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Open IMU™ - Quietly Redefining Ad Space
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Open IMU™ - Quietly Redefining Ad Space


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The Open IMU™ (Intelligent Media Unit™) is a proprietary display media format invented and developed by This Is Open Limited. …

The Open IMU™ (Intelligent Media Unit™) is a proprietary display media format invented and developed by This Is Open Limited.

Proven to be at least 300% more interactive and 600% more engaging than existing display media formats.

It transforms static display media into dynamic content channels, delivering straight to the user (in situ) a complete content experience – across display media, social media and mobile – dramatically increasing consideration, engagement and participation.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. 17CREATE AN ONGOING BRAND CONVERSATIONLeverage interaction in paid media to drive repeated engagement across owned media…e.g. embedded Open IMU™ as dynamic content channel in social media – displaying additional content This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.     Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.    
  • 3. 18CREATE AN ONGOING BRAND CONVERSATIONTell an engaging story – sequentially delivered across paid and owned mediaDynamically managed and optimised by placement This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.     Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.    
  • 4. 19OPEN IMU™ • REDEFINING EFFECTIVENESSTHE AVERAGE ACROSS ALL OPEN IMU™ CAMPAIGNS HAVE: •  exceeded industry benchmark interaction rates by > 300% •  exceeded industry benchmark interaction times by > 600%AVERAGE INTERACTION RATE 2.41% 2.00% < 5% > 6%AVERAGE INTERACTION TIME 9.31 secs N/A 27 secs > 45 secsAVERAGE VIDEO COMPLETE RATE 51% 48% N/A > 80%Open  IMU  300  x  250  compared  to  Rich  Media  Polite  Load  300  x  250  and  the  average  across  all  UnIcasts  formats.  DoubleClick  source:  Year  in  Review  2009  Benchmark.  MediaMind  source:  MediaMind  Global  Benchmark  Report  2010  –  Europe.  Unicast  Analy5cs  Benchmark  Report  Q1  2010.    Interac5on  rate  (IR):  This  Is  Open  measures  IR  as  the  number  of  impressions  with  a  least  one  interac5on  out  of  the  total  number  of  served  impressions.  Impressions  with  mul5ple  interac5ons  are  counted  for  only  once.    An  interac5on  is  defined  as  a  5  second  or  longer  mouse  over  OR  a  click  -­‐  whatever  ac5on  occurs  first.  DoubleClicK  AND  MediaMind    measure  interac5on  as  a  1  second  or  longer  mouse  over  OR  a  click.    Average  Interac5on  Time:    This  Is  Open  measures  Interac5on  Time  as  the  average  dura5on  the  user  has  the  mouse  inside  the  format  and  does  not  include  video  consump5on.  MediaMind  include  video  consump5on  in  interac5on  5me  and  do  not  split  out  non-­‐video  interac5on  5me.  Unicast  includes  auto  video  play  on  Average  Interac5on  Time.    Average  comple5on  rate:    This  Is  Open  comple5on  rate  used  for  comparison  if  for  the  featured  video.  The  Open  IMU  consists  of  mul5ple  videos  -­‐  each  of  which  are  featured  periodically.     This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.     Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.    
  • 5. 20OPEN IMU™ • ON-THE-FLY FUNCTIONALITY BOLT-ONSSocial distribution mechanics, e.g. share to unlock content, enter competition etc. Domain sensitive content / Multiple simultaneous viewsOwned media embed code, e.g. Facebook Brand Pages, You Tube, Websites etc. Custom event trackingAdditional content – Videos x 5 bundles / Photos x 10 bundles Live data visualisations, e.g. Live Telemetry, GPS track positionAdditional data – GB bundles / TB bundles Live event participation, e.g. User scoring during surfing comp. live streamYou Tube / Vimeo – Video integration Custom SWF integration, e.g. games, 3d enginesSoft sub-titling – Multi languages Multiple languages – User interface / Meta DataPost click tracking – Beacon / Spotlight tracking Upload Content – Videos / PhotosLive video streaming Download content – Videos / Photos / Articles / Reports / AudioCalendar events – iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook CountdownReminders / Alerts – SMS CommentCoupon / PDF – Print, download Rate contentData capture – Email / Telephone number etc. Product Linking (Plinking) – Dynamic product linking to video time linesCompetitions Interactive video hot spotsPolls Registration / Sign up (integrated to client’s CRM)Maps Payment / Subscription gatewayMobile / Tablet apps hand off – iOS, Android, Win 7/8 Auto full screen on interaction – Standard full screen (magnified)QR Codes Full screen – Alternate viewDR / Re messaging Open IMU™ Custom formats and sizesMultiple content views – Time stamped Additional CMS training This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.     Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.    
  • 7. 22OPEN IMU™ • METRICS THAT MATTER • STANDARD TRACKINGOVERVIEW AUDIENCE DISTRIBUTION ENGAGEMENT VIDEO CONSUMPTION•  Views cumulative/daily •  Unique users •  Viral grabs •  Average exposure time •  Views•  Impressions •  Computer data •  Viral grabs by destination •  Daily interacted views •  Uniques•  Shares •  Geographical data •  Viral grabs by generation •  Average interaction rate •  Start rate•  Top 5 custom events •  Average interaction time •  Completion rate•  Installs by destination •  Total brand engagement•  Installs by country ACCOUNTABILITY ON IMPRESSIONS DELIVERED VS. AD VIEWS We track impressions independently from views – the number of times the Open IMU™ loads. Pay for when the Open IMU™ loads – not blind impressions. Cost Per Exposure & Cost Per Second pricing models available. THE RIGHT CONTENT • IN THE RIGHT PLACE • AT THE RIGHT TIME All Open IMU™ instances, across paid and owned media placements, are tracked independently & in real-time. Optimise, 1 or all instances, on the fly – without the need to re-traffic tags or upload new creative. This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.    Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are   trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.    
  • 8. OPEN IMU™ • METRICS THAT MATTER • CUSTOM EVENT TRACKINGUI TRACKING HOME SCREEN CONTENT 3RD PARTY TRACKING1.  Share A.  Primary content •  3rd party click commands and2.  Facebook Like B.  Secondary content impression tracking can be added3.  Twitter Follow C.  Call to Action where required. •  Post click tracking & attribution4.  Full screen D.  Social feed5.  Home 1. 2. 3. 4.6.  Back7.  Custom button 18.  Custom button 2 A. B.9.  Custom button 310.  Menu C. D. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.    Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are   trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.    
  • 10. 25DRIVING SUPERCHARGED CONTENT DISTRIBUTION & CROSS PLATFORM / DEVICE ENGAGEMENT DELIVER THE RIGHT CAMPAIGN ASSETS IN THE OPTIMUM FORMAT – WHENEVER AND WHEREVER … DISPLAY SOCIAL WEB MOBILE BEYOND OPEN IMU™ BRAND OPEN IMU™ BRAND WEB MOBILE & TABLET APPS Ad served in paid media Embedded in owned media Web Sites Dual Screen Viewing MPU display media Dynamic content channel on Nissan / MSN Content Hub All platforms Facebook Page(s), Web Sites etc. INTERNET TV APPS Dual Screen Viewing DISPLAY All platforms MEDIA CENTERS DIGITAL OOH OPEN IMU™ DR Users re-messagingTriggered on fulfillment of engagement criteria in OPEN IMU™ BRAND This  document  contains  privileged  and  confiden5al  informa5on  and  may  not  be  distributed  or  redistributed  to  any  party  without  consent.  Copyright  ©  2012  This  Is  Open  Limited.    All  rights  reserved.     Open  IMU™,  Intelligent  Media  Unit™,  Intelligent  Media™  &  Quietly  Redefining  Ad  Space™  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  This  Is  Open  Limited.  Miomni™  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Miomni  Limited.    
  • 11. 26CONTACT USTHIS IS OPEN LIMITED4th Floor57 Poland StreetSoho, LondonW1F 7NWJOSHUA REXCEO+44 207 025