Josie Fraser Alt-C 2011 - invited speaker


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Josie Fraser Alt-C 2011 - invited speaker

  1. 1. The city as the learning environmentmaking change happen in Leicesters schools Josie Fraser ICT Strategy Lead (Children’s Capital) Leicester City Council licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  2. 2. Leicester!
  3. 3. BSF in Leicester• Approximately £340 million capital build programme• 23 secondary schools - including Secondary Behavioural Support Service, SEN schools, Children’s Hospital School• 20,000 Learner places – building works completed by 2015
  4. 4. Some broader contexts• Mainstreaming of internet connected device ownership & social networking services• e-Government agenda• e-Safety & cyberbullying• Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme• ‘The Importance of Teaching’ Nov 2010
  5. 5. Where are we heading?The question is not: Do we need to think about addressing digital literacy in schools?
  6. 6. The question is: How do we make sure that theways we address digital literacy in schools doesn’t furtherdisadvantage already vulnerable children & young people?
  7. 7. Children & young people’s priorities – the school environment We asked 400 young people from across the City about their school environment priorities. These are their top 15 concerns.
  8. 8. Children & young people’s priorities – the school environment1. More indoor social spaces2. Better, extended library spaces3. Comfy chairs4. Attractive modern design, betteruse of colour5. Vegetable gardens
  9. 9. Children & young people’s priorities – the school environment6. Sustainable buildings, design & practice7. Nicer toilets8. Bigger dining spaces with more foodchoice9. Flexible classroom spaces & furniture10. More variety in teaching methods
  10. 10. Children & young people’s priorities – the school environment11. More student input into everything12. More flexible use of technology13. Greater choice & variety ofsubjects, more information aboutsubjects14. Outdoor shelters & classrooms15. Better careers information
  11. 11. Children & young people’s priorities -school technology We asked 400 young people from across the City about their school technology priorities. These are their top 10 concerns.
  12. 12. Children & young people’s priorities – school technology1. Faster computers2. More creative, student-centred and student- led use of technology3. Less use of technology for it’s own sake4. More flexible use/internet access – school, city centre, community5. Laptop borrowing/home use
  13. 13. Children & young people’s priorities – school technology6. Collaboration with young people in otherschools & countries7. Access to local & national decision makers viasocial media8. Young people only access/space in the citycentre9. Teachers who can help them use social media– better privacy & e-safety advice10. A say in school filtering & blocking
  14. 14. Where are we heading?• Increasing critical infrastructure, network & connectivity• Into the cloud – services and storage• Learner Owned devices• Use of technology to support energy reduction• Increasingly school-centred decision making and budgets• Current flux regarding curriculum & indicators• Lack of national commitment to technology for education
  15. 15. Strategic priorities• space & place• workforce development & innovation• networked learning & communities• information management• green ICT• e-safety & e-citizenship
  16. 16. The city as the learning environmentNetworked communities - If we want theschools to be at the heart of their communitieswe need to re-imagine what a learning space is.Positioning the city as the learning environmentturns the role of the school inside out, opens upthe promise of digital to augment and reinforcepsychical learning environmentsWe need to start taking localism seriously
  17. 17. Thank you!@josiefraser