E Cell Formation


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Plan for the formation of ecell at MEC

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E Cell Formation

  1. 2. Entrepreneurship Lets define it as the urge to find a solution or a better solution to anything that’s relevant and useful in the present day. Its not just starting or establishing a firm. Spirit of innovation and creativity in building applications and products by utilizing the knowledge we have.
  2. 3. the Ecosystem Why is it important to us? Why is it important to the society? What is in for me?
  3. 4. Why is it important to us : “ Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new ” – Einstein Entrepreneurship is after all learning a lot – why not learn now? Why don’t we exploit ourselves if its for a better tomorrow? The knowledge, commitment, resources and necessity. Formation and development is easiest.
  4. 5. Society Social responsibility. Internal development-expansion-newer domains-create jobs-economic growth-the economy/society grows. End of day the society is the customer.
  5. 6. us/me? Do what you love rather than love what you do. Newer horizons-I define my limits Better thought process-I decide what to think Better exposure-It’s a huge world The satisfaction-Its mine/ours Monetary benefits-The big money that may come along Productivity and Innovation . The Challenge
  6. 7. Tough Journey-the big dream + the motivation. Never ending Energy Required - build infinite energy. What does it take/How do we start?
  7. 8. Basics The idea The team The B-plan Study The product Customers The funding The Infrastructure Mentors and advisors
  8. 9. Ours is the self sustainable –innovative forum to . educate.inspire.support.develop . the spirit of entrepreneurship in all possible forms
  9. 10. How it came up? Tough job being an entrepreneur. Lets promote it to develop the ecosystem. An ecell would be an actual very difficult-to-sustain startup. Most challenging startup. Shape the ecosystem with the basic motto as light.
  10. 11. Educate ourselves first-light the light. Study the scope-start to think beyond. Bring in innovation and creativity in this startup. Get exposed to a revolutionised world. Be the cause for many. … that is were this could lead you.
  11. 12. Basics On trodden paths- the story of ecells. The mentor organisations- NEN,TIE,DST etc Other resources and ideas. Well known initiatives and activities
  12. 13. Plan and Structure Proper framework: 1.Identify potentials and resources. 2.Form a structure. 3.Groups and activities. 4.Incubation Cell 5.Informals. 6.Brainstorming and expansion.
  13. 14. The long way to go – share the vision and idea.
  14. 15. What exactly is the ecosystem we could develop?
  15. 16. Entrepreneurship Cell in the making. the groundwork.
  16. 17. Brainstorming and discussions…..
  17. 18. the Inspiration…..