Sample creative briefs


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A creative brief is a strategic plan -a kind of map- that both the client and the design firm or advertising agency agree upon, a written document outlining and strategizing a design project.

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Sample creative briefs

  1. 1. SAMPLE CREATIVE BRIEFSB!"e#s ma$ %a&e d"##e!en%s #o!ms Sou!"e: “Ad#e!$%s%n& b Des%&n” Boo( b Rob%n Landa
  2. 2. What is a brief ? > A "!ea$%#e b!%e) %s a s%!a%e"( p)an –a (%nd o) map- $ha$ bo%h %he ()"en% and %he des"n #"!m o!ad#e!$%s%n& a&en" a!ee upon, a w!"%%en do(umen% ou%)"n"n and s%!a%e"z"n a des%&n p!o*e"$.
  3. 3. > S$!a$e&, and s$!a$e& s$a$emen$, "an be de$e!m%ned ou$s%de a des%&n b!%e) o! w%$h%n a b!%e).
  4. 4. > Mo!e b!%e)s a!e made up o) ques$%on and answe!s –a hand )o!ma$ $o )u++ de+%nea$e $he ass%&nmen$s, ob*e"$%#es $he p!o*e"$s, des%&n "on$ex$, and $he aud%en"e. > The answe!s $o ques$%ons posed %n a b!%e) a!eusua++ based on p!edes%&n (o! p!e+%m%na!) ma!(e$ !esea!"h; %n)o!ma$%on &a$he!ed abou$ $he p!odu"$, se!#%"e o! &!oup and aud%en"e; and $he bud&e$.
  5. 5. > The "+%en$ and "!ea$%#e p!o)ess%ona+s "an &o ba"( $o $he b!%e) )o! &u%dan"e, o!des%&ne! "an use %$ $o suppo!$ $he%! "on"ep$s o! so+u$%ons.
  6. 6. > A $hou&h$)u+, "+ea!b!%e) "an )os$e! )o"used, "!%$%"a+ $h%n(%n& and+ead $o "!ea$%#e "on"ep$s )o!mu+a$%on.
  7. 7. SAMPLE CREATIVE BRIEF #1  > P!o*e(% %"%)e > De)%ne $he "ha++en&e > De$e!m%ne $he (e aud%en"e > Des"!%be ou! "u!!en$ unde!s$and%n& o) $he b!and o! &!oup > Iden$%) $he b!and essen"e > De$e!m%ne $he s$!a$e& > As"e!$a%n $he bes$ me$hods o) exe"u$%on > Med%a > Pa!ame$e!s: > Dead+%nes > Bud&e$
  8. 8. SAMPLE CREATIVE BRIEF #2  > ,+%en$ o! b!and> P!odu"$ "a$e&o!> Un%que se++%n& p!opos%$%on (USP) bene)%$ un%que $o $head#e!$%sed b!and> Lon&-$e!m pos%$%on> ,ommun%"a$%on s$!a$e&> B!and pe!sona+%$> Ta!&e$ aud%en"e> Bu%n& and usa&e> -a+ue, a$$%$udes, and +%)es$+e> ,ompe$%$%on> Suppo!$
  9. 9. SAMPLE CREATIVE BRIEF #3  > Who a!e we $a+(%n& $o?> Wha% %s $he s%n&+e mos$ %mpo!$an$ messa&e we wan$$o "ommun%"a$e?> Wh$ shou+d peop+e be+%e#e $h%s?> Wha% $one o) #o%"e shou+d we use?> Wha% do we wan$ peop+e $o $h%n( o! )ee+ a)$e!expe!%en"%n& $he ad#e!$%s%n&?> Wha% a!e $he !equ%!emen$s?> Is %he!e a bes$ med%a "hanne+ )o! $h%s messa&e?
  10. 10. SAMPLE CREATIVE BRIEF #4  > Pos"%"on: Wha$ d%))e!en$%a$%n& %dea wou+d be bo$h!e+e#an$ $o ou! $a!&e$ aud%en"e and "ha++en&%n& $o $he%!"u!!en$ $h%n(%n& "on"e!n%n& $he b!and o! &!oup> +onne(%"on: Wha$ so"%a+ o! emo$%ona+ asso"%a$%on does ou!$a!&e$ aud%en"e ha#e w%$h $h%s %dea?> +on*e(%u!e: How "an we bes$ %n)o!m ou! "on*e"$u!e $oso+#e $h%s "ommun%"a$%on p!ob+em> Ins"h%: Wha$ abou$ $he b!and "ou+d he+p us s$a!$ ad%a+o&ue be$ween $he b!and and ou! "onsume!s, amon& ou!$a!&e$ aud%en"e and/o! w%$h%n pop "u+$u!e