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Coursework question 2
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Coursework question 2


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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • 2. Audience feedback

    Here is one audience member sharing their opinion on the music video and effectiveness at reaching target audience through fitting into the genre:
    “The video fits in well with the genre of metal/hard rock because it is similar to other videos in this genre and shares a lot in common with them, namely the performance sections.”
  • 3. Audience feedback
    Claudia says:
    “I liked how the whole product related to each other and everything was strictly in comparison, however if you were to improve it you could have made the magazine advert more colourful and attractive, instead of being black and white made it more like the digipak.”
  • 4. How coherent are my products?
    My promotional package included a music video, a digipak and a magazine advertisement. To create a coherent house style I did some of the following...
  • 5. My digipak and magazine advert shared the same font for the album name ‘Numbers’ to keep my products coherent. It was a serif font called Old English Text MT.
    I chose this font as it communicated connotations of Gothic and suited the conventions of the Rock based genre.
  • 6. For the band name ‘AlterVertigo’ I also used the serif font Old English Text MT however I also used blending options on photoshop and edited the drop shadow and inner shadow to create the style I used.
  • 7. Settings for the band name
    The setting for the drop shadow are:
    Distance - 2
    Spread – 52
    Size - 6
    Opacity -75%
    Angle 119
    Outer glow settings:
    Opacity 75
    Noise 0
    Spread 41
    Size 38
    Range 50
    I used these settings across the products to keep a consistent house style.
  • 8. The coherence of the video and print.
    Here we have the front cover of the digipak and an excerpt of the music video. We can see that the costumes are of a similar style therefore achieving coherence .
    However, the location is completely different; the band are in an open field and a wood. In order to have achieved coherence, they should have been filmed and photographed in just one location.
  • 9. Coherence
    In the digipak we can see the photo of Alex used in the digipak on his own are in the same settings and same style clothing as the video.
    There is also the use of the guitar which is in both images as well.
  • 10. Coherence
    The combination of dead trees and frozen water connote a cold and edgy feel to the digipak which reflects the style and feel of the music, and the bands hard rock image.
    The advert is in black and white as it made the image more striking and helped it to stand out much more which is what an advert is designed to do. However in my audience feedback as seen earlier I received criticism for the advert not being as colourful as the other aspects of my work. If this was to be repeated it would be something to consider.
    However the frosted grass and the cold feel of the advert is replicated in the digipak.
  • 11. As we can see in this example the colour has a faded effect.
    We can also see from the last slide that the lighting is similar in the print productions. The magazine advert is black and white, and the digipak has a limited amount of colour.
    This is coherent with the video which has been de -saturated for the majority of it’s duration.
  • 12. Coherence in the video
    In the video the costume and location of the singer changes through out , this was not an intentional inconsistency. It was the result of filming on different days. However I believe it helped to keep the video fresh, and interesting.
  • 13. Posture and Positioning
    From the audience feedback I received the majority said that the band on the whole played their instruments convincingly
    “ the band themselves really do look convincing which helps bolster the video because it seems more real.”
    “the fact that your band is playing with their instruments helps to show the genre as they play their instruments in a way that a heavy metal band would play them. ”
  • 14. As we can see here compared to the rest of the band who look very serious and professional in the last slide compared to this image of the drummer there is a clear contrast.
    However I also received criticism that the drummer didn’t blend with the others in the band because on the close ups of him, he has a big smile.
    “The only flaw in the performance was that the drummer was always smiling.... not very metal/hard rock.”
  • 15. Things to have improved on.
    Thought much more carefully about the choice of filter in my advert , and how it relates to the rest of my project.
    Taken into consideration the drummers facial expressions in the video, as he is much more suited to the genre in the photographs.
    How I could have captured that again in the video. As the performance was not consistent in incoherent to a certain degree in terms of the drummers expressions.