Thoughts and notes from Palm WebOS talk with Joshua Marinacci


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These are notes and thoughts on the Palm WebOS talk by Josh Marinacci. Hosted by Mobile Portland ( and Portland Incubator Experiment (

Josh shared the mechanics behind the WebOS and Ares and why current web technologies we leveraged in 2008 to compete in the mobile OS market.. We even built a quick Destroy Earth app using Ares. Although the logic was not completely built out. Thankfully! He also discussed the merger with HP and the future. Much of the conversation was also spent on the App Catalog and how to develop and release apps. There are many great tools here for developers to market and deploy their apps.

As a fellow designer of all things pixel, I really appreciated hearing his story and look forward to working with him down the road. Now that he is part of the HP family, I guess he is a quick phone call away now.

-Josh Zúñiga

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Thoughts and notes from Palm WebOS talk with Joshua Marinacci

  1. 1. Palm WebOS w/Josh Marinacci Notes and thoughts by Josh Zúñiga IxD Hewlett Packard – Vancouver, WA 07/27/2010
  2. 2. Topics Palm History Building Apps and Palm Ares App Catalog
  3. 3. Palm History
  4. 4. Until 2008 all Palm products were based on 12 year old system. Felt WebOS could game change against iPhone. **plus web devs already knew technology Initial concern about the future of WebOS until HP came to the table. future ( + ) = ?? Palm History
  5. 5. Building Apps and Palm Ares
  6. 6. Mechanics… Simply put… WebOS is based on existing HTML, JS and CSS. Every last app! Multitasking handles the various apps running in the UI as cards. Mojo and Plugin Dev Kit (PDK) allows finer control over UI elements or controls. Building Apps and Palm Ares
  7. 7. Ares IDE… WYSIWIG IDE which has standard controls and event listener hooks. Great for new devs!! Intellisense for code completion and contextual help throughout. Looking into platform agnostic web app dev. Building Apps and Palm Ares
  8. 8. App Catalog
  9. 9. Glass box review process. No porn, drugs or heavy violence. Rejection is based on above and not working components. Palm let’s the market decide. Access to app marketing kit. Hot apps contest. Apps metadata captures essence for search on market. App Catalog
  10. 10. Thoughts: - What types of incentives are needed for the outside to development SIPs? - Is SIPs development on the front panel or mobile printing the right model ? - What motives are in place for someone to develop a print app? What is in it for them? App Catalog
  11. 11. Resources -Learn about Josh Marinacci: -Palm developers -Palm Hot Apps dev contest