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  • 1. CVRCCentral Valley Regional Center Josh Winters Cheryl Whittle Wednesday 6-8:50
  • 2. History On July 1, 1969 the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act went into effect in California. Authored by Frank D. Lanterman, this act is foundation for all services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities are built. 21 Regional Centers in California to serve as “fixed points of contract in the community for persons with Developmental Disabilities and their families.
  • 3. Funding Through Lanterman Act Medicaid Waiver SSI
  • 4. C. V. R.C. Practices C. Coordinating resources and collaborating with other agencies to develop the best services for consumers and families. V. Valuing diversity. R. Respecting individual rights and choices. C. Committing to excellence, honesty, and cost effectiveness in service delivery.
  • 5. Goals Advocate for persons with Developmental Disabilities Identify Client and Family needs and to establish a person- centered plan Provide the most effective client services through community resources Assist communities in preventing and early identification of Developmental Disabilities To Assist in the establishment of new and innovative programs and to expand existing community resources.
  • 6. Mission To help individuals with Developmental Disabilities and children at risk to reach their goals.
  • 7. Organizational Structure
  • 8. Who Qualifies? Children and Adults who are substantially handicapped. Qualifying conditions include Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Autism. The onset of these conditions must have been prior to age 18. Infants and young children under age 3 may be served as “high risk” or “at risk” because of a significant delays in one or more developmental areas.
  • 9. Services Provided Assessment  Activities for people with Developmental Disabilities Evaluation  Funding of Resources Diagnosis  Respite Care Case Management  ILP Services  Day Programs  Group Homes
  • 10. Populations At Risk Developmental disabled aged birth to death.  Autism  Cerebral Palsy  Epilepsy  Mental Retardation  Other conditions similar or related to Mental Retardation that require similar treatment
  • 11. Community Context Referral based by Parents, Teachers, Relatives, Doctors, the Individual themselves or anyone who suspects a Developmental Disability. Utilization of Generic Resources Counties served: Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Merced and Mariposa All ethnic groups served Upper, Middle and Lower class clients.
  • 12. Sources CVRC.org http://www.dds.ca.gov/Statutes/LantermanAct.cfm http://www.dds.ca.gov/