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Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
Case Study: iTunes
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Case Study: iTunes


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  • 1. iTunes Case Study
    RemiEid ID: @26541
    WalaaYassien ID: @29172
  • 2. Introduction:
    Apple first introduced iTunes store in April 2003
    first started out with 200 thousand songs, which gradually increased
  • 3. Target Audience and Segmentation:
    iTunes is for everyone all around the globe
    takes note of the cultural differences through different demographics, psychographics as well as geographic segmentations
    Apple success lies in its glocalization of its content
    Students/Intellectuals as target audiences
  • 4. iStore:
    iTunes Ping
    People can purchase music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, as well as other Apple products such as: Gift cards, iPad 1 and 2, iPhone, apple accessories and so much more
    People can also chose to rent music, movies, TV shows and podcasts instead of buying them
  • 5. iTunes Business Model:
    Software engineering
    Hardware manufacturing
  • 6. iTunes Application:
    Basic Application: iTunes itself is a free application from Apple to MAC or PC users
    iTunes basic applications revolve around music, movies, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U and Audiobooks
    Over 70% of these applications are related to games while the other applications are related to the internet and social networks
    Two types of applications: free and paid
  • 7. iTunes Innovation:
    iTunes when it was first introduced in 2003 was an innovation itself
    However, iTunes 10 is considered to be a creative version of iTunes rather than an innovative version
  • 8. iTunes e-store:
    iTunes e-store stands up as huge revolution in the music industry
    The e-store personal usage rights and the one-click direct download to iTunes made it easy where basic factors towards this success
    “With music from all five major music companies and over 200 independent music labels, the iTunes Music Store is growing every day and will offer more than 400,000 songs.”
  • 9. iTunes Promotions:
    “iTunes has revolutionized the way we buy music,” said Dawn Hudson, president of Pepsi-Cola North America
    In 2004, Pepsi featured Apple in the most historic promotion made by Apple in San Francisco
    Apple has announced in 2003 that it will legally give away 100 million free songs from its iTunes music stores
    Another success was when iTunes announced a random sign up for open mice companions for its top 10 leading songs in its online store and the winner would get free downloads from the online store
  • 10. iTunes Gift Cards:
    The main deal here is Gift Cards from iTunes online shop
  • 11. iTunes Website – Face of the Company:
    When you open the webpage; it feels more like a real store rather than a website
    The webpage comes with 35 different languages featuring Apple’s multiple stores which are: Educational, Business and Governmental
    Moreover, Apple’s e-store defines what should the consumers know about each product and facilitate the flow of information and ordering procedures
  • 12. The End
    Any Questions?