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2013 port folio suh june ho
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2013 port folio suh june ho


2013 port folio suh june ho

2013 port folio suh june ho

Published in Career , Travel , Business
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  • 1. Suh, June Ho [joshua] 2013-1998 Portfolio spatial/exhibition designer + interaction designer Exhibition / Interaction Spatial Designer
  • 2. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 2012 PhD in Space Design, under a process / Department of Industrial Design / HongIk University Graduate School, Seoul, Korea 2010 M.F.A. in Interaction Design / Domus Academy, Milan, Italy 1997 M.F.A. in Interior Design / Department of Industrial Design / HongIk University Graduate School, Seoul, Korea 1995 B.F.A. in Industrial Design / Department of Industrial Design / HongIk University, Seoul, Korea PROFESSIONAL CAREERS 2006~ 2008 Director, Design Team, Antscom co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea Planning and Managing Projects of Museums and Big Tradeshow like Motor Show 2004~2003 Manager, Exhibition Design Team, Unione Communications co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea Design and Management of Tradeshow Stands and Exposition Theme Pavilion 2002~2000 Manager, Design Team, J.A.Studio, Seoul, Korea Design and Management of Environment installations and Tradeshow Stands 1998~1996 Designer, Design Team, Yisang Environment Design co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea Design of Environment installations and Tradeshow Stands PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP Korea Society of Architects&Designers / Korean Institute of Interior Design Korea Society of Basic Design & Art / HongIk Industrial Design Association Joshua JUNE HO SUH 04 March 1971, +82-10-9153-5358 #903 JungWoo Bldg. Dohwa-dong, Mapo-ku Seoul, Korea(south) 10-year exhibition designer and space planner interaction designer
  • 3. Selected Works 2009 - 1997 10y
  • 4. Public Facilities for Seongnam City 2009 public design Seongnam City, Korea PIDC, Kyungwon University
  • 5. Observatory Deck for Gimpo Intn’l Airport 2008 renovation project Korea Airport Corporation Gimpo Intn’l Airport, Seoul, Korea Antscom Co.Ltd Deck is for seeing whole airport lanes, towers and planes. Main target is for kids under primary school. So I use a motive, paper-airplane. And I use many plane models in sky. I used so many oblique lines because I want to express a speed and strong movement.
  • 6. Honda Pavilion 2007 Seoul Motor Show Honda Korea Kintex, Seoul, Korea Antscom Co.Ltd This stand for Honda in 2007 Seoul Motor Show has an area of 1,250m2 and located between huge domestic motor companies, Hyundae and Renaux-Samsung. The design was planed to show its unique identity and image, overcoming its relatively small size. First I got a concept for stand,‘HUG”. It means a kind of strategy for marketing in Korea as a Japanese car company. I designed a round-shape ceiling structures covered whole booth space for enclosure and vertical space sense. That made a strong brand image by light and sharp structures completely distinguished from other stands. And it has a main logo sign for recognizing the stand from a distance.
  • 7. Caligraphs and Paintings Room 2007 renovation Kyungki-Province Museum Kyungki-Province Museum, Suwon, Korea Antscom Co.Ltd This is a room for old Korean paintings and caligraphs. For I want people to concentrate on paintings I designed that this space has a contrast visual effect through using dark colored wallsand many bright lights for paintings.
  • 8. SsangYong Motor Pavilion 2003 Busan Motor Show SsangYong Motor Bexco, Busan, Korea Unione Communications Co.Ltd SsangYong motor is the company of middle standing, producing the most luxurious sedans and SUVs. I had to find a display and space composition way to harmonize with luxurious sedans and outdoor vehicles in a booth. The booth had to be distinctive and unique inspite of relatively small and handicaped area compared with other companies' booths. So I designed two major plans; ceiling structure covered whole booth space and office space for staff.These plans could get completely majesty and unique design for booth, events and other programs. And the structure of booth was minimalized for visitors’safety and accomodation in great event time.
  • 9. DSME Stand 2004 LNG14 in Qatar DSME Doha, Qatar Unione Communications Co.Ltd This stand concept is a walls of world ship-building indutries. DSME is one of best ship-builders in the world, specially LNG-ship. I designed layering-walls and big graphics, white and blue color cordinations.
  • 10. World Mythology Exhibition 2003 Kyungju World Culture Expo Main Theme Pavilion Kyungju Expo Site, Kyungju, Korea Unione Communications Co.Ltd This is a main pavilion for KyungjuWorld Culture Expo. Main theme is a myth. We want to express a korean and unique myth. So we planed this gate, ‘Chi-Woo-Chun-Wang’, god of defense. Main Concept is a‘Discovering in Myth Cave’ I designed program and space for fantastic mythic cave tour
  • 11. Coca-Cola Family Party 1998 Coca-Cola Promotion Coca-Colca Korea Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea Yisang Environment Design Co.Ltd This is a kind of promotion project for Coca-Cola Korea. Fanta Booth and parts of Coke Boot are my design. Main Concept for Fant is a FUN plus Invitation Dance. This project was a very interesting and fun and big!
  • 12. Stand for V company in IDEM 2012, Singapore with E.I.Program for 2013 KISD International Space Design Exhibition
  • 13. Stand for V company in AAO 2012, Hawaii with E.I.Program for 2013 KSBDA International Space Design Exhibition
  • 14. E.I.P. (Exhibition Identity Program) for Vatech 2012 exhibition design for Overseas Tradeshow Collaboration with MEDEX Inc.
  • 15. E.I.P컨셉 Dynamic Innovation = Innovation +Young & DynamicE.1.3. Dynamic Innovation EIP Concept Theme Theme Components 제품의 아이덴티티를 구성하는 요소 부스의 아이덴티티를 구성하는 요소 VATECH Networks Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Concept & Comm.Theme 테마 요소를 Design Cut 2가지로 표현 - Dynamic Innovation이라는 전시 컨셉을 가지고 전시 공간에 표현하려면, 시각화와 공간화 할수 있는 커뮤니케이션 테마가 필요하다. - 커뮤니케이션 테마는 전시컨셉을 시각화하고 공간화하는데 보다 폭 넓은 조형언어를 제공하여 전시장의 이미지를 보다 쉽게 전달할 수 있다. - 커뮤니케이션 테마로 이노베이션 스페이스<Innovation Space>는 바텍의 젊고 다이나믹한 기술과 의지를 펼쳐 보일 수 있는 장소이자 더 크고 도전적인 미래를 향하는 출발점의 장소성을 지닌 공간으로 표현된다. - 이미징 윈도우<imaging windows>는 젊고 다이나믹한 바텍의 기술을 소개하는 창이자 미래와 새로운 시장을 관찰하는 조망 창이다. 이는 라운지라는 공간의 특성은 물론, 시원한 오픈감을 형성하는 공간 요소가 되며, 특히 제품의 아이덴티티를 구성하는 중요한 구성 요소가 된다. - 돌보는 손<caring hands>는 바텍의 Caring Insight의 정신을 시각화하여 표현한 것으로 돌봄정신을 실천하는 전문가 그룹으로서 따뜻한 감성과 이성적인 전문성을 가진 사람들이 함께하는 기업의 지향가치를 더할수록 밝아지는 빛, 나눌수록 커지는 사랑의 의미를 담은 심볼의 형태를 프로그램화하였다. 역동적인 혁신성 Innovation Space 도전적인 미래를 향한 출발점으로서의 장소성 젊고 다이나믹한 혁신성의 공간적 표현 미래와 새로운 시장을 조망하는 창 ImagingWindows Caring Hands 전체 공간의 칼라톤과 회사의 로고마크 등을 인지 각 요소의 정보와 부스 내 동선 인지 흥미를 가진 제품과 관련 정보의 인지 Step 1 부스의 위치를 인지하고 부스로 다가오는 단계 Step 2 부스로 진입하고 전시 제품을 확인하는 단계 Step 3 전시되는 제품을 시연하고 내용을 확인하는 단계 E.5.10.2 스토리텔링 레이어 위계 2 - 스토리텔링 레이어의 위치는 아래와 같이 <메인 싸인> 층위 다음으로 적용한다. 전시장의 규모에 따라 <서브 싸인> 층위가 생략될 수 있으므로 <공간 층위 레이어>를 기준으로 디자이너와 상의하여 결정한다. - 아래와 같은 대규모의 전시공간의 경우 스토리텔링 레이어를 보다 강조할 수 있는 경우에는 이미지나 슬로건이 이중으로 반복되지 않도록 <공간 구성 레이어>를 기준으로 디자이너와 상의하여 결정한다. VATECH Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Visual Graphic Storytelling Layer Hierarchy #2 Layer Hierarchy #2 ground 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 E.4.5.1. Display주요제품 디스플레이 방식 - 주요제품 디스플레이 방식 설명VATECH Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Spatial Hierarchy Display Dynamic Innovation 20 부스 Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 6 부스 디자인 컷 젊고 다이나믹한 사선과 상승감에서 오는 혁신성을 표현 간결하고 정직한 직선과 직각의 신뢰감을 느끼게 하는 디자인 편안하게 감싸는 듯 곡선을 이용해 돌봄의 정신을 공간으로 표현 전시부스의 디자인 시안 컨셉 (case. 1,2,3) VATECH Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Design Case E.3.1.2. - 앞서 제시했던 디자인 컷을 이용하여 다음과 같은 부스 디자인의 시안들을 제시한다. - 제시한 디자인 시안은 E.I.P. 프로그램을 적용한 예로서 20부스와 6부스 규모, 그리고 직선과 곡선 등을 이용하여 다양하게 표현하였다. 20부스 적용디자인(안) #2 VATECH Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Design Case #2: 20 booth E.3.3.1. 3D letter cut 국내 및 일본 : Roll paper finished 유럽 및 동남아 : Painted finished 북미 : Fablic finished with still frame P-tile finished glossy spray paint finished Multy channel TV caring hands imaging windows 20부스 적용디자인(안) #2 - 세부설명 VATECH Exhibition Identity Standard Manual Design Case #2: 20 booth E.3.3.1.
  • 16. SM/SM Individuation for 2012 KSBDA-San Jose State Univ Invitation International Exhibition Artwork 2012 July, San Jose
  • 17. Spatial Orientation and Intentional System #1 for Exhibition‘Habitat by 8 Creators’ Artwork 2011 May, Seoul, BE-Gallery
  • 18. Spatial Orientation and Intentional System #2 for 2011 KISD International Space Design Exhibition Artwork 2011 October, Seoul
  • 19. Ocean Culture Exhibition Design for Pavilion, 2012 Yesu Expo Artwork 2010 May, Seoul
  • 20. City Culture Exhibition Design for Pavilion, 2012 Yesu Expo Artwork 2010 May, Seoul
  • 21. ‘PEAR’Light for customizing lights Team-Workshop Project Leader : Stefano Cardini 2009 Domus Academy, Italy PEAR is scalable, interactive light project focused on improving the character of public light and the urban environment throughout Milan.The project asks the community to capture light that expresses not only aesthetic preferences, but also places or experiences in Milan. Light is captured with PEAR lights distributed via vending machines for a nominal fee which is a donation to an initiative for improving Milan’s public spaces: e.g. cleaning graffiti from playgrounds, providing bags for dog waste.The PEAR lights attach to modular mounts which negotiate interactions between lights and share solar and kinetic energy collected via attachments.The mounts allow diverse installations at public, semi-public, and private scales and help finance the project through sale to individuals.
  • 22. V-Farm Interactive Strategy for Retail Shop Team-Workshop Project Leader : Chiara Diana 2009 Domus Academy, Italy M anage Harve st cashier buying Green Products Create a new tree V- Farm in Supermarket use green card Share Get real fruit It is our desire in this project to reinvent the shopping experience in retail spaces providing new meaningful services through visual interaction.The retail experience cycle is based on three steps: attraction, engagement and extension.The purpose of this project is to enhance the extension phase, with a special focus on rewarding customer loyalty to establish durable relationships. The system reproduces a virtual farm in which customers can cultivate, share and harvest their own seedlings. After harvesting customers can exchange their virtual fruits for real products. In store interaction is based on touch screens placed at accessible positions in the retail space. Remote access is provided through a web site and an application for mobile phones.
  • 23. v-farm green card shop shelves touch screen v-farm lounge web site home office mobile apps on the move v-farm lounge touch screens touch screenv-farm kiosk mobile devices web site server green card
  • 24. Loupe Table Digilogue Interactive Loupe Table for Museum Team-Workshop Project Leader : Massimo Banzi 2009 Domus Academy, Italy The idea of this solution is started from the behavior of people who are watching detailed things on picture of slide by using the Loupe.This system is a kind of visual & audio information searching solution which people can navigate the detailed multimedia information. Basically, this system consists of two elements, the one is a physical table with many slides and the other thing is a kind of display product that is looking like a loupe (magnifying glass). After moving the Loupe to the position of one slide and move down it close to the slide, people can watch more detailed visual & audio information through the Lupe. Also LED lights that are on the bottom of the table can be triggered by the position of Loupe.
  • 25. white acrylic plate slide mounts(60ea) 700 x 420 arm(from lamp) printout film(or paper) 700 x 420 magnet sensors (24ea) FL (4ea) holes for sensors 800 x 520 holes for wires of sensors rotater (knob) 7’ monitor magnet infrared ranger hole for wires of FLs holes for ventilation(heat) dummy board extensions for computer and FLs Arduino table(MDF wood) 700 x 420 x 800(h) USB computer light box(MDF wood) 800 x 520 x 50(h)
  • 26. indicator control ring socket for appliance plug 35 155540 50 control ring part communication ringsmart plug eKnob Knob for Saving Your Energy Individual Work for Graduation Project Leader : Domenico Pisaturo, Rodrigo Tores 2009 Domus Academy, Italy This is the small controller with knob that can help you to save your energy through scheduling the time to use electric appliances plugged all outlets in your place. Like water tap, you can use knob control- ler to schedule the time of all kind of electrics.You can rotate the knob to select some menu and just click to confirm specific function. ‘eKnob’has simple interaction modality, rotating and click, and it has a traditional interface, knob. Most users have experienced‘knob control’with the radio orTV. Knob is very familiar to users, from young and to old people. So simple. However it works by the neural network technology, it called AI, and on the grid for communication.
  • 27. Central Unit Smart PlugAppliances learning stage on the grid control & feedback stage on the grid interactive communication stage information of amount / schedule / comparison / credit alert patterns suggestion adjust patterns contribution (sharing) manage credit (distribution, etc.) scheudulling control product consumption patterns alert information of amount / connections / learningpatterns OUTLET in every-places link with outlet connections with each other units self-learning user’s behaviour pattern interactive interface for control the unit principles of neuron units as metaphor neural network for self-learning analog and digital interaction modality scalability (web sync) CONTROLLER UNIT 1) schedulling for using energy 2) connecting with grid-community 3) sharing energy through (1), (2) smart plug every-outlets in each place connections in small community contributions savings for public Central Unit smart plugs & Central Unit neurons and net control the time contributionpatterns of consumptionsmart plug communications in small community Systems and Structures for big society like neurons and their network Back Bone Unit Adjust Consumption Pattern SettingBUNCH OF OUTLETS interactive communication communication between smartplugsandc-unit smart plug + outlet + appliance for start to learn patterns activate patterns/ schedulling appliance control information network connections Central Unit Getting Recommendation Getting Information LEARNING PATTERN
  • 28. smart plug for appliances direct com m unication Adjust Pattern Home smart plug + outlet + appliance for start to learn patterns activate guide screen control knob base panel base outlet rotate and click to check the information Kitchen charger#1 MENU Josh’s Kitchen 7 plugs menu info Plug-SetRecomm end Adjust Inf ormationPreferenc e Menu Josh’s Sweet Home menu info rotate and click to select the place
  • 29. Getting Information Check & Adjust Pattern Adjust Pattern Home Home Setting Getting Recommendation amount(kw) 1250 time(m i n.) numberofplugs energy savin g Adjust Pattern Home auto detecting auto-detecting detecting new smart plug check the result of detecting 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 START 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 START 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 END 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 END 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 ready to adjust rotate guide to start point 4recommends ready 4recommends ready kitchen oven #1 APPLY ADJUST IGNORE LATER INFORMATION kitchen oven #1 click to check report the recommend ready TIME 245 min. status last month vs this month comparison send report select for adjust set start time set start time set end time set end time ok? next 12 12 6 6 9 9 3 3 select for adjust Lamp T.V. browsing T.V. browsing learning pattern start Information StatusComparis on Sharing Re port Preference amount NEW SMART PLUG bedroom #9 Lamp choose appliance to start rotate to select check the recommendation rotate guide to end point click to confirmclick to adjust click for continuing or double click for home click to confirm select to do next start to learn patternbrowsing apps if do not match just sent report to your email select and double-click object to input text M select letter by rotating knob and click
  • 30. Thank You All picture’s copyright to Suh, June Ho