MALDI imaging at Imabiotech

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ImaBioteh provides a MALDI imaging solution as a fast and robust tool for ADME and pharmacokinetics

ImaBioteh provides a MALDI imaging solution as a fast and robust tool for ADME and pharmacokinetics

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  • 1. Mass spectrometry Imaging (MSI)
    An innovative platform for drug and metabolites study Imagine your next innovations
  • 2. Introduction
    IMABIOTECH is a leading French company providing CRO, biotechs and pharmaceutical groups with innovative Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), customized services and products.
    IMABIOTECH is a spin-off of University of Lille, and in 2008, founded with Professor SALZET and Professor FOURNIER to bring expertise in the field of MSI Imagine your next innovations
  • 3. MS Imaging use
    Why should do molecular imaging ?
    Stake of clinical and Pharma research:
    • Bring molecular information
    • 4. Combine molecular and spatial information in early stage of drug discovery
    • 5. Fast study of ADME and pharmacokinetics Imagine your next innovations
  • 6. MSI Technique
    MSI : in vitro/ex vivo imaging technique which detects surface molecules of histological tissue sections
    More than thousands simultaneously detected molecules such as drugs, metabolites , lipids and proteins Imagine your next innovations
  • 7. Benefits of MSI 
    MS imaging advantages
    • No labeling and non radioactive
    • 8. Biomolecules or drugs/Metabolites
    • 9. Large scope of simultaneous detection of elements and molecules (Atom to proteins)
    • 10. Fast compared to labeling approaches (HIC, autoradiography)
    • 11. Detailed images
    • 12. Resolution : 500nm - 100μm
    • 13. Sensitivity ng/g
    • 14. Whole body, cells, organs
    A label free method Imagine your next innovations
  • 15. MSI applications 
    Examples of pharmacokinetics of a drug and metabolite (in a single experiment)
    2 hours post dose
    6 hours post dose
    Control T0
    Its metabolite
    Many others applications such as :
    • Biomarker discoveries directly on-tissue
    • 16. Contrast agent evaluation
    • 17. Chemicals detection
    • 18. Iron, Lithium of potassium detection
    • 19. Peptides or lipids Imagine your next innovations
    Optical image
    of Kidney
    Drug localization
    2 hours post dose
    6 hours post dose
    Control T0
  • 20. MSI applications 
    Larges applications of MSI for :
    • drug ADME/PK studies :
    • 21. Co-localization of drugs and metabolites (defined by their exact masses)
    • 22. Research of unknown metabolites
    • 23. Assess Administration and Formulation
    • 24. Nanoparticles localization and Drug delivery systems studies
    • 25. Whole body or organs studies (Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Bones, Muscles… )
    Whole mouse body
    Drug distribution
    Metabolites distribution Imagine your next innovations
  • 26. MSI applications 
    Larges applications of MSI for :
    • biomarkers discoveries in different therapeutic areas :
    • 27. Oncology
    • 28. CNS diseases
    • 29. Infectious diseases
    • 30. Ophthalmology
    • 31. Gastroenterology
    • 32. Pulmonary
    • 33. Cardiology…
    Intestinal Disease
    CNS disease
    Oncology Imagine your next innovations
  • 34. Benefits of MSI 
    Triple benefits of MS imaging in your ADME/PK studies
    • MS Imaging is fast (10 days to assess your drug delivery compared to others techniques 6-12 months)
    • 35. No radioactive and no labeling are required
    • 36. MSI technique discriminates the localization of drugs and metabolites
    • 37. Expertise in MSI Imagine your next innovations
  • 38. The innovative platform
    IMABIOTECH an unique CRO Platform in Europe dedicated to MSI imaging
    • From Administration, tissue preparation to MS imaging
    • 39. ImaBiotech Performs :
    • 40. More than 40 images within in a week
    • 41. Organs and whole-body MS imaging
    • 42. For each molecules injected (>0,2 mg/kg; 0-70KDa)
    • 43. Distribution of drug and metabolites within 2 week
    • 44. And pharmacokinetics within 4 weeks Imagine your next innovations
  • 45. For further information visit our website www.imabiotech.comor Imagine your next innovations