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Soco java games 2011

  1. 1. Ancient MythARPG
  2. 2. ARMOR HEROOfficial game for “Chinese Ultraman” TV mini-series52 episodes TV mini seriesBroadcasted in over 100 channelsOfficial Movie title . available Now
  3. 3. 决战刹马镇Final war
  4. 4. Monkey King Monkey King SOCO new ARPG game Launched in Japan in August available now
  5. 5. ◆This is a RPG game which also contains action and shoot games with the theme of science fiction. for warn present humankind to protect the earth we are living, designer writes this story telling about hero in games refrains his elder brother from robbing resources for saving the universe. ◆ 13 scenes which total contains 49 levels, 18 kinds of monsters which contains 4 bosses. Different level of monster.(18*4=64 monsters), 25 quests are designed, such as Rescue, riddle, acquisition, exploration…. ◆ Real time game system: game story continues even player quit the game. ◆ 3 affiliated weapons. User is freely choosing the weapon-upgrading route. ◆ The love story in the game: The love between Prince and Princess can only be felt by the Players themselves to highlight the game play.Galaxy Legend
  6. 6. Kung fu
  7. 7. Force ReconGenre: Shootem Up/Action/StrategyTechnology: Java, 2D graphicsAvailability: AvailableMission: War is everywhere! Your goal is toconquer the front lines of the enemy and tocomplete your assignments in enemy territoriesat any price. Game Features Amazing graphics creating a World War II’s atmosphere filled with dangers; Exciting action story accompanied with dialogues of main characters, briefings and over Story Line 45 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and explosion;World War II is fully underway. A small elite 17 levels of dangerous missions; 3 campaigns in North Africa and some European cities;troop of Allies has been sent over the front line different strategies can be applied;to breach the enemy resistance. You have this The player can choose to play 3 main characters (Captain Casey Brown, a sharpshooter,once in a lifetime chance to assist in the many Corporal Dusty Miller, an experienced engineer and explosives expert, Lieutenant Andyoperations of the unit! Youll take part in a foray Stevens, a weapons expert) and different weapons (sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun,through the deserts of Africa, fight against the etc.); each character has 3 stages of development;enemy in the narrow alleys of European cities Many important assignments to be completed by the player while carrying out dangerousand find and destroy a secret missile base in missions (crossing over the front line, blowing up enemy fuel depots, freeing thethe Palatinate Forest. Choose to play different members of the resistance, etc.);main characters and different weapons! Carry 6 enemy’s weapons types (pistol, submachine gun, heavy machine gun, Faustpatrone,out dangerous missions in remote enemy mines, bombs);regions and defeat them! Easy to learn controls
  8. 8. PiranhaGenre: Arcade/AdventureTechnology: Java, 2D graphicsAvailability: AvailableMission: Your goal is to complete all levels byovercoming many fascinating taskssuccessfully. Each level can be completed witha Bronze, Silver or Gold rating. Story Line Game FeaturesExplore the enigmatic waters of the worlds Marvellous graphics reproducing the magnificence of the world’s ocean;ocean and unveil their secrets in our captivating Captivating story accompanied with dialogues of main characters and 24 excellent in-game "Piranha"! Together with the little piranha game movies; unique attack animations;youll grow and begin an adventurous journey 12 levels of thrilling adventures underwater including 2 spectacular duel levels as well ason the Amazon. Youll see the mystical an optional training level; some of the levels with a time limit as a challenge; a map ofCaribbean Sea, the cold and dangerous waters levels;of the North Atlantic, the crystal clear and warm Many fascinating tasks to be completed by the player (swimming in the current, finding theMediterranean as well as the Red Sea until you way out of the labyrinth, watching over the treasures, collecting the pearls etc.)arrive in the Indian Ocean. In order to reach the A repletion scale showing you how full your stomach is; a life scale shows health; 3 stagesfinal goal youll have to avoid aggressive of growth in each level;sharks, battle against the ancient sea monster Many species of sea inhabitants (piranha, catfish, 3 small-sized, 3 middle-sized and 3 big-and study the ancient artifacts throughout your sized fish species, medusa, octopus, sword-fish, shark, etc.) plus a skin-diver and a diver;journey on the Amazon. Easy to learn controls
  9. 9. Platform: J2ME Genre: Tactical Strategy - ActionUFO: Afterlight is a mobile version of the 3rd installment of the successful PC games series. It is a mixture of squad-based tactical action and globalstrategy with the player controlling the actions of elite ground troops, collecting resources and researching technologies.•Combination of global strategy and tactical missions•Large number of new technologies, weapons and equipment•Strong RPG elements and diplomacy•Research enables terraforming of Mars•Friendly interface and easy orientation in the game•Detailed graphics and visual effects•Destructible elements of the environment•Intelligent enemies, rarely are two missions the same
  10. 10. Platform: J2ME Genre: Action AdventureJoin Gish , the 12 pound ball of tar, in his adventures in the gloomy underground. Explore a dark and humorous platform world usingadvanced physics, and utilize the environments and your gelatinous body to overcome foes and solve puzzles either by yourself orwith a friend in the Bluetooth cooperative mode. Tar might be dead matter, but Gish is very much alive!Dynamic physics and lighting•50+ singleplayer levels•25+ multiplayer levels•Deathmatches and race levels•3 unique environments•Animated enemies•Bluetooth multiplayer•Zeemote wireless controller technology support
  11. 11. TMNT 2 – Unique Selling Points Sequel to the well-received TMNT: The Ninja Tribunal game (Games Review 95% + Gold Award, Jeuxpo 8/10, Midlet-Review 7,75/10) Dynamic mix of action, adventure and RPG Powerful brand Target group: boys/men 12 - 28
  12. 12. Screenshots
  13. 13. Name: Blackbeard’s TreasureGenre:ARPG
  14. 14. Soco Software, Exploring game’s joy!Address: Suite 9D-9G, No.1138, Chang An Road, Shanghai, ChinaTel: +86 21 5106 8290Fax: +86 21 5106 8278Http: //www.socogame.comE-mail: