Tema 5 estructuras bilingüe

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  • 1. UNIT 5.-Structures
  • 2. 1.-What is a structure? 2.-Types of efforts 3.-Elements of a structure 4.-Resistant structures 5.-Stable structures 6.-Profiles 7.-Types of artificial structures
  • 3. 1.-Definition of structure A structure is a set of elements capable of supporting forces and transmitting them to the points where it rests in order to be resistant and stable. These forces are called loads
  • 4. 2.-Types of efforts We call efforts the forces that appear in the elements of a structure when it is submitted to other forces or loads
  • 5. Loads Compression Traction Flexion Cut Twist
  • 6. Compresión-- compression Tracción-- traction Flexión-- flexion Torsión-- twist Cizalladura-corte--cut
  • 7. 3.-Elements of a structure The elements most used in the structures are: foundations, columns or props, girders, arches and cables-ties.
  • 8. Cimientos-- foundations Columnas-- columns
  • 9. Arcos-- arches Tirantes-- cables
  • 10. 4.- Resistant structures A structure is resistant when its form remains while having loads applied to it. The triangle is the only geometric shape that isn't deformed
  • 11. 5.- Stable structures Stable structures are those that, when applying a force on them, maintain their position. Unstable structures, by applying a small push, lose their balance. Stability is related to the center of gravity. The center of gravity is related to the imaginary point where all the objects mass would go if it were compressed
  • 12. 6.- Profiles The profiles are bars of different sections. Profiles allow us to make structures resistant, lightweight and inexpensive at the same time.Types of profies: L, V, X, H, square, triangle, circle.
  • 13.
    • - Massive
    • - Vaulted
    • - Inforced
    • - Triangular
    • - Hangers
    • - Other types