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A brief synopsis about Team TSI: who we are, what we do, and why we are the best!

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About Team TSI

  1. 1. TEAM TSI Mission To provide excellence in project management, onsite installation, service and support to the manufacturer and its customers of AVL, laptop, communication and camera systems along with structured cabling, WiFi, AP’s, RFID, POS and other electronics. To offer state of the art, “World Class” customer service and to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all the company’s endeavors.
  2. 2. Our Divisions Fleet Vehicle Installations WiFi & Structured Cable Installations • Installations of onboard computers, • Effective equipment staging, installation modems, GPS, cameras, navigation and and configuration of POS, RFID, and WiFi RFID technology systems • Specializing in large fleet deployments • Wireless site surveys • Customized project management portal • National multi-site rollouts and • Consistent quality and customer service deployments • Rapid deployment teams available
  3. 3. Why Use Us? • We offer “true” nationwide coverage • All major markets are served with in-house technicians • Our project management portal makes your project easier top to bottom • Team TSI allows you to save valuable resources by letting our dedicated scheduling department serve your customer by working directly with them • The dispatch department can handle all scheduling needs to give your customer the best possible solutions without hurting their operations • Eliminate messy, hand-written work orders for real-time digital confirmation upon completion • We make your customer happy and that means more referrals for you
  4. 4. True Nationwide Coverage • Our “local markets” cover the largest markets in the continental United States; 42 of the largest populated metro markets • We have worked in all states and are fully Nexus compliant and insured • Expansion into the Canadian and UK markets coming soon
  5. 5. Scheduling and Dispatch • Our dedicated schedulers help you get your orders in the system and completed faster than any other company in the industry! • We know how to keep the communication lines open so that each party is informed throughout the project from start to finish. • Allow your dedicated team to take advantage of the Team TSI resources to work with your customer and avoid problems with their operations
  6. 6. Scheduling and Dispatch From the moment your order is made, we get it scheduled and completed faster than the industry standard and our competition. Nobody does it better!
  7. 7. Did we mention we are The Best? We can prove it…let us show you why our customers would never want to work with anyone else.
  8. 8. Qualified Technicians TEAM TSI installers = consistent, quality installations
  9. 9. Login to Your Best Asset
  10. 10. Your Home Page
  11. 11. Your Project Management Portal • As our vendor you can access your order status in real-time as it is being delivered, keeping you “in the know” and insuring your customer’s satisfaction • Our system provides you up to the minute status on all your orders through advanced data mining • Your customer is also able to access their order information so that all parties are on the same page from the moment you place the order to the moment we deliver
  12. 12. Tracking Your Installations • See all your orders in the system • Manipulate search fields to get the most usable information • Find your orders by location using our interactive map
  13. 13. Data Capture During installation, our technician will use the Symbol MC35 to capture images of vital connections, verify the device operability, and obtain the satisfied customer’s signatures. That information is available to you and your customer by the end of the day !
  14. 14. Ever gotten one of these? If you have worked with us you have…. This is what our vendors receive in real-time when the job is done the Team TSI way. No more illegible, hand-written faxed copies 10 days late. No missing paperwork. We are raising the standard for the industry and we can do it for you!
  15. 15. View Details of an Installation All the information you need and we even include pictures so you know without a doubt your product was installed right!
  16. 16. Proof is in the Pictures
  17. 17. Now that your installation is complete… • Upon completion, the latest job details will be accessible in our web portal that day • Your customer can fill out customer satisfaction survey for every job we install sharing their satisfaction with the overall experience and allowing us to solve any issues quickly • Our real-time data will help you provide your customers with the best possible service and relationship