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Social Media #TopTips sample presentation - contact me for consultancy bookings

Social Media #TopTips sample presentation - contact me for consultancy bookings



A snapshot of a large US eCommerce client presentation. I work with a range of SMBs and larger organisations to tackle questions on digital strategy, content creation and community management. Connect ...

A snapshot of a large US eCommerce client presentation. I work with a range of SMBs and larger organisations to tackle questions on digital strategy, content creation and community management. Connect and message me here: uk.linkedin.com/in/jowebber. Thank you :-)



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    Social Media #TopTips sample presentation - contact me for consultancy bookings Social Media #TopTips sample presentation - contact me for consultancy bookings Presentation Transcript

    • Sample Social Media #TopTips US client presentation By Jo Webber Monday, 14 October 13
    • KEY METRICS TO MEASURE... #1: Fan Reach Fan reach correlates to the number of fans of your Page who have seen any given post. This is “organic” reach, which means that it only records the views that occurred directly, and not through an action of a friend of a fan (such as a like, share or comment). The views that result from a friend’s actions are recorded in “viral” views. #2: Organic Reach Organic reach corresponds with the number of people, fans and non-fans, who have seen a given post. As with fan reach, organic reach only records views that are not the result of a friend of a fan’s action (which is counted in the viral reach). The real difference between the fan reach (above) and this metric is that the organic reach includes views of people that are not fans of the Page but have directly accessed your Page or seen its content in a widget (for example, a “like box” on your site or blog). Monday, 14 October 13
    • INCLUDING ENGAGEMENT #3: Engagement Engagement—whether the type that indicates “acting” on your post by commenting, liking or sharing it, or the type that is more “passive,” such as watching the video, zooming on a photo or clicking on a link—and is a crucial metric to measure your Page’s performance. It’s not sufficient for your updates to be viewed by a lot of people. You need to make sure that the content you offer your audience triggers some kind of interest. And engagement is the only measurable sign of interest. When measuring engagement, do not focus on the raw number you see in your Insights. The only way to really understand that metric and compare posts is to look at the number of engaged people and the number of people reached for the post in question. The only way to compare a post engagement metric with your other posts is to create a percentage. This gives you a number that you can use to benchmark the performance of each of your posts. Monday, 14 October 13
    • AND HARNESS THE POWER OF STORE YA TOP TIPS TO SHARE: 1. Shorten your status Statuses of up to 80 characters got 27% more engagements (likes and comments) than longer statuses. 2. Don’t shorten your link While services like TinyURL and Bit.ly are very popular in Facebook, the research shows that they significantly reduce engagements as they block users from knowing where they are going to be linked to. 3. Time of the day Posting early in the morning or late at night yields 20% more engagements as most posts are published during working hours and your posts will get to be on top of them. In their whitepaper: “Consider $375 free credits to Google, oDesk and AdRoll.” Sounds like re-targeting partnerships, further opportunities here? Monday, 14 October 13
    • INSTAGRAM, LEVERAGING THE POWER OF PICTORIALS Short term objectives: • Geo-tagging --> Users could add their photo to the site by taking a picture of them doing something at 2 in the morning, tagging it with #(sample hashtag)…including the location. The photos would then show up on map. • Tiffany & Co. goes beyond just simple photos of their products. They take close-up photos of jewelry, interesting views of the tools used to create their products, the techniques used and even the craftsman who make the products. Key Metrics: • Instagram RSS feed for promo contests. 1. Announcement cross-platform. 2. Use a theme/relevant #. 3. Submit photos through • Analysing email data from Statigram, using these screen captures as posts cross-platform #. Evaluate submissions with an RSS feed. Like GE, create a RSS feed and point it to a reader • Friends/Followers using this address: http://instagr.am/tags/ [hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss. Don’t include • Social Capital - influence of Instagram followers the hash mark # in this address. • http://instagramers.com/news/how-to-organize-aninstameet/ Monday, 14 October 13
    • TIES IN WITH PHOTO SHARING TO DRIVE VIRALITY Photo sharing - X hours daily/weekly/monthly Short term objectives: • Encourage employees to share any interesting and marketing relevant photos from social marketing or sales events • Take pictures of any relevant marketing events • Utilize photo sharing sites to share images with links back to blog and core site • Flickr • Facebook Photo Gallery • Corporate blog(s) Key Metrics: • Referrals from photo sharing sites • Views of photos on social sites • Pages ranking on key terms from photo sharing sites Monday, 14 October 13
    • FOLLOWED BY TWITTER Key Metrics: • Friends/Followers • 2nd-order followers (follower’s follower count) • Velocity - avg. of first-and second-order followers attracted per day since the account was established Short term objectives: • Compile list of company Twitter users/promoting corporate blogs and tracking as appropriate • Social Capital - influence of twitter followers • Centralization - how much influence (reach) is invested in a small number of followers • Finding, cultivating and influencing brand advocates • Pages ranking on key terms from microblogging sites • Communicate support issues from social media to support team, ensure follow-up • Promote other social networking activities/sites through Twitter Monday, 14 October 13
    • COUPLED WITH YOU TUBE 1. Use Descriptive Playlists Playlists are key to your success, with the express intention of achieving greater visibility to your channel’s content. Target’s YouTube channel is a best in class example. 2. Begin grouping videos of a similar topic into playlists Target chose to group all their web exclusive content in one playlist and all their TV commercials into another. By grouping your videos together based on their topic, these videos are more likely to drive traffic between one another due to both usability and YouTube’s search algorithm. A user is more likely to watch a video of the same subject matter right after they’ve just watched a video on that topic. 3. Optimize your titles Users will only see the first 50-60 characters.  50 Characters will be seen when viewing your video result in Google universal search, 60 in regular Google search, and 55 characters in YouTube search. Monday, 14 October 13
    • HARNESSING THE SEO VALUE OF ANNOTATIONS 3. Make the Most of Annotations YouTube annotations are a way of adding interactive commentary to your videos. Their function: acting as a CTA to drive a viewer to complete a certain task, such as subscribing to your channel, watching more videos, pausing the video, adding a comment, following your brand on Twitter or Facebook and among many others. After this process is complete, run an audit through onlinevideograder.com Key metrics • Referrals from social video sites • Views of videos on social sites • Pages ranking on key terms from Youtube • Number of annotations: Use fewest number of annotations (no more than two) in a video at any one time. • Length of text: Keep your annotations as short and snappy, not to detract from video content. • Writing in ALL CAPS: Using every word in capital letters may be considered as loud by some viewers. Monday, 14 October 13
    • INCLUDING LINKEDIN TO DRIVE B2B ENDEAVORS 1. Choose a customer-focused message. Many entrepreneurs tend to think from the inside out: This is our product, here are its features.  Instead, think from the outside in: Our customers buy from us in order to achieve this goal. 2. Reframe your experience to fit the message. Rather than treating your LinkedIn profile as an autobiography of your working life, treat it as a way to show why your experience makes you a credible supplier of whatever you're selling. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with key team members. Beyond C-suite comms, every significant player on the team should frame his or her experience in a way that further reinforces the company's brand. Monday, 14 October 13
    • AS A KEY PLATFORM TO UPDATE FREQUENTLY Key metrics 4. Expunge irrelevant/questionable contacts. Rather than trying to get as many people as possible on your follower list, consider limiting it to people whose presence reinforces your core message. 5. Use LinkedIn as your branding focal point. Make certain that every brand-significant event (big sales, new hires, new products, etc) is reflected in your LinkedIn updates. Shorten bio page on your website and provide a prominent link to your profile. Monday, 14 October 13 Quantitative: LinkedIn Company Profile Views LinkedIn Search Results Business Followers Industry, Role and Location Representation Qualitative: Requests for Business LinkedIn Signal Keyword Mentions Likes and Comments on Updates Group Growth and Interaction Recommendations
    • KEEPING G+ FIRMLY IN THE PICTURE Use Google+ as a mini blog Unlike other social media platforms, you are not constrained by character limits on Google+ (you've got 100K). So, it's a perfect place to post content that might not fit well on your blog. Remember, this content will be linked to you, you'll get credit for it in the form of Author Rank and it'll be indexed in the search engines. Result! Essential maintenance here: https://plus.google.com/authorship‎ Fine tune your notifications Whenever you're logged into G+ or Gmail, quickly view notifications at the top of your screen in the little red box (it's gray with "0" there are none). Control notifications (via email or SMS) in the settings tab. Monday, 14 October 13
    • KNOWN AS THE POPULAR ‘NEW(ISH) KID ON THE BLOCK’ Schedule your posts for the future Using Chrome, download the Do Share extension which let's you schedule your G+ posts. (Note that your browser has to be open in order for scheduled posts to publish. Choose the best thumbnail image when sharing links When you share a link, G+ will grab the images from that post. You can hover over the image box and click the left & right arrows to choose the image that best represents the content. Benchmarking tools are your friends: socialstatistics.com Monday, 14 October 13
    • OR RAPIDLY RISING STAR: PINTEREST Key Metrics: #1: Pins From Your Website When looking at the Site Metrics tab of the analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to view many of the top metrics worth reviewing about your account’s performance. #2: Repins From Your Website Repins are the fuel for engagement on Pinterest. When a Pinterest user sees a visual in their feed from one of the accounts they are following, they can choose to repin it to their boards, which also adds it to their followers’ feeds. This action can help your content quickly get in front of new Pinterest users who may not be following your account. #3: Determine Your Reach Determining the reach of your website’s content on Pinterest—the daily average number of people who saw your pins on Pinterest—is the next step to gauge the effectiveness of your content once it has been pinned and repinned. To calculate the reach of your content, scroll down below Pins and Repins to the section with Impressions and Reach. Reach allows you to have an understanding of the success of your content when it is pinned and repinned. Monday, 14 October 13
    • LOOKING AT THE ROI OF AN ONLINE COMMUNITY 1. Background. How you calculate the community’s ROI, which metrics do you monitor? 2. Research. Online communities can drive average amount spent per customer, reduce outsourcing costs and most importantly, attract new customers. 3. Mistakes. Include trying to use a single formula, measuring the wrong metrics and not measuring attributable return. Monday, 14 October 13
    • SOME COMMUNITY FORMULAE TO CONSIDER 1. Increase in retention rates. Increase in retention rates since joining community = (Average retention rates of members/lurkers - average retention rates of newcomers) Less the average increase in retention rates of non-members (control group) multiplied by the value of the customer per year. 2. Increase purchases of existing products/services. Customers buying more of what you sell = Increase in sales of members since joining the community = (average retention rates of members/ lurkers - average retention rates of newcomers) Less the average increase rates of non-members (control group) multiplied by the number of # active members plus #lurkers in the community Benefit of community team: smarter customer service, direct savings from headhunter/recruitment fees Monday, 14 October 13
    • MARKETING OBJECTIVES: IN SIMPLE TERMS Resource: searchenginewatch.com Monday, 14 October 13
    • LEAD TO QUANTIFIED FORMULAIC SOLUTIONS 1) Advertising Value - Social Web Traffic Referrals: GOAL: Drive More Web Traffic, Reduce Ad Costs _____(#) social referral clicks to website X $_____ (CPC) equivalent display or social ad costs ______________________________________ = $ Social Ad Value Example:  Estimated 150 social referral clicks to the website at social ad costs of $3.99 per click = $1,197 equivalent social ad value 2) Content Value - User-Generated Content (UGC) Articles: GOAL: Grow Awareness, Improve SEO, Aid Conversion (Social Proof), Reduce Content Costs _____(#) online stories or articles with significant brand focus or mention X $_____ equivalent content creation cost _____________________________________ = $ Article Value Tip: Tier creation costs by content quality (e.g., length, sentiment, images, uniqueness) and/or Domain Authority levels. Example:  Estimated 5 stories discovered at an equivalent content value of $350 each = $1,750 equivalent content article value Monday, 14 October 13
    • ADDITIONAL TACTICAL ROUTES TO MARKET #2 Crowdsourcing/Voting - X hours daily/weekly/monthly Short term objectives: • Identify relevant social crowdsourcing and voting sites • Participate in relevant online community site • Promote content when applicable in offsite social crowdsourcing and voting sites • Review blog sources to identify additional bookmarking sites that may drive traffic Key Metrics: • Referrals and Visits from Crowdsouring/Voting sites Commenting/Forums/Wikis/Rating and Review sites- X hours daily/weekly/monthly Short term objectives: • Comment on posts related to lead management, lead nurturing, email marketing, and lead scoring Key Metrics: • Referrals from discussion boards/forums/wikis/rating and review sites • Pages ranking on key terms from discussion boards/forums/wikis/rating and review sites Monday, 14 October 13
    • OTHER VALUABLE CHANNELS INCLUDING... AS OUTLINED– - Email marketing/distribution. Key metrics: open rates, click rates, download rates, conversation rates (?), revenue per generated email monitored through third party tools. QUESTIONS: What is your process around copy creation/ syndication of copy with social platforms? Infusionsoft example (see above): Holistic eg. of email marketing workflow from creation -> execution -> ROI Monday, 14 October 13
    • AND A PR STRATEGY USING KEY SYNDICATION SUPPLIERS • Analyzing everything, 24/7: How do you track product/brand mentions? What’s your process on monitoring media responses to recent news and issues, chart industry trends, and ‘competitors’? • Gauging your impact: Do you have existing tools? See the prominence of your messages and keywords within your coverage realtime. • Determining the tone of coverage: How do you measure how a new product is perceived against your ‘competition’ and how do you chart results? Monday, 14 October 13
    • SWITCHING FOCUS TO BLOG(S) Key Metrics: • Number of posts • Audience growth- unique and returns • Conversation rate/conversions Short term objectives: • Increase recognition • Example: X number of posts • Blog publication schedule • Subscribers • Inbound links • Technorati, Alltop, and other directory listings • SEO Improvements • Add RSS button • Encourage comments, forum pages, etc. • Update bloggers (note all guest bloggers to have bio page) on a regular basis about all new thought leadership and new products Monday, 14 October 13
    • FURTHER BLOGGING IDEAS TO CONSIDER... Bookmarking/Tagging- X hours daily/ weekly/monthly Short term objectives: Post key thought leadership (resources and blog posts) • Delicious • Reddit • Digg • Stumbleupon Key Metrics: Widgets - X hours daily/weekly/monthly Short term objectives: • Creation and distribution of widgets Key Metrics: • Usage of widgets (by count) • Posts/Mentions about social widgets offsite • Referrals from offsite widgets (if any) Monday, 14 October 13 Review blog sources to identify additional bookmarking sites that may drive traffic
    • ADDITIONAL TACTICAL ROUTES TO MARKET #1 Podcasting/MeetOn - X hours daily/ weekly/monthly Short term objectives: • Create a SEO-optimized list of podcast directories • Repurpose webinar content when applicable for resource section, promote through podcast directories • Record relevant phone conferences for use as podcasts, promote through podcast directories Key Metrics: • Referrals from podcast directories • Views of podcasts if hosted on podcast sites Monday, 14 October 13 Presentation Sharing- X hours daily/weekly/ monthly Short term objectives: • List all presentations on Slideshare and update listings Key Metrics: • Referrals/views from Slideshare • Pages ranking on key terms from Slideshare • Lead generation using Pro
    • SUGGESTED COMMS ROADMAP QUESTION: What type of checklist processes do you have in place? Monday, 14 October 13
    • EG: BLOGGING EDITORIAL CALENDAR TEMPLATE Other parameters to consider: topic/seasonal bias. Trending vs. generic keywords. Consider title generator tools Monday, 14 October 13
    • APPENDIX: RETARGETING/AFFILIATE STRATEGY? • QUESTIONS: Would any of these re-targeting strategies work for you? You Tube remarketing, dynamic remarketing, search companion remarketing, similar users remarketing, Google Analytics list or Facebook remarketing? Monday, 14 October 13
    • APPENDIX: USEFUL TOOL RESOURCES #3 Monday, 14 October 13
    • APPENDIX: USEFUL TOOL RESOURCES #4 Monday, 14 October 13
    • APPENDIX: COMMUNITY METRICS DEEP DIVE #5 Resource: socious.com Monday, 14 October 13
    • POSSIBLE COOL FEATURES TO INCLUDE IN BLOGS FUN, QUIRKY REACTION-BASED BUTTONS TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT– - Mashable do a great job of segmenting their content by freeze framing headers ‘The New Stuff’, ‘The Next Big Thing’ (highlighted) and ‘What’s Hot’ Monday, 14 October 13