Tedx hongkong program overview Dec 2011


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Scientists, social entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, performers, and leaders of our local and global community will gather at Tedx Hong Kong to share their own profound thoughts and exciting stories as they guide us through the known into the unknown. Discover what is possible; think about forever.

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Tedx hongkong program overview Dec 2011

  1. 1. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact2011 Letʼs talk about “Forever”.
  2. 2. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Event Information What TEDxHongKong 2011 Where Chiang Chen Studio Theater, PolyU When Friday, December 2 2011 11am-8pm Who 250 attendees and speakers consisting of a diverse group of thinkers, innovators, performances and change-makers Goals and Vision - TEDxHongKong will foster the spread and application of ideas. - TEDxHongKong will bring together a diverse group of thinkers, innovators and change-makers. - TEDxHongKong will provide a platform for the brightest minds to be inspired and to inspire others. Confirmed Speakers Dominic Lam / Alex Backer / Gary Biddle / Patri Friedman / Glenn Frommer / Aubrey de Grey / John Terrence Hung / Samantha Hung / Katrien Jacobs / Jeffery Martin / Max More / Abi Muller / Louise Porter / Eric Schuldenfrei / Yat Siu / Willie Smits/ Kith Tsang / Douglas Young / Eddy Yu
  3. 3. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact TED is a non profit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. The annual TED Conference invites the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes. Their talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
  4. 4. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Big names on TED Gordon Brown Bill Gates Sir Richard Branson Al Gore Malcolm Gladwell Dr. Jane Goodall Julian Assange Philippe Starck
  5. 5. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that Bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self- organized. TEDxHongKong 2011 is being organized by Multimedia Innovation Centre, School of Design, PolyU and a dedicated team of volunteer thinkers & collaborators.
  6. 6. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Confirmed Speakers
  7. 7. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Dominic Lam was born in Swatow, grew up in Hong Kong. He studied under two Nobel Laureates at Harvard Medical School before joining the Harvard Faculty and subsequently became Professor of Ophthalmology and Chairman of Center for Biotechnology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He is the president of the World Eye Organization. His main achievements include: 1989, became the founding director of Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology and received the U.S. High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Dominic Award. He was also appointed a member of the U.S. Presidentʼs Committee on the Arts Lam and Humanities by George H.W.Bush, and received a Presidential Medal of Merit. 1991, was named “Asia Society Man of the Keynote Speaker Year” and wrote two articles for Scientific American. 2005 Appointed Chairman of Arts Promotion Committee, Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  8. 8. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact A scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Scientist to observe the world, inventor to ideate improvement, entrepreneur to bring it to life.   Alex is Founder and CEO of ab|inventio, the award-winning invention factory behind QLess, Whozat and mynew.TV. ab|inventio was honored as Most Innovative Company of the Year in North America Distinguished Honoree by the 2010 International Business Awards, alongside Salesforce.com and a handful of others. Alex Backer
  9. 9. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Chair Professor Gary C. Biddle teaches accounting at the worlds leading business schools, including Columbia Business School, London Business School and HKU Business School. He has served as professor at University of Chicago, where he earned his MBA and PhD degrees, University of Washington, CEIBS (China), IMD (Switzerland), as Associate Dean at HKUST, and as Dean at HKU. A CPA (USA), he is Independent Non-Executive Director (INED) of leading listed and private companies, and he contributes frequently to the financial Gary press, including the Economist and Wall Street Journal. His research spans financial Biddle accounting, valuation, value creation and appears in leading academic journals globally. He has won over 20 teaching awards.
  10. 10. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Patri Friedman received a BS in math from Harvey Mudd College, an MS in computer science from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cardean University. While in school he experimented with technology startups, ran a small consulting business, and co-founded two intentional communities. He was a software engineer at Google from 2004-2008. Patri is the Founder & Chairman of The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit which seeks to build cities on the ocean to experiment with diverse political systems. He is also CEO of Future Cities Development Patri Inc, a startup working to build innovative new cities in partnership with countries such as Friedman Honduras. Patri is on the board of Humanity+ and co-created Breakthrough Philanthropy with Peter Thiel. Dr. Friedman will also present at Humanity+ Hong Kong on the same weekend, in the same venue.
  11. 11. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Dr. Glenn Frommer was born in the USA. His background is in aerospace engineering, where he focused on high speed and later on low speed aerodynamics before receiving his second major in medicine from Stanford University in California. After years of research Glenn started working for a local company of the F. L Smidth Group in 1981, focusing on acoustics and got more and more involved with environmental issues. As a consequence of Glenns efforts, his company received the Danish Working Environmental Glenn Prize in 1984 for the development of a mineral-wool free sound absorbing ceiling.After a short stay in Australia in 1991, Frommer being in charge of an engineering company, he moved with his family to Hong Kong where they now reside. Glenn has been working for MTR ever since and has designed the companys environmental and sustainability programmes to be among the worlds leaders.
  12. 12. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Aubrey de Grey is an English author and theoretician in the field of gerontology, and the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Rejuvenation Research, author of The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging (1999) and co-author of Ending Aging (2007). He challenges the most basic assumption underlying the human condition -- that aging is inevitable. He argues instead that aging is a disease -- one that can be cured if its approached as "an engineering problem." His plan calls for identifying all the Aubrey components that cause human tissue to age, and designing remedies for each of them — de forestalling disease and eventually pushing back death. He calls the approach Strategies Grey for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS). Dr. Grey will also be the keynote speaker for Humanity+ Hong Kongon the same weekend, in the same venue.
  13. 13. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact John Terence Hung SBS JP is a fourth- generation Hong Kong resident of Scottish and Chinese ancestry and a well-known figure in the corporate and sporting world. His career led him through a myriad of different business sectors. He retired from the Wharf Group in 2002, but continues to live in Hong Kong and engages in writing and in advisory and consultancy work. He is the father of Samantha Hung, another speaker in this conference. John Terrence Hung
  14. 14. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Samantha Jane Hung (LLB (Hons), BComm, MA International Development) was born in Hong Kong and is of 5th generation Hong Kong Eurasian heritage. She has worked for many years advancing womenʼs rights and promoting gender equality across the Asia Pacific region. As a young law/commerce graduate, Samantha chose to do good rather than do well, and headed off to serve as a volunteer in Viet Nam, instead of pursuing a career in the legal and corporate world. She was rewarded for this choice when she later received an Australian Government award for her contribution to poverty reduction and sustainable development. Her initial exposure to the adversities faced by rural Samantha women in developing countries led her to embark on an enriching career dedicated to advocating and Hung advising on gender issues for a range of organizations such as UNICEF, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the New Zealand Agency for International Development, the Institute of Development Studies in the UK, and the Australian Government. Samantha currently works as a Gender Specialist with the Asian Development Bank and is based in Manila, where she resides with her partner and 3 young children.
  15. 15. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Katrien Jacobs is a scholar, artists and activist who works as associate professor in cultural studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her work investigates the role of digital networks in peopleʼs experiences with the body, art, and sexuality. She has lectured and published widely on pornography, censorship and media activism . She is also working on long-term research projects in visual anthropology that detail the impact of Japanese animation on South East Asian youth cultures and social Katrien networks. She is the author of three books about Internet culture, art and Jacobs sexuality. Her forthcoming Peopleʼs Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet has been widely commented on in the mass media. Her work can be found at www.libidot.org/blog
  16. 16. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Jeffery is a Harvard trained social scientist who researches personal transformation. He specializes in bringing rigorous empirical research and testing to transformational techniques and theories that have previously been supported anecdotally. For the last several years Jeffery has been leading the first major international research effort aimed at understanding non-symbolic consciousness (enlightenment, nonduality, mystical experience, union with God/nature, etc.). A bestselling author and award winning educator, Jeffery has co-edited, authored, or co-authored over 20 books and numerous other publications; appeared in a wide variety of media; and lectured broadly in both academic and public forums. He is currently the director of the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Jeffery Consciousness (www.nonsymbolic.org). Portions of his research on Non-Symbolic consciousness are also Martin available in the popular novel, The Fourth Awakening (www.fourthawakening.com). In addition to his academic research, Jeffery is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold companies in the technology, media, real estate, and wellness sectors. Dr. Martin will also present at Humanity+ Hong Kong on the same weekend and at the Asia Consciousness Festival the next weekend, both also in Hong Kong.
  17. 17. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Dr. Max More is an internationally acclaimed strategic philosopher widely recognized for his thinking on the philosophical and cultural implications of emerging technologies. Maxs contributions include founding the philosophy of transhumanism, authoring the transhumanist philosophy of extropy, and co- founding Extropy Institute, an organization crucial in building the transhumanist movement since 1990. At the start of 2011, he became President and CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the worlds leading cryonics organization. Max Dr. More will also present at Humanity+ Hong More Kong on the same weekend, in the same venue.
  18. 18. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Abi Muller is the CEO and Co-Founder of Picki Picki. By 17, Abi held two congressional recognitions for Artistic Discovery and created her own fashion line. She has studied haute couture as for apprentice for Nicolas Caito and in University she studied Fine Arts and Art History with a focus in Art of Mathematics. Her goal is to establish formal provenance for fashion. Picki Picki has recently been featured in Business Insider as a fashion company that is "More Disruptive Than Gilt." Abi Muller
  19. 19. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Dr Louise Porter is an Australian Child Psychologist with 30 years experience. She has worked in private practice, consulting with parents and practitioners about childrens development, behavior, and social or emotional challenges. Louise Porter started out working in mainstream and disability agencies. Dr Porter then went on to lecture at Flinders University in South Australia for 13 years. She spends time each year traveling around the world presenting Keynote addresses, talking to Louise school and parents about children behaviors. In her extensive career she has written 18 Porter books, contributed chapters in 4 books and written 9 journal articles and has written and presented 2 DVDs.
  20. 20. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Eric Schuldenfrei is the co-founder of ESKYIU and a designer focusing on the evolving relationship between urbanism, architecture, and art. Architectural projects completed in collaboration with Marisa Yiu have been featured in many international biennales: Urban Pastoral for the 2008 Venice Biennale; Human Motor in Ljubljana; and Mediated Labour for the 2007 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale. Past projects include an art installation commissioned by Agnes Gund, President Emerita of the MoMA in New York. Schuldenfrei received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University as well as a Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge. He taught at Princeton University; Columbia University; and at the Architectural Eric Association. Together with Marisa Yiu, Schuldenfrei was awarded the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and the Perspective 40 under 40 award. Schuldenfrei Their work has been published in MIT Thresholds, A/D, DomusChina, Architectural Record, and he has recently published Instant Culture, a book co-edited with Marisa Yiu. Schuldenfrei served as the Curator for Exhibition, Education, Film, and Media for the 2009 Hong Kong- Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale. He has presented at the inaugural International Design Alliance congress, Harvard University AsiaGSD lecture series; Columbia University; the University of Cambridge; and at the V&A museum in London.
  21. 21. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Yat Siu is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Outblaze, a messaging communications company that services over 40 million users today based out of Hong Kong. Yat has previously worked for Atari Germany, served as Director and Head of East Coast Operations for Lexicor, established Hong Kong Cybercity (the first free web page and e-mail provider in Asia, later renamed Freenation), as well as AT&T Solutionsʼ System Integration practice. Yat Siu
  22. 22. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Willie Smits is a trained forester, a microbiologist,conservationist, animal rights activist and social entrepreneur.He has lived in Borneo since 1985 and is an Indonesian citizen.While working as a forest researcher in East Kalimantan, Indonesia in 1989, Smits encountered a baby orangutan in a cage in a Willie market, and later returned to find it abandoned on a rubbish heap. Smits designed the Schmutzer Primate Centre at Smits the Ragunan Zoo which opened in 2002 so that the orangutans have freedom and privacy in a habitat with a variety of forest trees and plants, a waterfall and water with turtles and fish, and small animals like porcupines and deer mice. he has continued to be involved in the study of the mycorrhizal fungi that improve the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil by the Meranti tree. In 2006 Smits launched TV 5 Dimensi, commonly referred to as TV5D, a North Sulawesi local television channel, based in Tomohon.
  23. 23. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Kith Tsang was born in Hong Kong. He has been creating design, installation, performance, photography, publication and art and design criticism. Tsang is currently Associate Professor in the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Tsang exhibits widely in Asia, Europe and North America including Gwangju Biennale [Korea], Venice Biennale [Italy], Hamburg [Germany], New York [U.S.A] etc. Kith Tsang
  24. 24. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Douglas Young is the founder and CEO of G.O.D, as well as an innovative designer in Hong Kong. His creative designs including furniture to homeware, from street fashion to accessories, which are inspired by the "very Hong Kong" local culture and are captured all the long lost elements of Hong Kong peopleʼs daily lives. G.O.D. is the phonetic sound of the Cantonese slang "to live better", because to live better is a basic human desire in Hong Kong, Asia and the world. Douglas His awards include: Young "Cognoscenti Award" by Eastweek Magazine "Keep-walking" Entrepreneur by Johnnie Walker "Ten Best Dressed Award" by HK Fashion Designers Association "Ten Outstanding Designers Award" by HK Comm. Art Centre "HK Hero" by Time Out Magazine HK "Man of the Year" by HK Business Magazine
  25. 25. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Born in Hong Kong in 1960, Eddy graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master Degree in Design. Before co- founding CoDesign Ltd with Hung Lam in 2003, he had worked for a number of renowned local graphic design firms including Kan & Lau Design Consultants and Alan Chan Design Company. Eddy has won more than 100 awards in local and international design competitions. His work has been featured in prominent local and international design publications and collected Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Eddy Hong Kong and Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany. He has been Yu invited to show his work at numerous design exhibitions, as well as to speak for design seminars and judge for design competitions. Eddy was chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association (2006-2008) and is now a Fellow Member of the Association.
  26. 26. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Performers / Memories 2010 / Contact Hoi Chiu & Maggie Blue OʼHara Hoi Chiu is the top Sand Painter in Hong Kong and has travelled internationally performing his mesmerizing sand painting shows. Blending his dancing, acting, directing and illustration techniques, he choreographs the drawings to music, bringing a touching and poetic story to life! Inspired by Buddhist sand mandalas with their important meaning of non attachment and impermanence, Hoi Chiu enjoys every moment of sand painting and the opportunity to share his passion of art with the world. Maggie Blue OHara is originally from Vancouver, Canada. A singer/ songwriter, dancer/ choreographer, actress/ director, clown/ kids yoga teacher...Maggie Blue blends her love of performing arts with her passion for holistic healing. Please go to www.alltheatreco.com for more info on both Maggie Blue and Hoi Chiu!
  27. 27. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Memories 2010 / Contact TEDxHongKong 2010
  28. 28. It’s time to rock again.
  29. 29. TEDxHongKong 2011 / About TED&TEDx /Speakers / Memories 2010 / Contact Contact General Enquiries info@tedxhongkong.com Sponsorship sponsor@tedxhongkong.com Ticketing ticketing@tedxhongkong.com THANK YOU.