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Lab istory

  1. 1. University of Southeastern Philippines College of Education Obrero, Davao City Submitted to: Prof. Maxima Piala Mythology and Folklore Submitted by: Duhaylungsod, Joyce T. BSEd-English III
  2. 2. This is howYou Should Said Goodbye ’ve One of the hardest things to do in life is to say goodbye to the people that we love. We cannot force people to stay but the truth is all we have to do is wait for them to return and let’shope that we are reason or one of the reasons that he/she will come back. Especially when you have not told them what you really felt for them. I was able to write this story as a product of my fantasies and frustrations. Before he left, I wasn’table to tell him how he made me happy and say thank you for doing so. June 17, 2008 The sun’s rays were peeping from the indigo sky. It was already dawn. I was awakened by the caressing touch of a hand through my waist. I turned to see who it was and to my surprise it was the man that I secretly loved. Am I dreaming or what? Everything felt so real. Gosh, I hope this is real. I stared at him, looked at him sleep, and felt his breathe and enjoyed his touch. When he awoke, he held me close to him. So close that I could feel his heart beating. He held me for a quiet a while then let me go slowly. I wanted time to stop. I did not want it to end. “Notyet,”I whispered to myself. But he had finally let go of me. He rose and went to the bathroom, prepared his stuff and left and all I did was watch. I just watched him walk to and fro of the room. I was there lying on the bed indulging onto the scene. He prepared breakfast and we ate together. While eating he said, “I m ’ gonna miss this.” I looked at him and said, “Metoo. But I’mgonna miss you a lot more.” And tears started to fall from my face.
  3. 3. He looked at me straight in the eyes, wiped my tears and cupped my cheeks. Instead of relieving the pain, he nurtured it. And tears started to fall again. I thought it wouldn’tstop until … he walked towards me, stared at me and kneeled. His face was too close and without warning he kissed me. I sank into that kiss. It felt like forever. He told me to stop crying and enjoy the delicacies he prepared. After breakfast, he dragged me to the bathroom. He pushed what seemed like a secret button and from the window wide mirrors appeared a shrine for me. It was one of the greatest things I’veever seen. I was speechless; I was overjoyed that no words can express it. I looked at him and he grinned. “Ibuilt one for myself too. So that you won miss me.” ’t We went to the poolside and there stood his shrine. “Hereally loves his self,”I said to myself. “Buthe loves me more,”I added. And everything else felt perfect. Then, it started to rain. I ran back to the house but he pulled me back and smiled mischievously. We ran around the house, splashed into the pool, and played with the rain like kids. I chased him, he chased me. We rinsed and rested with 2 cups of coffee. After having coffee, he felt tired and sleepy. “I mgoing to bed for a while,”he ’ said. His eyes lingered on mine and said, “Thank you, I’msorry. I’ll miss you.” I never knew the meaning of those words. And I never thought that those would be the last words that I would hear from the man I loved. He never woke up. I couldn’t bear the pain. I went to his shrine and attempted to destroy it. There he put everything he wanted to say to me. He left his journal, a voice recorder, a shirt, a bottle of perfume
  4. 4. and a picture of the breakfast he usually cooks for me. On the last entry of the journal, he wrote: “When everything else feels perfect that will be the time….” “I m ’ leaving you everything I have. I left you this journal so that we could still talk to each other. Update me on the latest things in your life, huh… Bantay lang ka… I recorded my voice so that you won forget it. I know you love to listen to my voice. ’t That’smy favorite shirt, take care of it! Don’tlet your new lover wear it, or else! I know you like the smell of people so I left you my perfume so you won’tforget it. Lastly, your favorite breakfast, I know you really love it. The recipe is behind the picture. Cook it well. I’mgonna miss you sooooooooooooo much.”I would definitely miss him. Even with all the things he left me. I would miss the touch of his hand, the scent of his hair, the glow in his eyes and the beat of his heart. I’mgonna miss him holding me close to him and staring at me never blinking an eye. And I’m gone miss that breathe every morning. I’mgonna miss everything that I did not miss.