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WMU Graduate Application

  1. 1. Department of Psychology Graduate Program Application for Admission to the Department of Psychology Graduate Program College of Arts & Sciences Western Michigan University ALL application materials due by DECEMBER 15APPLICANT INFORMATION. Enter full legal name for all Department and University records.Last Name First Name Middle Name WIN: WMU Student Numbere-mail address: Former Name:Optional:You are not required to provide this information *Note: Additional scholarship funds may be available for historically underrepresented groups. Find information and online application forms at http://www.wmich.edu/grad/funding.htmlBirth Date Gender Ethnic Group*Country of Citizenship International Applicant-Visa Status! US ! CANADA ! Permanent US Resident (alien) ! Student Visa ! Immigrant Visa! Other (specify) ! Other (specify)Current/Local Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip, country) Send mail to this Telephone address until (date) (area code)Permanent Home Mailing Address Send mail to this Telephone address until (date) (area code)LIST IN ORDER ALL COLLEGES OR UNIVERSITIES ATTENDED, regardless of length of time enrolled or number of creditscompleted. Begin with the most recent enrollment, including those in which you are currently enrolled. (Attach an additional sheet ifnecessary.) International Applicants: List the actual name of degree received or expected (do not translate into Americanequivalent). You must also apply to International Student Services. DATES DATE NAME OF INSTITUTION LOCATION ATTENDED DEGREE Received/ GPA MAJOR Official Transcripts from ALL City, State, OPTIONAL or Diploma Expected do not institutions must be sent to both Country From Received OPTIONAL round up Admissions and Psy Dept. ThroughGRE SCORES - Date Taken GRE Verbal GRE QuantitativeOfficial GRE Transcript Required.Must arrive by December 15 deadlineYEAR AND PROGRAM OF APPLICATION (CHECK ONE)MASTERS (M.A.) YEAR _____ DOCTORAL (PH.D.) YEAR _____! Behavior Analysis 36 hours ! Behavior Analysis 78 hours! Industrial/Organizational ! Thesis ! Practicum Option ! Either 36 hours ! Clinical Psychology 90 hoursADVISOR. List by preference faculty members of the program you selected above. Do not leave blank. (See web page or program brochure for list)1. 3.2. 4.Are you interested in a Psychology Department Assistantship if one is available? !Yes !No
  2. 2. Required Application Materials due to the Psychology Department by January 20 http://www.wmich.edu/psychology" Department Application (this form) " 3 Letters of Recommendation- Letters must be originals and arrive in sealed envelopes. No photocpies" Official GRE scores, general test " (I/O requires a supplemental form and Clinical a writing sample)" Official transcripts from ALL academic institutions attended " Apply to WMU Admissions (online)" PROFESSIONAL GOALS. On a separate sheet, provide a one to two page statement of your professional goals and interests and how you feel the Graduate Program in Psychology at Western Michigan University will help you to succeed. Please type.PROFESSIONAL AWARDS & ACTIVITIES. List academic honors, prizes, election to honorary societies, distinctions, scholarships,fellowships, publications, professional society membershipsOCCUPATIONAL EXPERIENCE. Relevant professional, vocational, military, or teaching experience, assistantships. Position Title & Description Location Dates Paid or VolunteerI certify that the foregoing statements and all other information and transcripts submitted by me in connection with the application foradmission are true and correct. I understand that falsification or deliberate omission of information is grounds for rejection of theapplication or dismissal from the program. 07/10 Send application & materials to: Psychology Graduate Training Psychology Department 3700 Wood HallApplicants Signature Date Signed Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5439NOTE: ALL DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED BECOME PROPERTY OF WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY AND CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT OR RELEASED TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS.EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. Relevant courses taken, credit hours, and grades (4.0 = A, 3.0 = B, 2.0 = C, 1.0 = D) Course School & Department G = Graduate;Title Number Offering Course Hours Grade Date Taken U = Undergrad
  3. 3. Course School & Department Hours Grade Date Taken G = Graduate;Title Number Offering Course U = Undergrad Attach additional sheets if necessary