Silent heroes during world war 2 2


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  • *Exterminated – To get rid of by destroying or killing
  • Silent heroes during world war 2 2

    1. 1. Nazi’s Who Silently Helped Jews During World War II By Rushil Vashee Mr. Lemere’s Class
    2. 2. Table Of Contents • Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz..................slide 3 • Major Plagge…………………………………….slide 4 • Frank Foley……………………………………….slide 5 • Oskar Schindler…………………………………slide 6 • Berthold Beitz……………………………………slide 7
    3. 3. Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz was a Nazi who secretly helped the Jews in Denmark. Georg F. Duckwitz risked his career and secretly made a trip to Sweden (a neutral country) where he convinced Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson to protect Danish Jews who escaped. After letting all Jews know, Georg F. Duckwitz helped over 6,000 Jews secretly ferry to Sweden in boats. All these 6,000+ Jews escaped to Sweden in the next 2 months. After he saved about 99% of the Jews in Denmark he resumed his work as a Nazi official acting as if nothing had happened. When the war was over, Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz continued working as West Germany’s Ambassador for Denmark. Georg F. Duckwitz died in 1973.
    4. 4. Major Karl Plagge Major Karl Plagge was born in 1897. He fought with his fellow countrymen in World War I. After that war he became an engineer and made a decision he forever regretted. Major Plagge joined the Nazi party. To make up this horrible act he had to do something very good. In 1939 he quit the Nazi party. After 4 years he was assigned a leader of a German military vehicle repair unit. Major Karl Plagge used this as an opportunity to save some Jews from the Nazi’s. Now Major Plagge had a plan. He told his boss that he needed a lot of Jews to run an efficient vehicle repair unit. After hiring over 1,000 Jews (many of which were unskilled) he kept them in his factory so that they didn’t get exterminated. The thing was, Major Karl Plagge still thought he hadn’t done enough good. He still regretted it strongly for the years that he had been part of the Nazi party. Karl Plagge had wanted to save more little children but he just couldn’t. Still, Plagge was a great hero during World War II.
    5. 5. Frank Foley Frank Foley was a passport control officer for the British Embassy in Berlin. Frank Foley helped thousands of Jews escape Nazi Germany. In 1942 Frank Foley helped co-ordinate MI5 and MI6 in running the Double Cross System. Soon later he returned to Berlin and helped hunt down former SS officers. Frank Foley then moved to Stourbridge and died there in 1958. He is buried in Stourbridge Cemetery.
    6. 6. Oskar Schindler Oskar Schindler was a member of the Nazi party. Mr. Schindler joined the Nazi party in 1939. He is said to have saved the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust. Oskar Schindler employed them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories. His factories would now be located in Poland and Czech Republic. Oskar Schindler joined the Intelligence Service (Abwehr) in 1936. Mr. Schindler then employed about 1,750 workers(about 1,000 being Jews) and - because of his relations with the intelligence service - kept them from being exterminated. Oskar Schindler died in
    7. 7. Berthold Beitz Berthold Beitz was a German industrialist who saved Jews by employing them. Beitz hired them at oil fields that he managed in Poland. Also, when Beitz overheard the Nazi’s planning to kill the Jews, he warned the Jews that he had hired. Just like many others, Berthold Beitz hired Jews and kept them safe in his plantation or factory. He hired people that were most likely to get killed (the sick ones) and kept them safe at his factory. For doing this, Beitz received the civilian honor in Poland! He also honored by the Israeli Holocaust Memorial. “Righteous Among the Nations.” They said. After all the heroism he showed, Berthold Beitz died in 2012.
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