Social Media Marketing - Getting Started on Twitter and LinkedIn


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Learn the Basics and Start Seeing What the Buzz is All About on Twitter
- How Does Twitter Help Brands and Individuals?
- 3 Things You Need to Do on Twitter & LinkedIn Today!

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Social Media Marketing - Getting Started on Twitter and LinkedIn

  1. 1. 3 Things To Do Today1. Complete your ProfileClick on “Me” at the top.Click on the “Edit Profile” button.2. Connect with FriendsClick on “Discover” at the top.Click on “Find Friends” on the left.Search contacts from your email easily!3. Turn on NotificationsClick on this icon at the top:Click “Email notifications” on the left.Select notifications for activity so you’ll know when others are tweeting at you.The Basics1. Mentions: “@”Used before a username to direct a tweet at that person or brand.2. Hashtags: “#”Used to “tag” a tweet for a popular event or buzz-word.3. ReTweetHover over any tweet on, and you will see this symbol. Click on it to “retweet” (or “RT”) another tweet so that your followers can see it.Twitter was (and still is) a servicethat relied heavily on mobile-messaging. The worldwidestandard length of SMS (or textmessages on phones) is 160-characters. The founders(including @Jack from St. Louis)thought it wise to stay within thatbounds. Social media and textmessaging have now madecommunicating with simplicity aneveryday reality.In a nutshell, the short-form communication style that Twitter limits its users to actuallyencourages people on Twitter to communicate with one another much the same way they do ata networking event: Make small talk, find the things that connect you quickly, and share yourbusiness insights and news. If you’re limited in space to communicate your message, you’relikely to keep it simple and skip to the best parts about everything. Twitter is like a timelinefeaturing only the highlights about events, people, news, opinions and experiences. On Twitter,if you just spend a little bit more time in the habitat, you’ll find you might adapt pretty quickly!I Don’t Get ItHow Does Twitter HelpBrands and Individuals?GetStartedWITHSOCIAL MEDIALearn the Basics and Start Seeing What the Buzz is All About on TwitterCreated for KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW): Embracing social media toenhance your networking skills and capabilitiesWhy characters?140
  2. 2. LinkedIn.com3 Things To Do Today1. Complete Your ProfileGo to “Profile” at the top.Click “Edit Profile.”Fill in as many fields as you can.Choose your words carefully, just asyou would in a resumé!2. Add ConnectionsHover over “Network” at the top.Click “Add Connections” in the menu.Connect your email address book toadd people you already know.3. Turn on NotificationsHover over your photo in the top right.Click on “Privacy & Settings.”Click on “Communications” on the left.Configure emails you’d like to receiveto stay on top of connections andmessages.Ongoing:Every time you meet someone andtrade business cards, use the emailaddress on their card to connect withthem on LinkedIn.LinkedIn can become a new type of“digital rolodex” for you. Never lose acontact again - they’re all storedonline, and you can send a directmessage to any connection any time!Networking has never been easier.Erin E. MoloneyThis handout was produced by digitalmarketing strategist, Erin E. Moloney.Erin is the Director of Digital andSocial Media Marketing at Perficient,Professor of Social Media at theUniversity of Missouri - St. Louis andPresident of the Social Media Club -Saint Louis. @ErinE EEMoloney@gmail.comWhy Social Media Now?"The world has changed, and consumers,employees, and stakeholders now expect toengage with companies and their brandsthrough social media." - Matteo Tonello of TheConference Board.The Value of Conversations“Marketing is undergoing a remarkableevolution at this moment. The multitude ofmedia we can use to speak to ourmarketplace is revolutionizing how we work,”says Brian Carroll of B2B Lead Roundtable.“Today, for marketing to effectively driverevenue, it must be a continuous, meaningfulconversation. The most successful marketerswill know how to lead that conversation sothey can communicate to their customer theright things in the right way at the right time.”Social Media for Sales1. Find out who you should contact in order tosecure customer meetings; use LinkedIn toensure you are contacting the right personbut make first contact via email.2. Find out more about people you will meetprior to customer meetings: where theyhave worked in the past and who theymight know in common.3. Research your competition: monitor aprospective customer’s connections to findout which competitors and salespeople areworking on the account.4. Join groups to keep in touch withcolleagues you have worked with in thepast, follow companies of interest, andimprove your industry related knowledge.5. Keep existing customers informed aboutyour company; share links to pressreleases, white papers, reports, productannouncements, and company videos.5 Best Practices1. Get (and Stay) Organized: Follow expertsand news sources, organize them into lists,and use search to read about currentevents.2. Give it Time: Log on frequently forimmediate and highly curated industrynews & perspectives, and to learn howother experts engage.3. Know Your Own Employees: Seek out yoursocially savvy employees; Give them experttraining, and encourage positive socialcontent sharing.4. Free Market Research: Monitor brandmentions, competitors, and industrykeywords and trends.5. Protect Yourself and Your Brand: Develop asocial media policy internally that keepssocial activity legal, compliant, respectfuland professional. Women are excellentcommunicators andnetworkers. Social media isyet another tool that canfacilitate quick and easyconnections.