7 christian witness in the postmodern world (2)


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7 christian witness in the postmodern world (2)

  1. 1. Christian Witness in the Postmodern World Joshva Raja Session 7
  2. 2. Themes on Witnessing • Sacramental Presence • Finding New Frontiers of Witnessing • Service rather than Power • Taking Sides in the Postmodern Context
  3. 3. Resources • George Carey, The Mission of the Church in a Postmodern World http://www.postmission.com/articles/carey.html • David Smith, Mission after Christendom. 47-103. James K. Voiss Sacramental Presence in a Postmodern Context. (Book Review)Theological Studies (Refereed), December 1, 2003 64 (issue 4) • 870(3). • Lieven Boeve Interrupting Tradition: An Essay on Christian Faith in a Postmodern • Context. 2004. • Peter Drilling Premodern Faith in a Postmodern Culture: A Contemporary Theology • of the Trinity. 2006. • Roger Lundin The Culture of Interpretation: Christian Faith and the Postmodern World. 1993.
  4. 4. THE MISSION OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN A POST-MODERN WORLD – George Carey Three issues in POMO • The collapse of Global Ideology • Relativising of Values • The Loss of Hope Three ways of doing mission 1. The church should never be apologetic for bearing witness to eternal truths 2. As a church we need to discover the sacramental nature of the community 3. The church must put service before power and status
  5. 5. Christian faith in the postmodern world – Roger Lundin • The collapse of modern project does not mean that the search for truth must be abandoned; if rationality and the imagination cannot supply certain access to the truth, the Christian my turn – or return to the Bible, to the church and to tradition for the truth. (p.5)
  6. 6. Culture of Interpretation - Roger Lundin • When all knowledge becomes application, eventually there may be nothing left to apply. (p239) • To believe in Christ means in a sense to belong to the past, to a community and tradition of faith established and sustained by the redemptive acts of God. • Truth must come to contemporary persons as a promise of redemption for a troubled world, not as a therapeutic message of happiness denying the pain and promise of suffering and death.
  7. 7. Interrupting Tradition – Lieven Boeve • Recognising the plurality – existing side by side • Sensitivity towards the other – God’s Grace and Mercy alongside Justice and dignity • Towards a Christian Open Narrative – not on contextual demands but on rediscovering more meanings of the text
  8. 8. Mission after Christendom David Smith pp-43 ff • Mission as learning experience of the church • Islam and Christianity encounter – not crusades rather dialogue as model of witnessing – Thomas Aquinas (1277) • Heliand (saviour) – epic poetry - Saxon traditional worldview (716) • Henry Martin (1806) in India • Qom community in Argentina
  9. 9. Emerging Ecumenical Mission Paradigm – David Bosch • Church with others – church is a mission in itself – she is pilgrim – ek klesia called out of the world • Church as sacrament – a sign and instrument of God –ecumenical presence • Mediating salvation – Salvation is concern of all religions – Universal salvation • Quest for Justice – Tension between Justice and love
  10. 10. Postmodern Mission • Evangelism – in new format – beyond conservative understanding and approaches • Contextualisation and inculturation • Liberation – preferential option for the poor and margins • Common witness and Dialogue • Action in Hope
  11. 11. mission • God’s and Christs • Community building • Life centred • Family orientations • Individual freedom • Conflict resolutions • Counselling • Eco-recognition