Blogging Basics


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This guide on blogging includes:
Stats on why blogging is an effective medium for businesses and organizations
Style and Tone best practices
What to include in a social media policy for your team
Blogging "Musts"
How to motivate bloggers
Great content ideas

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Blogging Basics

  1. 1. Why Blog? Social Media Policy: Blogging “Musts” Content Ideas66% of daily Internet users read What to Include • Always respond to comments. • Follow articles andblogs • Add analytics (Google occurrences in your industry,-UM Oct 2010 Your policy on discussing partners, employees, Analytics). and comment on other46% of people read blogs more • Include images in posts experts’ articles with yourthan once/day. competitors, customers or– Hubspot 2010 clients. Our stance: Do not • Tie content back to what you own opinions or ideas. negatively critique any company. sell but don’t be “salesy” • Review a book40% of companies blog for • Share blog posts on social • Review a productmarketing purposes- eMarketer Aug 2010 Confidentiality: What topics are media • Review a place off limits to discuss • Use keywords in titles and • List: Top 5 or Top 10, tips,Companies that blog have 55% copy (Google Keyword tricks, web sites, etc.more website visitors- Hubspot 2010 Professionalism: Do not post any Suggestion Tool) • A 2-3 part series of posts material that is obscene, • Set business goals about a larger topic.B2B companies that blog generate • Leverage categories and tags • Interview of an authority in67% more leads per month than defamatory, profane, libelous,those who do not. threatening, harassing, etc. • Schedule content for business the field (could be a Q&A– Hubspot 2010 Respect your audience and your hours done by email with a partner coworkers. Dont pick fights. • Stick to a topic – keep your or authority in the area)Companies that blog have 434%more indexed pages in the search blog themed • Describe somethingengines. Company has the right to delete • Break up long blocks of text technical in a step-by-step- Hubspot 2010 with sub-headings way or edit content published.Companies that blog have 97% Respect copyrights and do not • Include contact details and • Recap an event Predictionmore inbound links. plagiarize. “About” information an upcoming trend or- Hubspot 2010 change • Case study How to Motivate Bloggers • PodcastStyle and Tone • Video (YouTube) • Cash rewards for posts or authors with the most traffic, comments, • Presentation ( present tense and first person or social media shares – quarterly or monthly • Announce a webinar“I am thinking about…” • Send them “food for thought” occasionally – articles and story ideas • Announce a white paper • Encourage shorter, more frequent posts - Do not set a minimum • Reference guideInfuse your personality or the word count requirement • Buyer’s guidecompany’s style into your posts. • Recognize bloggers who contribute valuable content or write often • Comparison tables / charts by awarding them, or give them badges on company intranet, etc. • PhotographsMany business blogs are about • Provide an editorial calendar of topics • Infographic ( professional/personal in • Send out updates on progress toward blogging goals, business • Guest posttheir tone achieved via the blog, and/or number of posts published per bloggerBlogging Tips, Produced by Erin Moloney | | @ErinE