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Presentation given at the Club Club Minecraft Meetup, LCB Depot Leicester, 18th May 2013 by Joseph Ishmael and Luke Shortland

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  • We are very happy to be opening todays Minecraft event with a short talk to introduce Minecraft. We know there are a lot of people here today who know the game and play it a lot, but many of the parents here today will have no idea what Minecraft might be. So this talk is for you. Minecraft is a creative game created by a Swedish programmer called Markus “Notch” (as many people know him) Persson. The game was developed and published by Mojang in May 2009. The game is unique because it is mainly based on blocks and being creative.
  • Minecraft is available for many platforms: Personal computer (PC) was the original platform, The game runs on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X (for Apple computers) and Linux. Minecraft – Pocket Edition was released for Android phones in October 2011, and for iOS (Apple phones) in November 2011. This is a cut down version of the game that focuses on building and survival basics. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released in May 2012. Minecraft: Pi Edition for the Raspberry Pi, that allows players to use code to make things happen in the game world. it was officially released in February 2013 At the end of 2012 sales were at about 20 million across all platforms, with sales roughly even across PC, Xbox and mobile versions. People of all ages all over the world play Minecraft –it is now even being use by teachers and educators to support learning.
  • The purpose of the game is to build and be creative at the same time, although you don’t have to do this you could simply spend your time fishing, hunting or mining and many other different things. You need to download the game onto your PC, or a version to play on your Xbox or moble phone. We recommend the computer version – the updates are faster and there are more items and more ways to have fun. You need to create and account – try and think of something you can remember and use a strong password is important. Try and think of a creative name that doesn’t need numbers if you can. Before you get started look at the controls – on the home screen, click on ‘options’ and then ‘controls’. You can familiarise yourself with the controls, or customise them if you like. If you forget you can take a look while you are playing. The default controls will be familiar to anyone who regularly plays games. To get started, select ‘single player’ from the main menu. Then select create new world. It’s best to get start with ‘creative mode’ – you can select this on the single player menu. Then select ‘create new world’.
  • Your character will spawn (appear in the world) in a random location in the Minecraft world. You might see forests, deserts, plains, swamp land, jungle, or ice plains - there are many type of landscape. The game defaults to first person point of view (POV) so it will look like you are seeing out of your own eyes in the game. In creative mode you can run, walk, fly and swim (technically jumping in the water) and explore your environment. Creative basically lets you be creative, you can get whatever you want and then just build very easily, this can also be very fun because you can spawn all the mobs in the game and fight them at your will. When you have finished looking around, press the ‘e’ button to bring up an available items menu. This includes all the blocks you need to build and survive, and also blocks with a range of different qualities. Put blocks into your inventory to use them. You can place them in the world by right clicking. In creative mode you can get whatever you want and then just build very easily, this can also be a lot of fun.
  • Blocks are what the Minecraft world are made of. There are many types of blocks – some blocks are only used for building (houses, shelters, walls), others have particular qualities. Soul sand blocks for example will slow you down if you try to walk across them. Other blocks, like glowstone, will light up the area they are in. In creative mode, you don’t have to make items or block – you just select them from the menu. In survival mode you have to work harder. Some blocks can be combined with other blocks to make items. Some blocks can be used to make components that can be used to make other items. Most blocks can be obtained by breaking them with anything, however some harder materials such as diamond will require you to make a stone pickaxe, then mine iron and coal, mix them in a furnace and then make an iron pickaxe to mine the diamond. Experiment with blocks – for example putting a redstone torch (an inventory item you make from other items) near TNT will cause an explosion, which will destroy most blocks in the immediate area. You need to find out for yourself how to make items from blocks, or ask people who play the game. Learning how to make new blocks and blow things up is part of the fun.
  • A day and night cycle in Minecraft is 24 minutes – each minute is one hour. Going into sleep mode will speed up the night time. Mobs are living creatures in the game – for example chickens, creepers, squids, and witches. They spawn in random locations – unless you turn the game mode to peaceful, they will just turn up. Some of these are friendly, and some are hostile. Hostile mobs – including creepers, zombies, skeletons, Enderman tend to spawn at night times. In creative mode mobs cannot hurt you, although they may attack you.
  • As well as creative mode, there is Survival mode. clearly from the name, you basically have to survive without being given anything to start with. This mode is here for playing the game in a challenging way. In survival mode you are encouraged to make a house and to find resources that will help you defend your self or you will die. You also must find a sustainable way of getting food so you don’t starve. Hostile mobs will harm you in survival mode – some will hit you, fire missiles such as arrows or poison potions, some will even explode next to you. You start with 10 hearts – hearts represent how healthy you are. Being hit will deplete you hearts. You can increase your health by taking health potion. If you lose all your health you character will die – you will respawn in another random location, with full health but all of the items you were carrying in your inventory will remain in the place you died and you can only recover them by collecting them from there. Which is a big pain. You can play in creative or survival mode as a single player, or when you are more confident, you can play in multiplayer mode. This means you play alongside other people who are online as well. In multiplayer you can fight against others, or work with them to build.
  • We play on a online server called citywars.  We have built a city, and we run it with other players who are city leaders. Everyone has jobs and role in the city, for example, miners, police officers, hunters, priests. People trade, get taxed, create laws, develop their characters. You can build you own home in a city, and develop your skills, and attack other cities.
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  • Joseph & Luke's Minecraft Meetup slides 18 May 2013

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