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Katie b self management ppt[1] Katie b self management ppt[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Got Floss? Psychology 671 Katie Beckstrom Dr. Malott 8/11/11
  • Problem
    • I was not a regular flosser… to say the least.
    • I always dreaded hearing the dentist ask “So, how often do you floss?”
    • Although I feared the lack of gum health and hated admitting my degeneracy…
    • I still didn’t floss regularly.
  • Competing Contingencies
    • I had plenty of good reasons not to floss!
    • Homework
    • Spending time with friends
    • and of course…
    • SLEEP!!!
  • Natural Competing Contingency Will get slightly less sleep Will get given amount of sleep I floss my teeth BEFORE AFTER BEHAVIOR
  • The natural contingency did not control my behavior. Surprise, surprise! PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT! So the natural solution is to use… B (Behaviorman)
  • The SM Intervention
    • Target behavior: Floss once daily
    • Intervention: Pay $1 for each day I don’t floss
      • Contingency: Analog to avoidance of loss
    • Deadline (S D ): Before bed every day
    • PM manager: Kim- roommate
    • Start Date: June 20, 2011
    • End Date: indefinite (hopefully!)
  • Ineffective Natural Contingency Infinitesi- mally greater level of gum health Given level of gum health I floss my teeth BEFORE AFTER BEHAVIOR
  • Performance-Management Contingency Will not have to pay Kim $1 tomorrow Will have to pay Kim $1 tomorrow I floss my teeth BEFORE AFTER BEHAVIOR
  • Inferred Theoretical Contingency Don’t fear having to pay Kim $1 tomorrow Fear having to pay Kim $1 tomorrow I floss my teeth BEFORE AFTER BEHAVIOR
  • This kid’s got the right idea. Usually with self management, you show proof you’ve completed the task… But Kim didn’t think that was necessary.
  • So how did it go? I only flossed once during baseline. But since I started the intervention, I haven’t missed a single day!
  • Target Behavior Graph Baseline Self-Management Goal
  • Benefit Measure I didn’t record a benefit measure, but my theory is that with less gunk in my teeth, I’ll probably have better breath! As long as I stick to minty floss.
  • Problems During Intervention
    • No serious problems
    • There were a few times when I almost didn’t floss because I was too tired.
    • But I just didn’t
    • want to see that
    • little dip in my graph.
  • Recycle
    • Since I met my goal every week, I did not need to recycle.
    If I had started to slip, I would have increased my penalty to $2 or $3. That would add up quicker! … And I’m sure Kim would have appreciated that.
  • My Results
    • It was a SUCCESS!
    • Flossing has become a part of my nightly routine.
    • And thanks to my
    • Jewish mother,
    • I don’t really
    • need the $1 penalty anymore…
    • I just don’t want to break
    • my perfect streak!
  • My Comments
    • I’d like to continue flossing every day!
    • I (relatively) enjoy getting gunk out of my teeth that might otherwise be stuck in there for a while. (ewww)
    • But I have a feeling that sleeping may again become much more effective at controlling my behavior, despite the $1 penalty.
    • I’m going to need to continue reporting weekly in order to keep it up.
  • THANK YOU!! Any Questions or Comments?