Kalamazoo Autism Center

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  • 1. 21 The KAC offers the following ser- vices to children diagnosed with developmental delays. • Supplement to other programs Location • Beneficial before or after school program KAC is housed within a well- Kalamazoo established preschool, the Child • Additional support with challeng- ing problems such as toilet train- Development Center. Autism Center 110 W Cork Kalamazoo, MI 49001 ing and picky eating. You can pick up and drop off your (KAC) child at your convenience. KAC Contact Information Kelly Stone: (269) 599-5769 Jessica Korneder: (626) 676-7984 Dick Malott: (269) 372-1268 DickMalott.com
  • 2. Our History… Dr. Richard Malott is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University. In 1996, he helped develop the Early Childhood Special Education classrooms that are now at WoodsEdge Learning Center. While still actively involved in those class- rooms, he has started the Kalamazoo Autism Center to supplement the Early Childhood Special Education classrooms. Five students are currently enrolled with varying sched- ules. We at the Kalamazoo Autism Center, would be happy to provide supplemental ser- vices for your child. If interested please contact Jessica Korneder at 626-676-7984 or Jessica.A.Korneder@wmich.edu. Services Provided We provide one-on-one, early, intensive behavioral services to all our students.Parent Feedback: We focus on helping children learn to talk“I love the one-on-one attention or sign, to vocally request what they Costs: my child receives. I also love want, rather than to merely point or tan- trum, to label everyday objects, to follow Our goal is to keep your costs as that the tutors seem very com- directions, and to engage in conversation. low as possible, $120 to $220 on afortable and skilled when work- sliding scale for a 20-hour week, ing with the children.” We also focus on: proportionally less for fewer hours. • Pre-academic & academic skills “Wonderful tutors, responsible staff.” • Social skills • Play skills “I don’t know what I would do • Expanding food choices without the tutors!” • Reduction of problem behavior“My child has made tremendous • Using eating utensils, toileting, and progress since attending KAC.” other activities of daily living