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  • 1. Experience HIStory Campaign For 16th Street Baptist Church
  • 2. Executive Summary •  Sixteenth Street Baptist Church is an active church in its community •  The church has a Tour Ministry that oversees all the tours of the church during the weekdays. •  The church sits in the heart of the Civil Rights District in Birmingham and is right across the street from the Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park, the site of many marches in the 1960s.
  • 3. Current State •  Listed as a tourist attraction •  Needs an effective communication strategy •  Needs to engage in 2-way communication with it’s visitors and reach untapped market with its message •  Social media efforts will heighten fellowship, even among congregation
  • 4. Why brand the HIStory project via social media?
  • 5. Creative Samples
  • 6. Target Audience •  Listed as a tourist attraction •  Needs an effective communication strategy •  Needs to engage in 2-way communication with it’s visitors and reach untapped market with its message •  Social media efforts will heighten fellowship, even among congregation
  • 7. Media Flowchart
  • 8. Media Schedule MONTH JULY AUGUST TASK Begin to enhance FB page with custom tabs, cover photos; Launch pastor’s Twitter; enhance pastor’s Linked Write press release for 50th anniv. and pitch to media Recruit e-newsletter “staff” to get stories Facebook Newspaper ( print and online) Promote 50th anniv Twitter JANUARY Church bulletins; face to face tours; website; radio; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Newspaper; online Push engagement on social media Facebook, Twitter, church bulletin Push congregation and visitors to social media Facebook, Twitter, church bulletin Live Tweeting day of Commemoration Newspaper/online; Facebook, Twitter, church bulletins, tours Twitter Post photos day of Commemoration Interviews for Pastor Price Launch 1st quarterly enewsletter; develop editorial calendar FEBRUARY Promote ministries Promote Black History month and church tours Facebook, Twitter, church bulletins, tours MARCH Promote annual Multiracial Good Friday service; invite media Newspaper; online, Facebook, Twitter APRIL Promote church anniversary; write press releases; contact media Newspaper, Facebook, Twitter Instagram Radio, tv, Institute New Social Media Ministry – recruit members; create social media posting schedule and ministry assignments OCTOBER Facebook, Twitter Offer social media training to congregation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Follow up with media Promote MLK Day Launch pastor’s new blog; promote blog, create editorial calendar; write press release LinkedIn Promote Social Media campaign SEPTEMBER Christmas MEDIUM 2nd quarterly e-newsletter Facebook, Twitter MAY Facebook, Twitter DECEMBER Engage audience for Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter Push Youth Day; Father’s Day and engage church and online audience Facebook, Twitter IMC Strategic Plan Engage audience for Thanksgiving; promote adopt a family IMC Strategic Plan NOVEMBER Promote Mother’s Day JUNE Develop social media strategy with team members 8 Budget Free media – Social media, newspaper and online article coverage, website, blog E-newsletter – Constant contact cost $180 - $360 (depending on contacts)
  • 9. Buyer Persona •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Meet Renee 44 year old, married mother of 2 boys, 8 and 10. Lives in the Birmingham, AL Teaches 8th grade English in the city school system. Makes approximately $48,000 as a school teacher. She is committed to a healthy lifestyle of exercising and providing healthy meals for her family. Her hobbies include reading and bowling with friend. Active in her community and volunteers at a local mission serving meals with her sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta.
  • 10. SWOT Analysis •  •  •  •  •  Enormous name recognition Position in the market as historic edifice Usefulness & contribution to Birmingham & AL Continued church growth National Historic Landmark status
  • 11. Target Marketing •  Identifying Target Market •  Identifying the Church’s strengths and using them to move the campaign further •  Focusing on why we are using social media for this campaign •  Tell the Story – Share the Story
  • 12. Smart Goals •  Promote campaign via church bulletin and audio/ visual ministry •  Promote campaign during weekly tours •  Promote campaign via weekly church announcements •  Encourage visitors and members to “Like” FB page and follow Pastor on Twitter •  Poll congregation on social media habits
  • 13. Budget