivate more customers to complain so that they can be satisfied
  • 29. with content strategy, you can proactivelydesign for serviceImprove the performance of the service system to satisfy a higher percentageof those complaining Anyone in the company can raise their hand and say, ―I see an inefficient process,‖ or ―I see a user experience issue,‖ and if we call a meeting and really review how we‘re doing it now and review how we can improve it, that through better systems, better processes, or some unique application of the technology we‘re not using yet, we could really change either the consistency of the delivery of our service, our member experience, or improve it overall. - Scott Griffith, CEO
  • 30. Content strategy plans for the creation,publication, and governance of useful, usablecontent.It plots an achievable roadmap for individuals andorganizations to create andmaintaincontent that audiences will actuallycare about. It provides specific, well-informedrecommendations about how we‘re going to getfrom where we are today (no content, or badcontent, or too much content) to where we wantto be (useful, usable content people will actuallycare about).- Kristina Halvorson
  • 31. partner with content strategy when designing experiencesto provide value, engage, and generate positive word of mouth
  • 32. startwith people karindalziel, flickr
  • 33. Let the customers talk, give them achance to tell you in their ownvoice the reasons and provide youwith suggestions. It works better thanyou guessing what the answers mightbe and suggesting those. - Avinash Kaushik
  • 34. holistic view of clients‘ financial livesBeyond Chaotic Bombardment – Enhancing the Client Experience through Information Design, Merrill Lynch
  • 35. uncovertheir needs Interview Focus groups, workshops Observe, apprentice, shadowUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern How to understand your users with personas, Brad Colbow
  • 36. uncovertheir journeyUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Experience Map: Social Gamer by nform
  • 37. auditand collect current content―a mind-numbingly detailed odyssey‖Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Performing a Content Audit, Ann Rockley & Doing a Content Inventory, Jeffrey Veen
  • 38. mapcontent to the journeyUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Quaero (in Forrester, Three Ways to Drive Document Value)
  • 39. designthe new journeyUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 40. designfor trustUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 41. design for emotionAs experiences now span multiplemedia, channels & formats, we need tolook to narrative and emotionalelements to sustain interaction in a world ofcomplex technology where websites,software, and interactive multimedia havebecome part of the same beast. – CindyChastain Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern digitalART2, flickr
  • 42. designfor emotionUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 43. designfor decisions but isn‘t it cheaper to rent? how does it work?Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 44. designfor action won‘t it be a hassle?Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 45. rethinkthe contentat each step EnrollUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Beyond Chaotic Bombardment – Enhancing the Client Experience through Information Design
  • 46. rethinkthe contentat each step First 90 daysUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Beyond Chaotic Bombardment – Enhancing the Client Experience through Information Design
  • 47. rethinkthe contentat each touchpointUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 48. rethink back office processes to support the experienceline of interaction Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern Design for Service
  • 49. They focus on the lifetime experience that a member has with our service, from the first time they go to our web site through the last time they ever use one of our cars and decide not to be a member any more. They map that cycle and follow it; we‘re constantly trying to refine and improve that map, that architecture. That timeline, by the way, lasts for typically four or five years, our members stay with us for multiple years. We think about that whole experience as they use the cars for the first time or review their online billing for the first time. They might have a problem on the side of the road, to refuel the car, get into an accident; these are all experiences that we have to deal with, because we‘re treating these cars very much like car ownership, but you‘re just buying it one hour at a time. - Scott Griffith, CEO ZipcarUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 50. askpeople what theythinkUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 51. askpeople what theythinkOr boil it down to three simple questions What is the purpose of your visit to our website today? Were you able to complete your task? If you weren‘t able to complete your task, why not? Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern 4Q – The Best Online Survey For A Website, Yours Free! – Avinash Kaushik
  • 52. How can I improve revenue by 15 percent in the next three months from our website? What are the most productive inbound traffic streamsask and which sources are we missing? Have we become better at allowing customers to solve problems via self-service rather than feelingbusiness questions like they have to call us? What is the impact of our website on our phone channel? How can I increase the number of customer Most of the time evangelists by leveraging our website? they – marketers, What are the most influential buckets of content on our website? bosses, & If we could only do one thing to increase revenue on HiPPOs – ask our website what would it be? What is the incremental impact of our display ad and we puke data campaigns? out. Are we building brand value via activity on our - Avinash Kaushik website? Do fully featured trials or Flash demos work better on the website? What are the top five problems our customers face on our website? What is the effect of our website on offline sales?Uncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 53. defineKPIs and targets tomonitorUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 54. think content lifecycleget your governance in order to ensure that you have a steady pipeline of great new content and that you retire old, outdated or seldom used content to keep people coming back to interactUncover Design Prototype Measure Govern
  • 55. Its like amarionette theater,you want to look at thepuppets. You dont wantto look at the strings.My kids ask me, Whatdyou do today, Dad? Idesigned a toilet!Lighting, props, sets andcostumes all contributeto the look of a movie — plannedthevisualnarrative .– J. Michael Riva Jon’s pics, flickr
  • 56. what‘s the impact of your current experience?
  • 57. emotional impact emotions drive action
  • 58. < X< X> --- X > < --- >
  • 59. The content is theheart of the website.I can‘t build you a bodyuntil you give me aheart…If we want to get back ontrack – to allow writers towrite wonderful userexperiences –we have to change ourexpectations and ourrules…Content… establishesemotionalconnections betweenpeople. The writing hasheart and spirit; it hassomething to say and thewherewithal to stand upand say it.– Amber Simmons qthomasbower, flickr
  • 60. financial flickr make the business case
  • 61. …manuals that were costly to create and bordered on useless to the end user. The teamsauthoring those materials have been viewed as a cost center, and their products only minimally satiating customer demand for product documentation. – The Evolution Of User Manuals, Forbes
  • 62. …our documentation generates morethan half of our overall site traffic.Furthermore, over half of our leadgeneration is driven by ourdocumentation– The Evolution Of User Manuals, Forbes
  • 63. For deeply technical issues, some of thebusinesses Ive spoken to lately report that costsper support call can hit as much as $150 percall. But if the customer used a piece ofdocumentation or a forum to solve their problem,the average cost is usually less than a dollar.– The Evolution Of User Manuals, Forbes
  • 64. calculateimpact of the experience % customers who have a perfect experience % who dont & who dont complain % who dont & who request assistance Of those who obtain assistance, determine the percentages left satisfied, mollified, or dissatisfied
  • 65. $50 millionprofit impact over next yearLoss aversion $4.6 million for each month we delay action
  • 66. Get the CFO talking about their last bad service experiencewe decide with our emotional brain
  • 67. Get the CIO talking about their last bad service experiencewe decide with our emotional brain
  • 68. Get the CEO talking about their last bad service experiencewe decide with our emotional brain
  • 69. takeaways
  • 70. most organizationstreat content as a cost center
  • 71. most organizationsfail to leverage content as a relationship builder
  • 72. most organizationsdon‘t connect content to their customer‘s experience journey
  • 73. most organizationsdon‘t create content based on what customers need to understand
  • 74. DON‘Tbe one of those organizations
  • 75. treat content like the critical business asset it is
  • 76. remembering that
  • 77. The single most important thing mostWeb sites can offer to their users iscontent that thoseusers will find valuable.- Jesse James Garrett
  • 78. positive by design
  • 79.