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  1. 1. • The word English derived from? o Englisc• Anglo-Saxons aka o Jutes, Angles and Saxons• Which of the following words are not from the Norsemen? o Window o Door o Take o Ugly• William the Conqueror brought the following to England: o The French influence in the English language o His nobles and a new government o The use of English of the uneducated and vulgar tongue• It was brought about because of the invention of the printing press o The standardization of English• What is the word formation of the word “run” in the following sentences: • We walk to the hill. • We had a walk of faith. o Zero derivation• How is the word “reject” (v) and “reject” (n) formed? o Stress shift• What is done the word man to form the word men? o Ablaut• The word basketball is formed through… o Compounding• It is used to shorten the names of some courses in college. o Clipping• The word cheeseburger is blended from the words… o Cheese and hamburger• What is the word formation process that is frequently used in chatting or IMs? o Acronymy• “Achoo, moo and buzz” are words formed through what process? o Onomatopoeia• Which of the following situations does not reflect the application of coining? o “You may xerox the materials at Copylandia.” o “You can get an aspirin at the clinic.” o “You will get an E if you will not study for the exams.” o “You should bring extra cellophane.”• Uses of an affixjtduhaylungsod 1
  2. 2. o Changing the meaning of the word o Having a new meaning of the word o Creating another word from the root word• What does the prefix in the word pretest mean? o Before• What does the suffix in the word accurate mean? o Act up• In the word submarine, the prefix of the word means… o Under• What is use to mean against? o anti o pro o – ate o post• What does the affix tele– in the word telephone mean? o Far o She is the president of the class.• What are the nouns that you can find in the sentence o President o Class• what kind of pronoun is “she”? o 1st person nominative feminine• What is the function of the pronoun she in the sentence? o Subject• President is what kind of noun? o Common noun• What is the function of the noun president? o Subjective complement• What kind of noun is the word class? o Collective noun• What is the function of the noun class in the sentence? o Objective of the preposition • Power brings responsibility.• What are the nouns found in this sentence? o Power o Responsibility• What kind of noun is power? o Abstractjtduhaylungsod 2
  3. 3. • What is the function of the noun power in the sentence> o Subject• What kind of noun is the word responsibility? o Abstract• What is the function of the noun responsibility in the sentence? o Direct object • I told him a secret.• What are the pronouns found in the sentence? o I and him• The pronoun I is identified as o Singular, 1st person, nominative• The pronoun him is identified as o Singular. 1st person, objective• What is the function of the pronoun him? o Indirect object• What is the direct object in this sentence? o Secret o Belle, the teacher was given as award.• Find the subject of the sentence.• What kind of noun is the subject?• Teacher functions as o Appositive• Give an example of the following: o Relative pronoun o Demonstrative pronoun o Interrogative pronoun o Indefinite pronouns  Singular  Plural o Numerical pronoun o Reciprocal pronouns • Singular Personal Objective Nominative Possessive Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns 1st person Me I My/mine Myself 2nd person You You Yours Yourself 3rd person Feminine Her She Hers Herself Masculine Him He His Himself Neuter It It Its Itself Plural 1st person Us We Ours Ourselves 2nd person You You Yours Yourself 3rd person Them They Theirs Their selfjtduhaylungsod 3
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